Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 48:Shoot the Eagles in the Text Anywhere (V)

  The next morning, the sun had just risen. The slightly red haze shines on the top of Huashan Mountain, and the early morning breeze gently brushes by, making the crowd, who just woke up in the morning, comfortable.

  Yesterday's irritation also slowly disappeared. Some martial artists with low martial arts skills would also choose to go down the mountain today. In the town below the mountain to wait for the results of the competition.

  Not long after dawn, the two little ones woke up. Already able to eat supplementary food, they looked outside making meat porridge yellow pharmacist, babbling non-stop. Yes, the equipment they brought up yesterday had a small, modest pot inside. It was specially prepared for the two little ones, and the little bag also brought some of their homemade cow's milk tablets, enough for their daily nutrition needs.

  Today a large number of martial artists came again. It was not a large area on the top of Mount Hua, and it was even more crowded.

  Several people did not put the tent away, but still stretched in the corner.

  Standing far away from this side, looking in the direction of the martial arts stage.

  Today's participants are obviously a little better than yesterday. A group of third-rate martial arts experts are occasionally mixed with a few second-rate experts, and even some people on the top a few times, and quickly kicked down. Look at the four of them, really can not raise a hint of interest, then again in the vicinity of Mount Hua wandered up.

  After three more days, the number of people at the top of Mount Hua was obviously much less. The second and third-rate experts had almost all come down from the mountain, as for some first-rate experts and some of the top experts.

  At this time they finally saw a familiar person, is the beggar gang master Hong Qi Gong.

  Only see Hong Qi Gong, about 20 or 30 years old. A ragged appendage of beggar's clothing, a turquoise bamboo stick in the hand. Dirt dress, but to him added a few charm. Hong Qi Gong does not have a handsome face, a large Chinese character face, above a pair of thick eyebrows and sword eyes, but also left some scruffy beard.

  Just see just on Mount Hua Hong Qi Gong, far away to see the Huang Yushi them. A light body will come to them.

  Hong Qigong: "Brother Medicine, Lin woman, long time no see. Oh, this is your son who was just born not long ago, right? The other day, the brothers of Lin'an branch rudder, and also passed a letter to me? But at that time, I happened to be in the Golden Kingdom, so I couldn't make it to the wedding. Some time later, I must go to your house to ask for a cup of wedding wine." Hong Qi Gong looked at the white fat cute little bun, and Huang Yushi and Lin Yunxi said.

  At this time the next tent, Lin Chaoying and Li Yanbei also hold the child out. Hong Qi Gong saw Lin Chaoying, first stunned. Then he laughed out loud with a ha-ha.

  "Lin warrior, so you also became married. Also gave birth to a child. The old man did not even know, did not have time to ask for a cup of happy wine. Haha, please forgive me, both of you."

  "Nothing, how is the Seventh Gong coming in? I heard that the big gold and moths, beggar brothers hard work." Lin Chaoying and Hong Qi Gong is still more familiar, and greeted him.

  "It's not a big deal, just the emperor's six sons. What a remarkable character, has been frequently to the Chinese martial arts." Hong Qi Gong didn't tell them about the Great Jin in detail.

  But with Li Yanbei, the border guard general, the news is still very well-informed. Several people did not dwell on the matter about the Great Gold, instead, they watched the tournament on the side.

  Another day passed, Hong Qi Gong was jealous of the four of them were able to rest comfortably. Several times wanted to stay overnight in the tent, were Huang Yushi mercilessly refused. Throwing him a sleeping bag, he sent him off to rest elsewhere.

  There were fewer and fewer martial artists at the top of Mount Hua, with only 20 to 30 people remaining. By this time, the top of the mountain was almost entirely filled with martial arts masters at the top of the Jianghu.

  Wang Chongyang, the real Wang Chongyang and his senior brother Zhou Botong, Ouyang Feng of the White Camel Villa, Duan Huang, the Southern Emperor, Hong Qi Gong of the Beggar's Gang, Huang Yushi and Lin Yunxi, the Master of Peach Blossom Island, Qiu Qianren of the Iron Palm Gang, Lin Chaoying and Li Yanbei, and several other martial arts masters whom Lin Yunxi had not met, but judging from their auras, they also belonged to the top experts of the Jianghu.

  At this time, Wang Chongyang, looking a bit dazed, his eyes could not help but look in the direction of Lin Chaoying. He never knew that Lin Chaoying had become a parent and had a child. Looking at her holding the child, smiling tenderly.

  Heart can't help but rise a trace of bitterness. Is their own abandoned Lin Chaoying, have to swallow this bitter fruit.

  Standing next to the brother Zhou Botong, but is very lively. Also pulling the sleeve of the senior brother, has been saying Lin sister's child is very beautiful, very cute.

  A flash, Wang Chongyang did not pay attention, only to see Zhou Botong has rushed to the front of Lin Chaoying. Looking at the child in her arms, could not help but laughter.

  "Sister Lin, is this your son? He looks so good-looking. Can I hug him?" Zhou Botong was already scratching his ears next to him.

  Lin Chaoying had always had a good impression of Zhou Botong and showed a gentle smile. Putting the child in his hands in his arms, Zhou Botong was at a loss for words. Soft, fragrant child held in the arms, so that his body could not help but stiff.

  Next to Li Yanbei, can not have a good face. Could not help but glare at his son, really a stupid son, what people to hold are not struggling a little? It is simply mad at the people.

  Huang Yushi and Lin Yunxi, in the side did not speak, just funny to watch all this. Lin Yunxi squinted at Wang Chongyang, although he is a great benevolence and righteousness of the anti-Jin hero, but also can not stop him that proper scum nature. It's a good thing that cousin was able to leave him.

  Looking at the lost Wang Chongyang, it is now too late to regret. Gather your mind and continue to watch the match in the field.

  Now in the field is the match is, Ouyang Feng and Qiu Qianren. Just see Ouyang Feng holding a more than one person high iron staff, carved with a grinning human head, hideous face, two rows of sharp teeth in the mouth, also quenched poison. More powerful is the staff is also coiled with two silver scales shining snake, stammering and stretching, it is difficult to prevent.

  Iron staff was he danced tiger wind, containing the rod, stick, staff method way. After fifty or sixty rounds, Qiu Qianren was defeated and was blown off the stage with his staff.

  Qiu Qianren, who was still young, did not have the power of 20 years later, and was certainly no match for Ouyang Feng.

  After half a day of fighting between the two, those remaining in the field. There are only six people, including Lin Chaoying, Huang Yushi did not want to get the Nine-Yin Classic, that would bring them layers of constant trouble.

  Of course, Lin Chaoying also thought the same way. She came to Mount Hua this time, also want to make a break with her past self.

  Just see at this time, Lin Chaoying and Wang Chongyang are fighting on the stage, Lin Chaoying made her self-created Jade Lady Sword Technique. Each sword is aimed at Wang Chongyang's vitals, so that his Quanzhen sword method makes uncomfortable.

  A move 'under the moon', only to see the sword in Lin Chaoying's hand, gently trembling, such as flowers beckoned in the wind, swinging back and forth to cut. Immediately after another move 'drink a small drink', her sword tip turned upward, is actually pointing to their own cherry lips, as if raising a glass to drink from the general. The next is a confrontation, 'small gardening chrysanthemum', 'white wrist jade bracelet' will be in the hands of Lin Chaoying slowly made, the whole set of the Jade Lady Sword Technique, Wang Chongyang forced to retreat one after another.

  Only to see at this time, Wang Zhongyang whole body to transport the innate power, a set of shoes frost broken ice palm method also made out, such as snowstorm suddenly descend, after endless strength.

  And Lin Chaoying also changed the fist, a set of beauty fist method to fight, as if the beauty of each unpredictable, out of the fist, or step by step, or as the willow, in the graceful and feminine hidden killing machine.

  At this time, Lin Chaoying, feel the resentment in the heart has been eliminated. Then flew back from the scene of the match, and did not say anything and left.

  Dumbfounded in the presence of Wang Chongyang, at this time really feel, Lin sister really put him down. A feeling of powerlessness came over him. And he could only, looking at Lin Chaoying slowly away. Because of Lin Chaoying's automatic abandonment of the field, Wang Chongyang won without a fight behind him.

  Back to the tent side of Lin Chaoying, looking at the husband holding the child. The heart slowly warmed up, and greeted them with a soft smile.

  At this moment, Li Yanbei only really put down, his wife finally completely put down that man. Let him can't help but giggle.

  Can't bear to look at the giggling two, Lin Yunxi and Huang Yushi are wrong head. Secretly they do not want to see those two people.

  At that moment, it was also the time for Huang Yushi to take the stage, he then flew on the stage.

  After a few people fought, Wang Chongyang got the first place. Immediately after that, Huang Yushi defeated Hong Qigong, who in turn defeated Duan Huang, who in turn defeated Ouyang Feng. After a few rounds, several other people also did not distinguish between the winners and losers.

  Finally got some seal, respectively: in the Avatar Wang Chongyang, East Evil Huang Yushi, South Emperor Duan Zhixing, North Beggar Hong Qi Gong, West Poison Ouyang Feng, and called the world's five best. And Wang Chongyang also got that the nine yin true scripture, by his behalf to keep this martial arts secret book.

  However, the contents of this scripture, Lin Yunxi long ago topped a copy in space. This is also thanks to her godless divine sense, through the process of his flipping through, then remembered in the mind.

  The large number of martial artists waiting at the bottom of the mountain, after getting this information, slowly also scattered. The name of the five best under the sky, but also by them spread to the Jianghu.

  A gloomy Ouyang Feng, looking at the front side of the happy Wang Chongyang and Zhou Botong alive and kicking. Heart can not help but a burst of sullen, for his own loss, very angry.

  He has always strived to become the world's first martial arts goal, and on this road, whether it is sinister and cunning, or cheating is at all costs. Today's defeat made him very depressed. Not only did he lose to Duan Zhixing, but he also lost to Huang Yushi, how can he not be depressed.

  Ouyang Feng resentful little eyes, has been hovering over the give. God-sensitive Lin Yunxi of course felt it, but she did not care, just sneered.

  In The Legend of the Shooting Hero, although Ouyang Feng did all the bad things, but still did not lose his status as a great master of the generation. He has a purity that others do not have, and his life's energy is devoted to the pursuit of martial arts. For his end, Lin Yunxi still has some pity.

  The group of several people slowly descended from Mount Hua. In the town below the mountain, the group then separated and left. Ouyang Feng, who was used to acting alone, soon stayed with the crowd from White Camel Villa and left. And Hong Qi Gong followed Lin Yunxi and the others back to Jiangnan. Wang Chongyang also took his senior brother ready to return to the final south mountain.

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