Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 50:Shoot the Eagles in the text of any free (VII)

  "Sister Rong, where are you? Rong sister, I found you." Eleven or twelve years old handsome young man, in the peach blossom forest, white-clothed boy gently leapt down from the tree.

  "Brother Ouyang, how did you know I was here?" A little girl, about three years old in size, pouted at the handsome teenager.

  The little girl was dressed in a tender yellow jacket and had half-length hair, which was lightly gathered on her head with a golden hair band. The hair blew up gently as he bounced and jumped, making her very cute.

  These two are Ouyang Ke and Huang Rong. Since Ouyang Feng brought Ouyang Ke to the island, they have been living here for a long time. So that the two have a very good relationship since childhood.

  Of course, Huang Rong and Guo Jing Yang Kang's relationship is also good. Only, Ouyang Ke's patience is a bit more, often living alone in the White Camel Villa, he is very pleased to have such a lovely sister.

  As for Ouyang gram can stay on the island for a long time, this matter has to start from three years ago.

  Three years ago, Ouyang Feng brought his nephew Ouyang Ke to the island, originally just want to take the Nine Yin Sutra from the hands of Zhou Botong.

  After several attempts, they were unsuccessful. Zhou Botong was very wary of him, perhaps because of the death of Wang Chongyang in his hands, since Ouyang Feng arrived on the island, Zhou Botong avoided it and never showed up. Ouyang Feng can do nothing but to stay in the Peach Blossom Island.

  Lin Yunxi two people saw what happened after Ouyang Feng went to the island. They also admire Ouyang Feng's dedication to martial arts. Just a little more poisonous means, the rest are not lost the style of a generation of masters.

  The two agreed and decided to take out the martial arts of the Free and Easy School and share it with Ouyang Feng and Hong Qi Gong.

  This day, Ouyang Feng to the island has been nearly a month, there is still no progress.

  Hong Qi Gong also put down the gang affairs, rushed to Peach Blossom Island to drink, by the way to see his disciple.

  It is good that Hong Qi Gong accepted Guo Jing as his disciple more than ten years in advance, although he is sometimes very angry, Guo Jing's stupidity. But, Guo Jing is honest and simple, very to Hong Qi Gong's temper.

  Of course, Yang Kang and Mu Nianci also worshiped under Huang Yushi, Yang Kang was also renamed Yang Xuanfeng. Smart Yang Kang, not only to learn the kung fu of Peach Blossom Island, but also be taught by Huang Yushi economic military law, the way to rule the country.

  This was also the result of Huang Yushi's discussion with Lin Yunxi. Since they want to change the fate of the Great Song, they might as well cultivate a talent of the world to change the fate of the Han people.

  Finally decided to choose Yang Kang, from childhood he was different from the other master brothers, will learn a little more.

  This day, Hong Qi Gong on the island. Huang Yushi, Hong Qi Gong, Ouyang Feng sat down in the study. Three people did not speak, just fixedly looking at each other.

  The first to break the silence in the room is Huang Yushi, opened his mouth and said, "I wonder, do you two know that a hundred years ago there was a sect called Free and Easy?" Looking at the two slightly puzzled gaze.

  Then said: "A hundred years ago, there is a mysterious sect in the martial arts. The first generation of the sect's master, the Free and Easy Son, is said to have broken the void a hundred years ago and left this realm. Free and easy son received a total of three disciples. The first disciple is Wu Xing Yun, the second disciple for the cliffless son, the third disciple for Li Qiushui. The people in the sect are all handsome, intelligent and unusual. Perhaps you do not know, the year the jianghu famous Dali emperor Duan Yu, is this school of people." Huang Yushi stopped to drink a mouthful of tea, and looked at the two.

  "Medicine brother, you say this with the two of us today, what is the purpose?" The impatient Ouyang Feng said.

  "I to a hundred years ago the beggar gang have some understanding, it is heard that the then beggar gang leader named Qiao Feng, was then known as 'North Qiao Feng, South Murong'. Later, because he was found to be qidan people, before leaving the beggar's gang. At that time Qiao Feng had two sworn brothers, one of them is Duan Huang." Hong Qi Gong to a hundred years ago the beggar gang things, is also a little understanding.

  "Good, that year Qiao Feng and Duan Yu, and Xu Zhu ties for three brothers. And the false bamboo is also the prodigal school of people. Today I am going to say is that the prodigal school had three major martial arts secrets. They are the "Northern Meditation God Kung Fu", "Ageless Everlasting Spring Kung Fu", "Little No Phase Kung Fu". These three secret manuals are all gong methods that point directly to the innate heaven. Unluckily, I have these three kung fu methods." Huang Yushi did not pretend to be in a maze, but directly said what he meant.

  "Back then on Mount Hua, I then did not have the heart to compete for that "Nine Yin Sutra". I'm not going to hide from you two, the kung fu of my Taohua Island was created more than ten years ago by fusing the techniques of the Free and Easy School. And the three martial arts secrets, I also only found in recent years. Today, I invite you two to come here, is to discuss these secrets. So that we can take our kung fu to the next level." After saying that, Huang Yushi took out three books from his pocket, which were the three secret books they discussed.

  Ouyang Feng's face was red, his excitement was self-evident, and he couldn't stop staring at the three books on the table. Hong Qi Gong, on the other hand, is relatively more calm. To be able to use the top secret books to verify his own gong methods was an unparalleled opportunity for him.

  "Two, please!" Huang Yushi gestured to the two of you that there was no need to be polite.

  Ouyang Feng and Hong Qi Gong then each grabbed a book on the table and looked through it carefully. In his heart, he said, "Not bad, worthy of the top secret books of the mysterious sect a hundred years ago, so that the old man has benefited a lot from reading.

  After reading the three secret manuals, Hong Qi Gong decided to practice the Little Phantom Kung Fu, while Ouyang Feng is practicing the Ageless Everlasting Spring Kung Fu. So a month has passed, the three of them have some refinement in their kung fu.

  Then they met again in the study and discussed the recent gains of their cultivation. In this way, Ouyang Feng will be in the Peach Blossom Island in the long-term residence down. And Ouyang Ke Ye stayed with his uncle, slowly and the island people familiar with up.

  Time flies, even Zhou Botong also can't resist the curiosity of the secret book, also joined to explore the free school martial arts. Yang Kang and Guo Jing, who were already seventeen years old, also left Peach Blossom Island and ran into the Jianghu.

  Yang Kang ran to the border of the Golden Kingdom and the Song Dynasty, where he took the mountain as king, ready to do the rebellion.

  Sixteen-year-old Huang Rong in the island is much favored, regardless of the brothers and sisters, or several elders are obedient to her. And Guo Jing and Yang Kang's departure from the island, so the young girl is very uncomfortable.

  Why they learned martial arts, and can go out to explore the jianghu. And themselves, only in the peach blossom island domination, not at all in line with her aesthetics.

  Three years ago, Ouyang Ke learned martial arts, also went back to the West to reorganize the White Camel Villa. Let and his companion Huang Rong, angry for a long time.

  Recently, she will plan an escape plan, ready to go to the great gold, to look for Yang Kang and Guo Jing who wandered the jianghu.

  Jiangnan Jiaxing city, a full of beggar clothes, gray head, small size of the small beggar, running in the street.

  Behind chased a fat boss. Calling behind: "Little thief, don't run! Dare to bully to my head, eat the heart of a bear. Stop." A fat middle-aged man, panting and running.

  After running for a while, he bent down and held his knees, stopping to pant heavily. And the little beggar who ran fast in front, but also did not forget to turn back, winked at him ghost face.

  Only then, next to come out of a person to. Handsome face, a white robe on his body, looking very elegant and handsome.

  He said to the boss: "This boss, spare that brother. I have a piece of broken silver here, right to make amends for his sin." Saying so, he gave the boss a piece of silver about the size of a penny.

  The boss saw the silver in his hand and couldn't help but smile. He hurriedly said to the gentleman, "Thank you for your kindness, I can't afford to be a small businessman. Thank you again." Then he turned around and went back to his stall.

  At this time in the distance of the small beggar, walked to the gentleman in front. Looked at him disdainfully and said, "Are you stupid, I just took him two steamed buns only, you gave him so much money." Little beggar face full of dust, speak only reveal a mouthful of big white teeth.

  "This for brother, see you are a little hungry. I am Wei Lin, why don't I treat you to a meal at the Yue Lai Inn. What do you think brother?" Wei Lin said politely to the little beggar, strongly inviting him to eat together at the Yuelai Inn.

  "Seeing that you sincerely invite me to eat, then I will not be polite." The little beggar quickly agreed to his request and took the lead in walking towards the Yuelai Inn.

  Wei Lin, who was walking behind, looked at the top of the little beggar's head. Above it floated a few words: Huang Rong (Raidable object).

  [Found and befriended Huang Rong, got 500 points]

  Not bad, this Wei Lin time traveler, with the task of the main god space to come. On his right wrist, there is a watch that no one else can see. It would send him mission information, and this was already the fourth world he had traveled to. After learning that he had arrived in The Legend of the Shooting Hero, he waited for Huang Rong's arrival in Jiaxing City.

  The two soon arrived at the Yuelai Inn and entered the door. Huang Rong was not polite and quickly ordered a large table of food.

  The same as the book, reported a bunch of Xiao Er had not heard the name of the dish, bluffed the dog-eyed Xiao Er, apologized repeatedly.

  Next to the silent Wei Lin, can not help but in the heart of joy: "worthy of Jin Yong greatly under the first heroine, delicate and lovely."

  At this time, in another room of the Yue Lai Inn, Lin Yunxi and Huang Yushi retracted their divine sense.

  Lin Yunxi said, "Jiu Ge, that person has a wristwatch on his hand. Did you feel it?" , Huang Yushi, who was sitting next to him, nodded, indicating that he also saw it.

  "This man is approaching Rong'er with a purpose, we should be more cautious. Go to his guest room at night." She also agreed with Huang Yushi's decision, so she nodded as well.

  Over here, the two of them, who were full of wine and food, took two upper rooms in the inn and prepared to rest a bit in Jiaxing City.

  Wei Lin, who had just come to this world, had not yet had time to ask carefully about martial arts matters. Want to meet Huang Rong in Jiaxing City, ready to take the place of Guo Jing's male identity, to learn Hong Qi Gong's palm method Huang Yushi's mastery, has been shuttled in the modern world, he extremely need to increase their own force value.

  Today coincides with the first day of the month, the gloomy weather makes the sky slightly dim.

  In Wei Lin's guest room, he was lying on his bed to rest. At this moment, two figures flashed into the room and lightly nudged Wei Lin's sleeping points, and he soon fell asleep.

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