Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 8: Moving forward in the end times (end + extra)

  Back home, Ruan Xiuyu, sent the little bun in the living room to play by themselves, and dragged Zhou Lei Cheng into the bedroom. The anxious Ruan Xiuyu was in the room, pacing constantly. Zhou Leicheng tried to calm her nervous mood. "The person you are talking about, is it Mu Jiu Ge?"

  "It's him, although I've only seen him from afar before, I recognized him right away. I didn't expect it to be, he entered the base blatantly. What to do, you say, does Yun Xi know? "Ruan Xiuyu should have lost her composure, her steps are getting faster and faster, and her pace is increasing.

  "Yunxi she should know, the two spend time together." Zhou Leicheng said with difficulty. "However, you have to believe that she will not harm us. Yunxi is a good girl." . "Yes. In his previous life when he attacked the city, Yun Xi was no longer there. Now he likes Yunxi, maybe this is a turnaround." The two talked in the room for a long time again.

  The next day, the two Ruan Zhou spent in a trance. Unlike them, the two of them, Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge, were sweet and inseparable. They cooked together and cleaned their room together. In the study next to Lin Yunxi's bedroom, they put a small bed where Mu Jiu Ge could stay at night.

  At night, after Ruan and Zhou put the little bun to bed, Ruan Xiuyu and Zhou Leicheng went upstairs. This was also the result of their discussion during the day and wanted to hear their response. So they came.

  After knocking on the door and entering, Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge were sitting at one end of the sofa, and they obviously knew the purpose of their visit. After both sides sat down, no one spoke. The room was silent. Mu Jiu Ge and Lin Yun Xi looked at each other.

  "My name is Mu Jiu Ge, Yun Xi's future lover. Yunxi often talks to me about you as a couple, so I'm not a stranger to you." Mu Jiu Ge was the first to speak. The atmosphere had quickly fallen silent.

  "Hello, I am Zhou Lei Cheng. I'm sure you already know the purpose of our visit." Zhou Leicheng did not beat around the bush and hit a straight ball. The two women watched them as they talked back and forth.

  "I know, I like Yunxi. No, I should say I'm in love with her. No matter what my status is. I will not hurt her and the people she cares about; nor will I do what she, unwillingly, will do. "Mu Jiu Ge assured to cautiously." I hope you can bless us, I have already discussed with Yun Xi, and will leave here after a while. Of course there will be time, we will come back to see you guys. "This is also the decision that Lin Yunxi made one day today. Because of Mu Jiu Ge's special status, he could not appear in front of everyone for a long time, such Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge, neither of them wanted.

  Ruan Zhou two people looked at each other and exchanged their views on each other, then did not make much stay. Before leaving, Zhou Lei Cheng glanced at Mu Jiu Ge. Looking at each other without words, both of them understood their meaning.

  Not long after the two left, Mu Jiu Ge disappeared inside Lin Yunxi's house. However, a strand of her divine sense tied to the corner of his coat and followed him out. Mu Jiu Ge came directly to Zhou's house, after lightly knocking on the door. With that, she went inside and the door of the room was quickly closed.

  In the living room of Ruan Xiuyu's house.

  "Do you have any other business? " said Mu Jiu Ge.

  "There is something I want to ask you and confirm. "Zhou Leicheng paused slightly and continued." If, I said if, without Lin Yunxi, would you attack the human base? "Mu Jiu Ge's aura instantly exploded. He would never accept this setting. However, soon the mighty pressure was instantly restrained.

  Ruan Xiuyu said with determination: "Before the end of the world, I had a, very real dream. In the dream, you became the zombie emperor and attacked our base 1 year later. So the first time I saw you, I knew your identity. "

  "Then, what about Yunxi? " Mu Jiu Ge focused on Lin Yunxi in the dream.

  "Counting the time, she in the dream should have, before July or August, had an accident. She was only level 3 in psychic ability then, and when she went out, she had an accident. "Ruan Xiuyu carefully recalled. Sometimes she also thought that maybe it was just a dream. But the content of the dream was too real, and many of them had been fulfilled beforehand.

  "That means that in my previous life, I also knew and liked Yunxi. There is no need for her to exist where she cannot be sheltered. At the very least, I never wanted to attack the human accumulation site. After all, I was once a human too." Mu Jiu Ge said frankly. "When the zombie reaches level 8, it has a human mind. It can control the toxin discharge from the body. Except for the lack of body temperature and heartbeat, there is no difference with humans."

  Ruan Zhou two people were thunderstruck. "In fact, the alien and the zombie, are both alien evolvers. The zombies are another kind of life form. When they reach level 8, this information will appear in their minds. Low-level zombies are just failures." Mu Jiu Ge once again uttered a powerful piece of information.

  "You don't have to worry about the high level zombies attacking the city, they don't have the interest. In fact, they are evolving. It's also consuming the low-level zombies. The ultimate enemy of humans is mutant plants and animals. "Mu Jiu Ge's clear and cold voice woke up the two people in a daze.

  "Thank you for telling us this today." Zhou Leicheng, who came back to his senses, looked at Mu Jiu Ge gratefully.

  "After a while, I will leave here with Yun Xi. When the Earth is finished evolving, there will be no difference between zombies and humans at that time. We will come back again. "Mu Jiu Ge thought freely about the future. Lin Yunxi heard the words just now, so she could change so much.

  Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge finally left the base, and the two of them put away their backpacks. Saying goodbye to Ruan Zhou and their teammates, they left the place where they lived for 7 years. During this period, multiple bases were completed one after another, and the 8th order or higher zombie meeting. After determining the information, many times to negotiate and exchange, to reach cooperation. The chance of human survival increased a few more points.

  ....... I am the dividing line after three years .......

  Four or five do bamboo houses were added to the valley, and a few fields were reclaimed next to them. On it grow some small vegetables and corn, lush green.

  Ruan Xiuyu and Zhou Leicheng often bring their little buns and come here for vacation. The hut next to them is the guest room for their family of three.

  Three years have changed a lot, Lin Yunxi is now at the 6th level of foundation building. Not only do they often take Mu Jiu Ge soaring in the air, but they also learn from the amusement park roller coaster, rampage through the air, a moment high, a moment on the ground. The little bun also fell in love with this game, as soon as the valley to come, will pester Lin Yunxi to take him to fly. Let Mu Jiu Ge ate a good while Chen jealousy.

  After three years of organized slaughter of low-level zombies, more and more psychics upgraded. Now the base has level 10 psychics. And high level zombies transformed new humans, also organized their own base, more so that the low-level zombies almost died out.

  Now the most serious problem among humans and new humans is the reproduction of human beings. Whether human or new human, after the end of the world, there will be no new life born. For this reason, the scientists of the base have taken great pains to research and try to solve this problem.

  In the bamboo house in the valley.

  Ruan Zhou Er and Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge were still discussing this issue. Suddenly, these words appeared in Lin Yunxi's and Mu Jiu Ge's minds at the same time.

  [To solve the problem of human reproduction, Mu Jiu Ge's fire is needed - to burn negative breath; Lin Yunxi's wood - to catalyze the continuation of life. Are you willing to dedicate your bodies?]

  The two looked at each other with infinite love entwined. The two, who did not speak, simultaneously asked the voice's vocalization: "In the next life, can I still be with Lin Yunxi (Mu Jiu Ge)? "

  [That depends on whether you have that destiny or not. I can send you to other worlds to be reincarnated.]

  "I do. " both said at the same time.

  In the next two days, Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge arranged all matters. Ruan Xiuyu and Zhou Lei Cheng looked at the two with hazy eyes, not expecting that the key to solving the problem was in this couple. After the problem is solved, the two friends will also disappear forever. Zhou Leicheng reached out to stop Ruan Xiuyu's waist and looked up at the two who had already flown up into the sky.

  "Heavenly Dao is above, I, Mu Jiu Ge, would like to burn the world's demonic energy with fire attribute spiritual power. To dissolve the negative evil qi with the residual body."

  "Heavenly Dao is above, I, Lin Yunxi, wish to use the wood attribute spiritual power to promote the world's vitality. With the residual body to transform into the breath of life."

  The two people's voices were not very loud, but all the people in the world, could hear them. The words were echoing in their ears. All the people used were guessing who Lin Yunxi and Mu Jiu Ge were? But they know better, the end times will soon be over.

  The two people in the sky slowly dissipated. A rushing fire aura and wood aura, reverberated in the sky. Golden flames, green air currents circled up and dissipated in the sky. Immediately after, it turned into invisible gas floating in the air. The sky became bluer, the grass became greener. A stream of breath flowed through everyone's body. The low-level zombies slowly dissipated and the human bodies returned to life.

  The two who left were surrounded by a golden glow and broke through the space barrier and left the world.

  ...... I am the partition line of the extra ......

  Three years after the end of the end of the world, the streets of the city, there are many more toddlers and small children. The continuation of life is nothing but for these ignorant children. More and more good fields are opening up outside the base, and many living facilities are slowly being restored. The vibrancy of life surrounds everyone.

  Three people came up to us. A handsome man and a beautiful woman and a boy who already has a handsome posture. The beautiful girl's slightly convex abdomen announces to the world that another life will be born soon. "Mom, walk slowly. My sister feels a little upside down. "The boy was holding the young woman, nagging her as she walked.

  "Brat, what did you say. Honey, slow down. Let's rest next to it. "The man's low voice rang out, glaring at the boy with a sidelong glance.

  "Okay, husband. "The young woman sat down on the resting chair with the help of the man of her size.

  "Wife, in three months, our Yun Ge will be born. When the time comes, drive the brat to school accommodation. "

  "Dad, Dad, you can't do that. I like my sister. I want to be home to watch her grow up. "

  The beautiful young woman listened to the two arguing and looked up to the sky. Yun Xi, Jiu Ge, you are in other places, are you okay? I'm happy now, how about you guys?

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