Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 35: The Adversary of the Concubine Sister (End)

  Both Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge had not gone out recently, but were in a mountain on the outskirts of Yangzhou City. They had set up a spirit gathering formation and started their cultivation.

  Now that they were already at the peak of the Jindan stage, there was still a lot of pressure on them. According to the information from the Lai Tau Monk, it could be seen that the strength of the Police Illusionary Immortal Nun was equivalent to the middle YuanYing stage. Trying to solve the Police Illusion Immortal Nun was really a troublesome task.

  Lin Yunxi they dare not delay, have closed the cultivation. There were still a few years before Jia Baoyu was eleven or twelve years old. At that time, in the battle against the mangy-headed monk and lame daoist, did not kill them, but abolished their cultivation. So that they can not send a message to the police fantasy fairy. To buy time for them later.

  During the cultivation period, Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yun Xi also made a trip back to the capital. With the help of the imperial brother, they begged for a marriage decree. When Lin Yunxi was sixteen years old, she married Tu Jiu Ge. Lin Ruhai also left for the capital from within that whirlpool in Jiangnan. He, who is now the Minister of Household Affairs, is favored, and his eldest daughter was married to Prince Zhongrui.

  The two twin brothers, Lin Xuanyu and Lin Moyu, were also engaged to the first daughter of an important minister in the court. The youngest brother, Lin Qingyu, has also started his enlightenment. Dealing with all the matters of the mortal world, the two closed the dead.

  Time flies, in the blink of an eye, five years have passed. Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yun Xi both broke through the Yuan Ying stage, because the two cultivation techniques unique, against the Police Illusion Fairy also have a certain degree of certainty.

  The two of them went to the palace to see Emperor Yongming first. Seeing the still elegant duo, Tu Zhen Zhen had a lot of thoughts. Always knew that the ninth brother and Lin Yunxi is now not a mortal. Really see them, after several years have passed without the slightest change in appearance. Still envious.

  "Ninth brother, how did you get out of the gate recently?" Tuzhen said with great concern, ninth brother was almost fifteen years younger than him. Mother consort died early, making him almost hand in hand to bring him up. That affection, not the ordinary brotherly affection can be compared.

  "Royal brother, Yunxi and I have recently made a breakthrough in our cultivation and have just come out of the gate. Do you still have the medicine you were given before?" Tu Jiu Ge explained to Emperor Yong Ming.

  "There are still some left, and that purse you gave me works well. Can you give some more to your imperial brother?" Tu Zhen Zhen nonchalantly asked his ninth brother for to.

  "That's nothing, Yun Xi can make it herself. When the time comes, let her give you a dozen or twenty of them. What's important is the elixir inside, those are life-saving. Royal brother, you must keep them well." Tu Jiu Ge said generously.

  But no, Lin Yunxi, whose cultivation level deepened, made Pear Velvet Drop Juan Bags very quickly. That kind of low-level storage items can be used by mortals. Now the Lin House crowd, almost a handful of people. And now Tu Jiu Ge and the others are using storage rings refined with dan fire. The storage space is large and stable.

  "That can be quite good, I now have a few more of those purses. It is also easy for the government to use for disaster relief during the years of desolation." Emperor Yong Ming has always been a good emperor who is diligent and loves the people, he is not good for material luxury, and does not care about the name of a thousand ancient famous rulers, so during his reign, there is no room for sand in his eyes. Those corrupt officials were wounded a lot. But to the common people, he was a good emperor.

  Tu Jiu Ge thought to himself, since the pear velvet drop juan bag can be made in this world. Then, the heavenly dao here can accept that people from here can also make them. So, he discussed with Lin Yunxi and took time out to teach these people to make Pear Velvet Dropjuan Buns.

  As expected, it wasn't long before. Lin Daiyu was able to make a pear velvet drop juan bag under her guidance, much to Lin Daiyu's delight. After Lin Daiyu's test, Lin Yunxi then found the trick to make it. Then she went to find Emperor Yongming.

  Knowing the purpose of Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yun Xi's visit, Emperor Yongming Tu Zhen was very happy. He quickly instructed his secret guards to come over and find a group of embroiderers. That group of embroiderers quickly made the pear velvet drop juan bag under Lin Yunxi's guidance, although the area was not very large, but it was a good start. The special fabric for the pear velvet drop juan bag, then by the royal weaving division special production. No external circulation.

  Because of this matter, the Yan family in charge of the Jiangnan weaving house also suffered. The Yan family, which had been domineering in Jiangnan for several years, disappeared into history. The third prince also suffered, and was severely criticized by the emperor, almost expelling him from the royal family.

  The development of this matter can only be said that the Yan family was too greedy, and even tried to interfere with the production of special fabrics. They bought and stole the recipe and were caught by Emperor Yongming who was watching closely. The Emperor also knew that this weaving institute was of great importance to the future development of the whole country. The company's business is not a good one.

  Even Mrs. Wang, who secretly accepted part of the family's assets, was also implicated. Directly by Jia Zheng relegated wife to concubine, sent to the Buddhist temple, let her focus on ritual Buddhism.

  So far, the entire Dream of the Red Chamber was changed by them. Even the Yan family, which had little existence, was copied in advance ah. Jia Hu and Jia Lian, under the tutelage of Master Zhang, both took the imperial examinations. Now Jia Hu is already a scholar and Jia Lian has become a scholar. The two of them both got married and had children, and the happy Jia amnesty was at home with his grandchildren.

  This night, lying in bed, Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yunxi. Confusion came to a place, vermilion fence, green trees and clear streams, really not meet the human trails, flying dust rare to. Immortal clouds, a school of immortal residence place. I saw a stone plaque built next to it, with the four words "Taixu Fantasy Land" written on it. On both sides is a couplet, which reads.

  Falsehood is true when it is real.

  There is nothing but nothing.

  Turning around the pagoda is a palace gate, on which are written four big words "Sinful Sea and Love Heaven", and twice there is also a couplet.

  The earth and the sky are so thick and high that it can be sighed that the love of the past and present is inexhaustible.

  Idiot men and women, pity the moon and wind debt is difficult to pay.

  The two of them moved forward in a daze, knowing that they had arrived at the illusionary realm of Taixu. I thought: I should meet the fairy of illusion.

  At this time, the face of a person, this person is dancing and slender, smiling smile spring peach, cloud bun pile of green, the appearance of more than the Western beauty. She said, "Two friends, welcome to my illusionary realm of Taixu. Please!"

  Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge looked at each other, and followed her up. "Sister, my name is the Immortal of Vigilance Illusion. Langjun may call me so." The police illusion immortal nun skimmed at Tu Jiu Ge, with a lot of style in her eyes. But Lin Yunxi was furious.

  They did not look at the supporting halls marked with different names above, and went straight to the main hall. After the three were seated, there were some fairy-like people serving tea. It must be the "group fragrance pith" and "thousand red a cave". The two of them did not dare to eat the fairy's food. They just sat and watched them.

  "It's just a fox spirit, how dare you call yourself an immortal nun. Who gave you the guts?" Lin Yunxi said disdainfully from the side. That's right, what Put Spring Mountain, what Taixu Illusionary Realm. It's just a spatial magic tool that was obtained by this group of fox spirits. Like Lin Daiyu they are just the original creatures in the Taixu Illusionary Realm, cultivating adults.

  "Don't drink to eat the penalty wine, but a small early YuanYing stage, how dare to mouth wild words. It seems that this immortal nun has to teach you some lessons." A sharp sword suddenly appeared in the hand of the police illusion fairy and slashed straight towards Lin Yunxi. The fairy nuns standing at the side also drew their swords one after another and stabbed at them.

  Just then, Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge also took out their own native magic weapons. Those maids, with low cultivation, were killed after a few rounds. After a few rounds, they were killed on the spot. Only to see them slowly turned into some elves and monsters, there are foxes, rabbits and other small animals.

  In a flash, the entire hall, only the Police Illusion Fairy and the three of them were left. The fairy was horrified, apparently she had underestimated them. Not daring to hesitate, she immediately launched the strongest attack on her body and attacked the other side. To say that it was late is to say that it was fast. In the blink of an eye, the three of them fought for more than 50 rounds.

  Gradually, the winner has been divided, the two who have experienced several reincarnations, strong divine sense, magic treasures generation. Soon, the Police Illusion Fairy was killed by their combined efforts. The corpse also transformed into a huge fox.

  Without a person in control of the Taixu Illusionary Realm, it slowly emerged. The entire immortal realm slowly shrunk and transformed into a mirror, which flew to the two men. The mirror went into the hand of Tu Jiu Ge.

  Now there is still a secret realm above the Leaving Hatred Heaven. This is the original residence of the Immortal of Police Illusion, Putting Spring Mountain. Two people for the sake of the Taixu secret realm, down to the mortal experience of the fairies to consider. They decided to transform the Spring Release Mountain.

  The two went into the illusionary realm of Taixu, Lin Daiyu their prototype, moved out of the illusionary realm of Taixu. And the "infatuation division" together with the main hall moved to the spring mountain.

  The two then went on to treasure hunting inside, the Taixu secret realm of the warehouse, a large area. There were all kinds of antiques piled up inside. These were of no use to Lin Yunxi, so they threw them out of the Taixu Illusion Realm. At this time, a black object suddenly flew out from the warehouse. It was not able to block it, so it entered Lin Yunxi's soul body.

  Only to see that above Lin Yunxi's soul body, a black object likewise floated. She knew that it was her own piece. Only to see the two objects, gradually merged into one. A golden light shot out, and it returned to Lin Yunxi's body. Only then did she realize that the piece in the Taixu illusion realm was a part of that black object.

  Seeing that Lin Yunxi had no other differences, Tu Jiu Ge put down her mind. Continue to search for treasures inside.

  In a short time, the two of them took the inside of the Taixu Illusionary Realm, emptied it out and moved it all to the Spring Release Mountain. The two joined forces here for transformation, and a huge array disk enveloped the Spring Release Mountain.

  Back in their bodies, Tu Jiu Ge then refined the Taixu Illusionary Realm. Clear an empty inside, only a palace, and some unenlightened immortal flowers and spiritual plants remain. Lin Yunxi from his own space, transplanted a lot of things to his space. Only then was he gradually filled up.

  This life, the two lived here for a long time. Long enough that everyone has left. This also includes Lin Daiyu, who returned to Put Spring Mountain after a hundred years. Become the valley master there. When there is time, the two will also go to the nine heavens above, and her together to drink tea and chat.

  The two in this lifetime, did not leave an heir. The apprentice country also continued for a thousand years, and under the witness of the two of them, they passed through to the democratic period in peace.

  Once their bodies were light, the two left this world obediently.

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