Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 34:The Adversary of the Concubine Sister (IX)

  The two's travels continued, and from time to time, they would buy some specialties from various places and have the guards transport them back to Jiangnan and the capital. This time, they were going to Jinling. Since they came here, they had to come and see Sister Bao.

  Just arrived in Jinling City, they heard about it in the city. Xue Xun, the head of the Xue family in Jinling, is not well. The Xue family under the side branch, lips and lips want to move. The entire Jinling Xue family is a mess, usually domineering Wang, now also crying and crying looking at the sick bed Xue Xun. Wang can be in the Xue family so scenic great achievements, not only is the power of the Wang family, in addition is Xue Xun to her favor. The first time I saw a woman, I was a little bit of a nuisance.

  Just now lying on the hospital bed, looking at the slightly single 'stupid' Wang, next to the fat son and just five years old daughter. Without himself, even if they are not swallowed by the Xue family's side branch, they will also be counted out by the Wang family. Xue Xun, lying on the bed, was very worried.

  At that moment, the concierge came to report from outside the door. Xue Xun then let them into the room and replied: "Master, the concierge has reported. It says that a miracle doctor is visiting and can save your life." Next to him, Wang was impatient. She said, "Please come quickly. Master, you are going to be saved." The slightest bit of hope would surprise Wang.

  Soon, Tu Jiu Ge was introduced into the main room by Lin Yun Xi. Wang was frightened by the two men's too-young age, afraid that she had been duped. Doubtful, she looked at them. But Xue Xun is an extraordinary eye, a glance can see the difference between the two. The visitor is in excellent posture, floating, a fairy style.

  Xue Xun hurriedly asked the two to sit down, ordered the servant to serve hot tea, and then eagerly looked at them. At this time Lin Yunxi greeted Xue Xun to sit opposite her, gestured to him to stretch out his right hand, and then gave him a pulse.

  Xue Xun did not have any other illnesses, but was only poisoned. And this poison is not a mortal's poison, ordinary people simply can not be cured. This poison will make Xue Xun, lingering sick for several years before passing away. Obviously this poison is the handwriting of the fairy nun, because if Xue Xun fell ill, Wang must be worried about him. Neglected to educate Xue Pan, so that it really became a dude. It is what caused all the subsequent things.

  "Master Xue, you are not sick. Rather, you've been poisoned." Lin Yunxi did not conceal Xue Xun, but told him directly.

  "What, Master has been poisoned. Impossible, Master hasn't gone out at all recently. How could he have contracted poison." Wang did not believe that her master could be poisoned.

  "Madam, listen to the divine doctor finish." Xue Xun said from the side.

  "That's right, he was poisoned. And it's an unusual kind of poison. This kind of poison will make a person linger in sickness for several years and die slowly. And this poison is targeted, and will only enter the body of adult men. Moreover, the object that carries the drug is in this room." Lin Yunxi helped them explain.

  "In this room? This is my wife and I's bedroom. How did the poison get into this room?" Xue Xun asked Lin Yunxi in confusion.

  "Nah, it's this." An ornament by Lin Yunxi's bed received, that ornament was beautifully shaped and made of a large piece of white jade. It was very beautiful.

  "That one, that one was sent from sister's annual gift." Wang murmured from the side. "It's sister, why would she do that."

  At this time, Xue Xun also understood, it was just for their Xue family's million family fortune. "Girl, since you know this poison, do you have a solution?"

  "Yes, girl. Please save my master." Wang begged from the side.

  "Since I know this poison, I have an antidote, you don't need to worry." Lin Yunxi comforted them.

  At this time, Lin Yunxi took out a jade bottle from her package and handed it to Xue Xun. Then said to him: "This bottle is the antidote to the poison pill, you can take one a day. Take it for ten days in a row, then all the poison will be removed. After that, you just need to take care of your body." Xue Xun took the jade bottle, then poured one into his mouth. Immediately felt refreshed, a bad smell came out of the body. The couple knew it was toxins being expelled, so Xue Xun hurriedly went into the bathroom.

  "Thank you girl, this is a thank you gift for you, please make sure you accept it." During this said, Wang then brought a box. It was filled with silver tickets, forty to fifty thousand taels. Wang, who was in a happy mood, was not at all stingy with her family's money.

  "No, Madam Wang, the reward is that white jade, right? This poison is very harmful to adult men, you can't solve it. It's better to let me take it away." Lin Yunxi pointed to this piece of white jade and said.

  "How can I do that? This piece of white jade is for you. Please accept the silver ticket as well." Wang persuaded at the side. At this time, Xue Xun, who had already come out of the bathroom, also joined the group. In the end, there was no way out, and when Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge left, they took the piece of white jade and the silver ticket box with them.

  "Master, do you think, why did sister do this?" After sending Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge away. Xue Xun and his wife then sat in the room and chatted idly.

  "Madam, you think, if I was poisoned and went slowly in a few years. What would you do?" Xue Xun was coaxing her to think on the side.

  "If you are gone, the Xue family's side branch may become even more rampant, and the concubine, for the sake of her two sons and daughters, will go to the capital to join her elder brother, or her sister." Wang went down this line of thought.

  "Yes, when the time comes, you will go to the capital to join them. Then you will definitely take the Xue family's millions of family money with you, and when you get to the capital, they will still have the say." Xue Xun somewhat looked down on his own eldest brother, Prince Teng. When Wang was able to marry into their Xue family, it was his handiwork. Although the Xue family was one of the four families in Jinling, they were, after all, royal merchants. Simply can not marry the daughter of the county uncle family, even if it is a concubine daughter. If it wasn't for the Xue family's family fortune, why would they act like this.

  "By the way, Master. Who were those two just now? Making you so respectful." Wang asked what she had just wondered.

  "Cut aside their status as divine doctors, their status alone must make us respectful. That man who has been silent is the current Prince of Zhongrui, Tu Jiu Ge. As soon as he entered, I recognized him. Two years ago, my lord, I had met him in the capital. That was when he was still the ninth prince. This prince is very much loved by the emperor and the present. I didn't expect to see him in Jinling." Xue Xun revealed the identity of Tu Jiu Ge.

  "So that's how it is, fortunately we didn't show disrespect." Wang said with a palpitating heart.

  "Madam, today is very good. When my husband is well, we must teach Panyi and Baochai well." Xue Xun looked at Wang with delight.

  The two people whose divine sense had been covering the Xue family, looked at each other and smiled when they heard Xue Xun's words. As expected of a businessman, reading words is really powerful.

  Time always flies, the two have been traveling in Jiangnan for nearly half a year or so. Coinciding with Lin Daiyu's third birthday, they returned to Yangzhou. Go when only a package of two people, now followed by two large carriages. It was filled with specialties from all over the world, ready to be shipped back to the Lin House. Gifts for the old lady, father, mother and younger siblings. The day before, they received a letter from Yangzhou, and their mother was pregnant, and kept urging them to come back in the letter. They had no choice but to return to Yangzhou with many gifts.

  Soon after they arrived in Yangzhou, they were warmly received. Her brothers also returned home from the Qing Yun Academy in Yangzhou. Little Daiyu kept pestering her, explaining to her some of the problems within the mantras. It took up a lot of her time. The tuo Jiu Ge a flying vinegar mess.

  After Lin Dayu's third birthday, the Lin House came to two unusual guests.

  Lin Yunxi was playing with his younger siblings in the house box, and suddenly heard a daoist horn from outside, and heard "Amitabha Buddha" and "Immeasurable Heavenly Father", and the sound entered his ears and caused his qi and blood to surge. Lin Yunxi's divine sense was released, and two people came. One head full of sores, scruffy monk, the other is a lame Daoist monk, also covered in dirt, not the slightest cultivator's style. Yes, Lin Yunxi found that both of them were cultivators. Now just at the early stage of foundation building. It seemed that the messengers sent to earth by the Immortal Nun of Alarm Illusion were not highly skilled in magic. At this time, Tu Jiu Ge who was in the guest room also rushed out.

  Lin Yunxi and Tu Jiu Ge set up a boundary at the entrance of the Lin House, so that mortals could not see what was going on inside. The monk with a mangy head and the daoist with a limp foot, who were suddenly caught in the boundary, had a panic attack. They had never met an enemy in the earthly realm, and the sudden appearance of the cultivation realm's formation caught them off guard.

  "Two fellow Daoists, there is something to talk about." Monk Laigou looked at Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yunxi and said.

  "What is your business here at the Lin Mansion?" Lin Yunxi asked carelessly.

  "This Immortal Aunt, we are here at the Lin Mansion on the order of the Immortal Aunt of Police Illusion, to check the reincarnation of Fairy Jiang Zhu." The Laitou monk did not dare to conceal and told her truthfully.

  "This fairy nun, you do not know. This Lin House of Lin's Daiyu, that is also the reincarnation of a vivid pearl grass in the Heaven of Leaving Hatred. The heavenly fairy found that the reincarnation of the vivid pearl grass began to cultivate. Then ordered me two to come here to check." The crippled Daoist said.

  "Is that so? You two do not cultivate well. Why do you have to come to the mortal world to act like this. That Xue Xun of the Xue family in Jinling and Zhen Yinglian in Gusu should also be your doing, right?" Tu Jiu Ge would not be confused by their appearances.

  "Immortal King, spare my life, we two are also forced to do so. The Immortal Aunt of Police Illusion has a trace of our lifeline in her hands, we can only do as we are ordered." The Laitou monk was busy begging for mercy, the two people opposite had profound magic power. It was not something they could deal with.

  Lin Yunxi didn't listen to the two more and forced himself to enter the two's sea of consciousness. Soon, the police illusion immortal nun and their intentions were known to her. Annoyed, Lin Yunxi reached out and abolished the two's cultivation and destroyed their roots. Then she asked Tu Jiu Ge to throw the two of them out of Yangzhou City.

  From the divine sense of the two of them, we can see that they have been planning for a long time. The Lin family had a single heir for five generations in a row, and later became extinct. That is what they did. Think of the Dream of the Red Chamber, the loving grandmother and father, who were poisoned to death by them. Although not by their own hands, tempted Lady Wang to carry out these plans.

  After solving the mangy-headed monk and the lame Taoist priest, Lin Yunxi both know that with the police fantasy fairy, will soon face each other.

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