Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 46:Shoot the Eagle text in any free (three)

  The two people who wandered the jianghu together, Lin Yunxi and Huang Yushi, agreed this day to prepare to go to the Spiritual Vulture Palace in the Netherworld Peak of Tianshan Mountain. After getting the exact location, the two of them got on their fast horses and traveled in the northwest direction.

  After leaving the Southern Song territory, they entered the place where the Great Jin Dynasty ruled and put.

  Looking at Kaifeng, once the ancient capital of the Northern Song Dynasty, a remnant of bricks and tiles. The once glorious, long buried in history. Everywhere on the road, the people in rags, a large area of barren fields. The Han people were living a very hard life under the rule of the Jin Dynasty. Seeing this situation, Lin Yunxi and Huang Yushi were silent.

  "Jiu Ge, do you think this world let us come over, will it let us drive the Great Jin and Mongolia out of the Central Plains and unify the whole country. Free from nearly a hundred years of Yuan Dynasty ravages." Lin Yunxi looked at the situation in front of him and said with emotion.

  "Maybe so, do we want to work in this direction. Anyway, having come to this world, it's only right to make some changes." Huang Yushi, who had already changed the course of history in several lifetimes, was longing for this conclusion. The two decided to prepare for this once they returned from Tianshan.

  A windy journey, it took nearly half a year. Fang arrived at the foot of Tianshan Mountain, after some inquiries and scouting. Finally found the Netherworld Peak Spiritual Vulture Palace.

  Just on the top of the Misty Peak, only to see a stone palace in the distance. It was separated by a long cliff, and the two ends of the cliff were connected by two iron chains. The shaky chains made it look even more treacherous.

  Two people are very good at light body, a flying leap, they reached the opposite side of the cliff.

  To the front of this stone hall, only to see the ground full of corpses, everywhere is a white bone. I think this place, decades ago, there was a tragedy.

  Two people looked at each other, they decided to collect these bones, digging a pit to bury them together. After half an hour's effort, the right side of the palace was erected an earthbag, that is their burial mound.

  The two took out some fruits and food from the space, placed them in front of the tomb, and paid their respects. Only then left here to enter the palace.

  Xu is a long time no one has entered, a decaying aura to meet the face. The dusty room, also because of the two people who entered, dusty. Scanning the palace with the divine sense, not much time will be found in the main hall, next to the table and chairs, a channel to enter the secret room.

  Holding up the torch, the two slowly entered the chamber through this passage. The smell inside is not good, fortunately this place is located in the high mountains, no water vapor into, making this place is very dry.

  The two people walked forward nearly a quarter of an hour, Fang entered a large area of the hall. The walls around the hall are inscribed with dense small letters.

  Two people randomly looked at one wall, only to see the northern meditation divine power engraved on it, followed by, "Zhuangzi free travel" there are clouds: "poor hair of the north there is the underworld sea, the heavenly pool also. There are fish, its wide thousands of miles, no knowledge of its repair also."

  And also cloud: "and the water is not thick, it is a big boat is not strong. Covering the cup of water on top of the pass hall, then mustard for the boat; place the cup is gum, shallow water and boat is also large." This is the school of martial arts, to accumulate internal force as the first important point. Internal force is thick, the world's martial arts are not for me to use, as if the northern meditation, large boat and small boat is not carried, large fish and small fish are not allowed. The back is the cultivation method of the Northern Meditation.

  Next to it is also engraved with the Ageless Everlasting Spring Kung Fu, Tianshan Six Yang Palm, Ling Bo Wei Bu. And on the west side of a wall, it is engraved with the Small Invincible Kung Fu, and Tianshan Folding Plum Hand, White Rainbow Palm. And some uncommon martial arts secrets. The most interesting thing to Lin Yunxi is the Cold Sleeve Flicking Point Technique, which is similar to the Wanhua Valley's method of pointing and cutting off the veins.

  The two of them took out paper and pencil from the space and topped down all the martial arts secrets on the wall in the room. Include in the space. Based on these techniques, the two of them slightly modified their own martial arts journey, making their own martial arts more perfect and subtle.

  After leaving the Heavenly Mountain Spiritual Vulture Palace, both of them did not hesitate. Ready to go to Gusu, Gusu City's original Murong Fu's address, now deserted for a long time.

  Two people in a small boat, with divine sense scan of the neighborhood. Spent nearly three hours, finally in the vast lake. Found a relatively large island. The pavilions and pavilions on it are already in disrepair, continue to use the divine sense to probe in the island. Finally found the Murong family's secret book hiding place, two people and some tossing and turning, with a bountiful harvest of Langhuan Water Pavilion.

  Mrs. Wang that island residence, and did not find any martial arts secrets. It is thought that a hundred years ago Wang Yuyan has shipped them out, had to give up this place of hidden treasures.

  Passing through Xiangyang, lonely seeking small valley also did not fall. There, the Nine Swords of Solitude was also copied a copy of the valley of the Bodhisattva snake was also captured by them into the space to raise. These snakes head flesh horns, walking like flying, covered in gold. At first glance, it was clear that they were a special species of this world. The two people's collecting fetish exploded, so they both moved some in their respective spaces.

  Returning to Lin'an City, the two found that they had been wandering outside for over a year. Hastily and the two families salute, watching the two become even closer, the Lin couple was very pleased.

  Their own daughter, growing up weak, is rarely go out. Rarely Huang Yushi to daughter's health conditioning, the two families also tied the marriage. Looking at the young couple, are very pleased.

  After the year, the two returned to the Peach Blossom Island, viewed the disciples cultivated gongfu. Make adjustments to their mistakes. The martial arts secrets brought from the Gusu Murong family were also transcribed and placed in the study in the Peach Blossom Island for their own disciples to look through.

  Time flies, in the blink of an eye to Lin Yunxi fourteen years old, the two families agreed, set in Lin Yunxi fifteen years old after the maturity ceremony, and give the two for marriage.

  This news also reached the ancient tomb in the final south mountain, Lin Chaoying received this news, was very surprised. I didn't expect that my little cousin was about to get married. The man is also the famous East Evil Huang Yushi in the jianghu, how not to let her shock.

  Receiving the invitation, Lin Chaoying, waiting for his own personal maid Lin Xiaohong, then out of the ancient tomb, and went to Lin'an, Jiangnan.

  When Lin Chaoying came to Lin's house in Lin'an, she saw her cousin who had grown up. Her appearance was beautiful and her temperament was elegant.

  While Lin Chaoying was observing Lin Yunxi, Lin Yunxi was also looking at Lin Chaoying. I saw that her face was slightly pale, perhaps because she had not seen the sun for a long time. The temperament was cold, and a compelling chill came over her. It seems that cousin Chaoying was Wang Chongyang wounded very deeply, it has been four or five years, she is still deep in the sink.

  Looking at such a Lin Chaoying, Lin Yunxi heart a heartache. Cousin is not yet twenty-five years old, do you want to keep sinking for Wang Chongyang.

  So he said to her: "Cousin, look at your pale face, you must not go out for a long time. Then this good time, you should go out more and take a walk."

  Lin Chaoying knew that this was her cousin's good intention, and did not refute it. Just look at the old father at home, the old face. She couldn't bear to live in the main courtyard of the Lin family, and after asking her cousin, she went to the other courtyard on the outskirts of the city.

  On the second floor of the main house of the main courtyard, stood a middle-aged man of about 40 or 50 years old. His hair was slightly white, making him appear even older than his actual age. This man was Lin Yunxi's uncle Lin Yidong. The eldest uncle was only four or five years older than his father, but judging from his face, the difference was more than ten years.

  Cousin Lin Chaoying was favored by her eldest uncle since childhood, and at that time, being the only daughter in the family, she was doted on by all her brothers. Lin Chaoying wanted to learn martial arts when she was young, the eldest uncle also helped her to find the famous female warrior at that time, to worship under her tutelage. I did not expect to go to the jianghu a training, will be planted into the Wang Chongyang this whirlpool, how can not let Lin Yidong heartache.

  Looked far away in the courtyard, and the little niece together chatting daughter. The pale face, the face of the vicissitudes of the face, all let him the old father a heartache, a stream of old tears from the eyes.

  This scene was just discovered by Lin Yunxi, whose divine sense swept through, and her heart was despondent. The way her cousin behaved, she not only hurt herself, but also her father who loved her. I really want to slap my cousin awake now and show her that her father is sad and in tears for her. Maybe she can take advantage of this opportunity to make Lin Chaoying forget Wang Chongyang this person forever.

  At night, Lin Chaoying, who lived in a different courtyard, was punctured by a black man. Immediately after that, he was carried to the Lin House in Lin'an City, into the bedroom of Uncle Lin.

  Lin Chaoying, who could not speak, looked at his father who looked even older than a few years ago. The tears in his eyes could not help but fall. And at that moment, the black man reached out and nodded at Lin Chaoying's brain, and a stream of information came into her mind. This is this afternoon, Lin Yi Dong standing upstairs, looking at the mind of his father's old tearful appearance, Lin Chaoying's tears fell more joyfully. She was depressed for love, while her father drooped old tears for her. Since childhood, she had never seen her majestic and firm father shed tears, but today, he was in tears.

  Think about Wang Chongyang, who is far away in the Terminal South Mountain, maybe he doesn't love her as much as she thought. Otherwise, when they were fighting against gold together, he was not willing to marry her. After the defeat of the gold resistance, he would still abandon her. Lin Chaoying followed behind Wang Chongyang again and again, following him and watching him. And he never looked back at her once.

  Now, it's also time for her to really give up on Wang Chongyang.

  Looking at Lin Chaoying's relieved face, the man in black then knew she had let go. Then another burst of lightning, brought her to the courtyard again. Lightly point her body acupuncture points, the man in black dodged and left the room.

  In a short while, the man in black returned to the Lin House again. After entering the room, he removed his face scarf. A familiar face was revealed, this black-clothed person was Lin Yunxi.

  This act of Lin Yunxi tonight was to let Lin Chaoying see the pain that her so-called love had brought to her family. See the old father for her face full of sorrow and hurt, for her eyes in tears. Fortunately, at the end, Lin Chaoying streak awake. It also looks like to completely put down Wang Chongyang, for him that scum, gloomy heartache, indeed not worth.

  Lin Chaoying lying in the room of the other house, very grateful to the man in black. He let her see another side of her father, and know the pain that her capriciousness brought to her family. Wang Chongyang does not deserve her in giving her heart, only family members will sincerely love her. In this remorse, Lin Chaoying slowly fell asleep.

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