Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 37:Evil grandmother in seeding text (II)

  Jiang Yunxi parted a divine sense and placed it on his cheap granddaughter. The system at this point fell silent again, perhaps because the energy was not particularly sufficient. His answers were all very brief. Since no more voices were found, Jiang Yunxi did not put the matter down.

  Several of the main laborers in the family, all down to the ground. Jiang Yunxi decided to go to the mountain to take a look. Just now, the eldest granddaughter went to the mountain to fetch pig grass and accidentally fell. This pig grass is not enough, we have to go into the mountain to fight some.

  He picked up the bamboo basket in the courtyard and put a sickle into it. Jiang Yunxi then put the bamboo basket on his back and walked quickly towards the back of the mountain. This mountain is not high, about one or two hundred meters above sea level, and not steep. Jiang Yunxi went up very easily and soon reached the top of this mountain. Over the hill, she saw a lot of edible wild vegetables. She squatted down and picked some of the more tender wild vegetables and picked them. In a short time, she picked a small half frame. Enough for the family to eat a meal or two. Gently pressed down the wild vegetables in the bamboo basket, and picked a few large leaves on the tree and put them on top. Then Jiang Yunxi went to the place where the pigweed is beaten from time to time. Reaching out uncommonly, she only saw the sickle waving rapidly. Half a quarter of an hour later, behind her, there was a pile of pig straw. Pile the pig straw into the group of bamboo baskets, gently downward pressure, to facilitate themselves to fill more.

  Slowly close your own eyes and use your divine sense to spread out in all directions. I saw two pheasants in the distance, a strong force over, two pheasants will fall to the ground. Walked a few steps over, lightly lift not too heavy pheasant, stuffed to the pig grass below.

  Continue to walk forward, there is a relatively dense woods in front. I believed that there would be some mushrooms that could be used, and sure enough, I found some shiitake mushrooms underneath the trees, and those mushrooms didn't grow very big. But together with chicken stew, it would be delicious.

  After working for a while, Jiang Yunxi carried his harvest on his back and returned home.

  At this time several laborers of the family, also came back from the fields. Jiang Yunxi put the pig grass in the shade of the courtyard and carried the pheasant and wild vegetables into the kitchen. She instructed the oldest daughter-in-law to clean up the pheasant and wild vegetables and put the chicken stew on the pot. It was lunch for the family.

  Lin, with the help of her youngest daughter Qingmei, handled the wildlife in the kitchen. Stewed the chicken and mushrooms in a casserole on the small stove. Jiang Yunxi, on the other hand, took Wang Jiu into the room.

  Reaching out to arrange a boundary in the room, she talked to him about Qingzhu, the granddaughter of the eldest house.

  "That system, I didn't feel how it appeared at that time. For us, I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse?" Jiang Yunxi was worried and said to Wang Jiu.

  "No matter what, let's observe for a while. See what exactly he wants to do in this world." Wang Jiu was quite big-hearted, not the least bit interested in the matter of his cheap granddaughter changing her core.

  "Since we took over Wang Jiu and his wife's bodies, we have to be responsible for his loved ones. I just checked Qingzhu's body, and there is no change." Jiang Yunxi said from the side.

  "Yunxi, I thought about it, the family still has about fifty taels of silver, should we renovate the house. Several lifetimes have not let you live in such a humble house, let you suffer." Wang Jiu was worried about Jiang Yunxi being aggravated and wanted to renovate the house.

  "No, this family's silver is not particularly large, there is still the old three to study, the expenses are large." Jiang Yunxi did not have any requirements for the house. "However, we need to think of a way to earn a little money. Let the children and grandchildren have a good life. Give them each a craft." She said suggestively.

  "It's good, the village is just this big. If we suddenly take out too much money, we will attract outside trouble. It's better to give them skills and let them earn their own money later. It's better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish." Wang Jiu always thought that this statement was very true.

  Jiang Yunxi said: "Then how to think carefully, the oldest and the second are suitable for what to do, the oldest is a bit honest, not suitable for business at all. Older and a little too cunning, after earning money and afraid that he has become bad. Really headache ah."

  Wang Jiu said, "Really can not, teach the boss to do carpentry. Look at the mountain behind us, so many materials. Teach him to make some small items and take them to the market to sell. Didn't we learn to make some small items with the monk master? Teach it to the boss, it's just right."

  The monk master they were talking about was the monk line in the Sword III world. In that world, Yun Xi learned to make flying birds out of wood, landscape water carts that could flow. All kinds of small animals that can move.

  "That's a good skill, the boss is honest and patient, he should be able to sink his teeth into these things. I'll put the information on how to do it into your mind, and you can find some time to teach him how to do it." Fang Yunxi gave advice to Wang Jiu. Then continued, "The second family, it's not possible, let's ask him to make food. It's quite close to the town. Isn't there a pier? We let him set up a stall in that place. There should be a good income. When the autumn harvest is over, we'll find them both and talk about it. What do you think?"

  Wang Jiu said, "That's good, give them both something to do. There will not be so much trouble. I will keep a close eye on Lao San. Try to let him pass the boy's exam in the near future, the other two daughters-in-law will have less opinions."

  The whole family gathered around the dining table and ate lunch together. Both chickens were stewed by Lin, and each person could share a big bowl of chicken meat. This lunch, all ate the belly round. Especially the second Wang Erli, has been leaning on the chair, lightly rubbing his abdomen. Wang Jiu, who had an oblique glare at him.

  After drinking and eating, several people went back to the field. The few women in the family, began to do their own to the room, some went to the river to wash clothes, some clean up the house. Wang Pearl took the embroidery box and sat under the tree in the courtyard, carefully embroidering the embroidery in her hands.

  Having been reincarnated in several lives in ancient times, Jiang Yunxi had a different understanding of embroidery. Watching her cheap daughter take out the embroidery, she takes a closer look. The stitching was not rare and the pattern was not outstanding, so it should not sell at a high price. She thought that since she had already helped her two sons and thought of a way to earn money. So she decided to teach her cheap daughter to learn new embroidery techniques.

  She got up and went back to her room and found a piece of white brocade cloth, one meter wide and two meters long, from Mrs. Jiang's inventory. It was given to her by her master, Old Lady Cao, when she went to pay her respects to him years ago. She had never bothered to use it and kept it in the bottom of the box. Today she was taken out and embroidered some novelty patterns on it. It would also fetch some high price.

  Tied this cloth tightly on the embroidery frame and found some good embroidery threads from space. My daughter didn't know if she had these embroidery threads anyway. After a busy time, the embroidery frame was moved to the courtyard.

  Fang Yunxi's movement drew Wang Pearl over. Looking at the exquisite brocade cloth on the embroidery stand, she couldn't help but want to touch it with her fingers. Just reaching over, she immediately took it back again. She was afraid that she would damage the cloth.

  "Pearl, I see that you have almost learned the embroidery method I taught you before. Today mother is teaching you an embroidery method. If you learn it, you will have no worries about eating and drinking for the rest of your life." Jiang Yunxi put out the bait and attracted Wang Pearl to take the bait.

  When Jiang Yunxi sat down, she threaded the needle. Then she embroidered quickly on that embroidery cloth. In some places, however, she embroidered very slowly, telling Wang Pearl stitch by stitch and giving her a demonstration. Wang Pearl listened very carefully; she had loved to embroider things since she was a child and seldom went out to play with others. As a result, some people in her circle were reluctant to interact with her. This made her, more reluctant to go out. When she had time, she studied embroidery. Her embroidery is very famous in Qingming Town.

  But today, when I saw my mother, I came up with another kind of embroidery. Looking at the flower, it was as if it was going to burst out of the cloth. The petals and branches were layered and separated, as if it was placed on the cloth a real flower. She watched Jiang Yunxi with fascination, embroidering down and through stitch by stitch. In a short time, a gorgeous peony flower appeared on top of the embroidered cloth.

  "Mother, it's so beautiful! Can I learn this kind of embroidery too?" Wang Pearl's expectant little eyes blinked and blinked at Jiang Yunxi, even cute.

  "Of course it's to be handed over to you, go reload an embroidery cloth and I'll teach you." As soon as Wang Pearl heard what her mother said, she immediately ran back to her room and took out a piece of ordinary embroidery cloth. Then she put it on her embroidery frame.

  Holding the embroidery frame, she came and sat down next to Jiang Yunxi. At this moment Jiang Yunxi then explained to her in detail how to put down the needle, how to match the colors, and how to match the colors. She spoke in detail, and Wang Pearl listened very carefully. In a short while, Wang Pearl understood the principle of this embroidery method, and looked like she was suddenly enlightened. Then she started to embroider some simple patterns on her own embroidery cloth. Looking at her intelligent daughter, Jiang Yunxi was very happy.

  The sunlight after autumn was not strong, warm and drowsy on people's bodies. But the two people busy in the courtyard did not feel this way at all. One was slowly experiencing the new embroidery method, while the other was embroidering the pattern in her heart with flying needles.

  Just then, [Ding, found a new plant Folded Ear Grass, redeemable energy 0.01, please host continue to work hard]

  Followed by Wang Qingzhu's divine sense, came such a message. The first thing you need to do is to look around in the courtyard and not find Wang Qingzhu herself, apparently she is out of the door. Close your eyes to feel the location of that one divine sense, it turns out to have gone up the back of the mountain. This system is ridiculous, one folded ear grass has energy, so how much energy can be exchanged for green grass all over the mountain?

  [Ding! A plant, up to 100 can be redeemed. Please host correct attitude, do not have that kind of idea.]

  Apparently it was Wang Qingzhu, who wanted to harvest a large area of Folded Ear Grass in exchange for energy, and was rejected by the system. How did he know the name of the Folded Ear Grass? Could it be that he read some people's brain information.

  [Ding! Found a new species of frangipani flower, exchangeable for energy points 0.5, please host continue to work hard.]

  "Pfft," Jiang Yunxi, whose divine sense followed Wang Qingzhu, couldn't help but laugh. That's not an orchid flower, it's clearly a swallow grass. It seems that the system is not omniscient, but by reading the minds of certain people. Enter the image into his database. The crossover Wang Qingzhu some things, know plausible but not. Resulting in the system itself can be wrong.

  Did not continue to focus on Wang Qingzhu's side, continued to embroider flowers with his daughter in the courtyard.

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