Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 41:Evil grandmother in the planting text (VI)

  After two years of planting, the groundnuts and corn were also known by the villages in the circumference. They have been planted into their own land, and just like that, the high-yielding crops have finally also caught the attention of the county magistrate.

  The magistrate of Fengming County is a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties who took up the post of magistrate of Fengming County only three years ago. Because he was born to a humble family, he was very sensitive to high-yielding crops. Almost in the second year, when many villages were planted, he quietly sent people to observe several times. Only after confirming that the information was correct, did he send a letter to his boss. I thought I would receive a reply soon, but I waited right and left, but no one replied. Just when he was about to give up, a letter came down from above. That is already a month past, the county court came a special guest.

  The visitor is an eleven or twelve-year-old teenager, an ordinary cotton clothing. Let him look very inconspicuous, to the magistrate's office, and did not report his name, but secretly into the magistrate's office. Under the dumbfounded gaze of the magistrate, took out a fine jade pendant. On it was engraved the word "Zhong".

  "Li Minghao, the magistrate of Fengming County, has met your distinguished guest, what is your business this time?" The magistrate of Fengming County respectfully bowed to the young man. Although he did not know who the visitor was, he recognized this jade pendant. This jade pendant was the accompanying jade pendant of General Zhong Shouguo. Looking at his slightly familiar face, the visitor should be very close to General Zhong. I heard that the general has a son, about 11 or 12 years old. It should be this person.

  "Lord Li, no need to be polite. I am here by order of the Third Prince to check on the high-yielding crops. The jade pendant is my token." The young man said to Li Minghao in a dignified manner.

  "A few days ago, the letter you sent. It was discovered by a treacherous person and leaked the information. I am afraid that this information will soon be obtained by other princes. Therefore, my cousin sent me to come here secretly." The young man continued.

  This young man was the third prince's cousin, General Zhong's eldest son Zhong Ziyun. Zhong Ziyun's real mother, Zhong Yun, and the Third Prince's maternal consort, Consort Rou, were sisters from the same mother. Back then, one of the Yun sisters married into the imperial palace and became the palace's favorite consort, Concubine Zo, while the other married General Zhong Shouguo and became the general's wife.

  Their sisters' father, Yun Changqing, who was originally a son of a poor family, became a new subject of the scholar once. Decades of official sinking, became the emperor of today. The two daughters married well, but the red-headed, married into the palace of Princess Zou, soon sank in the palace struggle, leaving only the five-year-old third prince, Jing Xuan. The emperor is also an infatuated person, his beloved passed away. Let him suffer, but also neglected to take care of the third prince. So that he once had a difficult life in the palace, and when the emperor reacted to see the soft and thin third prince, caused him a strong fatherly love. An exception was made for the minister's wife to take care of him, and in this way, the third prince went to his aunt's house from time to time. He was very close to Zhong Ziyun. This time, giving him such an important matter was also a sign of trust in him.

  This time, the letter sent by Lord Li was seen by others, and the third prince was afraid that it would be preempted by other princes. So he sent a letter directly to the nearby Zhong Ziyun, asking him to bring the seeds into the capital as soon as possible.

  Lord Li, who understood some of the situation, then took Zhong Ziyun to Wang's village. According to his understanding, this village was the first to discover groundnuts and corn. It was also the place where the most seeds were planted. A group of people quietly came to Wangjia village, and did not alert the county court inside the others. In a short time, they arrived outside the village of Wangjia.

  Inside the village's fields, a patch of groundnuts and corn were planted. Let never seen this situation of Zhong Ziyun, are a little dumbfounded. Just entering the village, the two encountered Wang Jiu's family.

  [A person with abnormal energy is found, please host hurry to befriend.

  "System, what is having abnormal energy." Wang Qingzhu asked in his heart. Wang Jiu and Jiang Yunxi, who were standing next to each other, also heard the words, so they quietly ran their divine sense and waited for that system to answer.

  [People of abnormal energy are also the children of the world you are talking about. Dealing with such people, they emit an energy that can be absorbed by us.] The system did not mince words in answering Wang Qingzhu.

  At this time, Wang Jiu and Jiang Yunxi looked at each other, then they communicated with their divine sense. "The meaning of what that system said is obvious, perhaps the world we are in was originally evolved from a novel. Those people who have an energy are the male and female protagonists. No wonder that system sought out the cheap granddaughter." In Wang Jiu's mind, such a passage from Jiang Yunxi appeared.

  "It should be, look at our previous lives, either the game world or the novel world. We should be reincarnated in the worlds of these derivative novels. It's normal to meet male and female protagonists." Wang Jiu seemed to recognize this perception early on and helped her to solve the puzzle.

  "Also, you see we are in that world of Da Chu, my sister is the reborn one. It should also be a novel-derived world. That system seeks people with great qi luck, it should also be to replenish their own energy." Jiang Yunxi returned next to the speculation.

  "This old man, take the liberty to interrupt. Dare I ask if this is the Wang family village." Lord Li, who was dressed in civilian clothes, asked about Wang Jiu.

  "Yes, this is Wangjia Village. Sir, what do you want to do here? Why don't you come and sit in my home?" Wang Jiu invited them them into his home.

  "Thank you, old man! I'd like to respectfully accept your order. I hereby pay my respects." Lord Li said politely.

  "I dare not dare. It's a rough place in the countryside. It's good that you don't mind." While marching in the direction of home, he said politely with Lord Li.

  Zhong Ziyun, who was walking behind, looked at the colorful Wang Qingzhu and sighed in his heart. Such a small village, how can there be such a beautiful woman. Wang Qingzhu, who was already nine years old, had grown even more beautiful. A lifetime of simple dress, did not give her points. And added a few points of natural beauty.

  Zhong Ziyun whispered to Wang Qingzhu and asked, "This girl, dare I ask if your village grows a lot of groundnuts and corn? I heard that these two crops are extremely productive."

  Wang Qingzhu, who was asked by the system to have more contact with Zhong Ziyun. Quickly, she said to him, "Yes, this gentleman. These groundnuts and corn are seeds found in the deep mountains, and then after several years of cultivation, such a large area has been created. They are indeed very productive, and the yield per mu can reach about two thousand jins. In these two years, the surrounding villages are planting them, and the harvest is stable." Wang Qingzhu told him the information that everyone around him knew.

  The group soon arrived home and interrupted what Zhong Ziyun wanted to say. When they entered the house, they saw Wang Mingyan, their third son, at home. As the countryside examination was approaching, Wang Mingnian was studying hard at home. Hearing the sound of people coming home, he went out to welcome them.

  Suddenly saw that the middle-aged man next to his father, the visitor turned out to be Lord Li, the county magistrate of Fengming County. He hastily bowed and said, "Student Wang Mingyan pays his respects to the county magistrate, I didn't know your arrival, I'm sorry to miss you. Please don't be offended." The people next to him looked dumbfounded and hurriedly bowed to Lord Li.

  "It's not a problem, my lord is just going to the countryside to check with friends, Wang Xiucai, don't be polite." The county magistrate lord said to them very kindly.

  Wang Jiu, in fact, knew their identity very early. It's just that since they didn't explicitly say so, they assumed ignorance. Suddenly by the third son point out, laborious himself and his wife a burst of kneeling. He could not help but glance at the third son, complaining that he was nosy.

  A few people sat down in the courtyard and chatted idly. "I don't know what business you have come to Wang's village, my lord?" Wang Jiu, who was sitting down, asked very directly.

  "Old man, the nobleman in the capital heard that a high yield crop was found in your village. He has sent his official to come here to check it out. This young brother beside this official is interested in buying the groundnuts and corn from your village. As seeds to promote to the whole country. This is a good thing for the country and the people, so this official brought him to your village. I hope the old man does not mind." Lord Li tried his best to help Zhong Ziyun buy the seeds of Wangjia Village.

  "Lord Li, to have your honor's attention. It is a blessing for us. Wait a moment, we will inform our village chief about this. Tomorrow is the harvesting period of groundnuts and corn. Three days later, you can have someone come here to transport them." After Wang Jiu finished speaking, with Lord Li's consent, he instructed his eldest son to go to the village headman's house to invite him over.

  Soon, a group of people agreed on the trip, and the price of the purchase. Lord Li and Zhong Ziyun then left the village and returned to the county. A team of people stationed near Fengming County soon got the news from Zhong Ziyun. A group of grain carts and horses were purchased and waited in Qingming Town to be transported to the capital by water.

  The whole Wang family village was in a joyful mood. The groundnuts and corn, which had not been harvested yet, were sold. People have said that the kind in the ground is not groundnuts, but silver.

  After three days of harvesting, nearly 100 mu of groundnuts and corn in the whole Wangjia Village. Was harvested put together, towering like a cloud groundnut mountain, very majestic.

  When the appointed time came, Li County magistrate brought a large team of people came to Wangjia Village. The bags of groundnuts and corn were loaded onto wagons and sent to the wharf in Qingming Town. Twenty to thirty trips back and forth, before all transported to the pier.

  On the shore of the wharf, there were also several large boats waiting. These boats were sent by the Third Prince, specifically to transport this batch of grain. Fifty porters carried for three hours, before they were all transported on board.

  These ships are very deep draught, 200,000 pounds of grain loaded on. The speed of travel became much slower, fortunately they have enough people on their side, each ship has nearly a hundred soldiers guarding.

  The ships quietly entered a small county next to the capital, and the magistrate of this county is also the third prince's man. The carriage was transferred again, before it was transported to the manor outside the capital. After everything was ready, Li Ziyun and his soldiers did not leave. Instead, they all guarded the manor, and even so, several groups of people came, wanting to find out what was going on.

  The third prince, who got the news, and quickly went to the imperial study. He reported the matter to his father, who was handling official business.

  Emperor Jing was very happy to hear about this. Then he gathered all his men and horses and went to the farmhouse on the outskirts of the capital. The other princes, who had also received the information, also asked to go together. A large group of people came to this small mountain village.

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