Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 32:The Adversary of the Concubine Sister (VII)

  Jia Amnesty, who had returned from the palace, did not return to the Rongguo Mansion. Instead, he went to his old father-in-law's house, where his concerned wife and children were waiting for him. Today in the Golden Palace, he simply a little disbelief. Only one day, the emperor will be convicted of Shi. As if living in a dream, a little unreal.

  When he arrived at the Zhang House, Jia Amnesty said his doubts and Zhang Laozi. The old man is after all a veteran of two dynasties and knows a lot about matters in the court. After a compassionate look at him, he said to him: "Do you think that Shi can be convicted so quickly for harming your first mother? The most important point is that Shi poisoned your grandmother. I think back then, when the emperor was still an imperial son, life in the palace was very difficult. If it wasn't for your grandmother who defended him several times, this also made the emperor into the eyes of the late emperor, only later. The emperor is a person who remembers the grace, you see that Cao, but milked the emperor a, will be named Lady Feng Sheng. Her daughter also became a noble consort, not to mention, the emperor was your grandmother as a foster mother. Today, I heard that Shi had harmed Jia Xu. Can His Majesty not be annoyed?" Elder Zhang explained to Jia Amnesty.

  "Besides, it was your grandmother who helped you beg for your cousin's name, En Hao. It can be seen that the emperor expects you." Elder Zhang reminded him of one more thing. Yes, his own cousin's name, which was given by His Majesty, he had previously thought that his father had helped him to ask for it. It turned out that it was given by His Majesty for the sake of his grandmother.

  After two more days in the Zhang House, the Rongguo House was besieged for two days, the final verdict of His Majesty finally came down.

  Shi murdered the first mother, murdered the Rong Guofu, was in the autumn after the execution. And Jia Zheng cut off the official position, reduced to white body. Jia Min removed from the body enjoined, reduced to a white body. The other minions involved in the plot to kill were also sentenced to death.

  A sensational case of a son suing his mother, and so ended. At this time, Jia amnesty, and no other action, but to go to Shandong, personally the first mother's bones back, and back to Jinling, buried in the ancestral tomb. He now had no pleasure of success, only a heart full of sorrow, the price was too heavy. Shi had harmed his first mother and his grandmother for the sake of one man's glory and wealth. The entire Shi family also sank because of Shi, and the girls in the family had a hard time finding in-laws in the capital. Can only marry far away to have a good way out.

  At this time, the Jia family, the first son status of Jia Zheng and Jia Min, reduced to concubine. And Shi was also moved out of the family tree. During this time, Wang gave birth to her first son, Jia Baoyu. Although he was born with jade, Wang did not dare to make a statement. This also makes, and not many people know about this matter. Of course, the royal family is aware of this matter, since the Shi incident, the emperor sent people to watch the Jia House. If there is any wind and grass, will immediately know.

  Soon, Jia Amnesty returned from Jinling to the capital. Because Sister Lai's family was also involved in this matter, was copied by the government. Because the servant is no private property, so sent back to the Rongguo House, by the housekeeper transported back to the treasury.

  Looking at the pile of gold and silver jewels copied from the Lai family, Jia Amnesty secretly hated Shi in his heart, why he promised so many benefits to Sister Lai. It was not because she bought Sister Lai at that time, harmed his first mother. The fact that they did not care about what Sister Lai did in the house made them embezzle so much silver.

  Open Shi's coffers, compare the previous mother's dowry list. A lot more things, it looks like she was in charge of the house, embezzling silver from the public.

  After Zhang's reminder, Jia amnesty found that there were still outstanding payments, followed by the afterglow of this affair. The Jia House owed the treasury a total of 500,000 taels of silver. After sorting out the treasury of the house, the small 200,000 taels were copied out from the Lai family alone, and the rest Jia Amnesty took out 300,000 taels from the public. A total of 500,000 taels of silver was put together.

  I thought that the Ningguo Gong House also existed in arrears, so I wanted to ask my cousin if he had paid it back together. When he walked to the Ningguo Mansion, Jia Amnesty made his intention clear. In fact, the amount Jia Jing owed was not much, and the gain from the raid on the Lai II family was about 100,000 taels, so adding some more would be enough. Jia Jing then decided to take this opportunity to pay it back, without touching the bad luck of other noble houses.

  After some discussion with Jia Jing. The two families decided to go to the Ministry of Finance three days later with the outstanding silver to cancel their accounts.

  Three days later in the morning, Jia Jing and Jia Amnesty with servants, pulling a cartload of silver, they went to the Ministry of the Treasury. They kept a low profile and did not make it known to everyone. After all, their purpose was to return the favor of His Majesty, not to press others to pay back the money together.

  The officials at the Ministry of Finance quickly counted the amount of silver and eliminated the accounts of the two families. Then they sent them away. The minister of the Ministry of Finance took the records of their canceled accounts and went to the palace to see His Majesty. The emperor did not say much, but only replied, "Understood." Then he let him leave.

  In a short time, the Jia family was divided. Jia Amnesty was kind enough to give Jia Zheng three layers of family property, and then sent them away from the Rongguo Mansion. No, it can't be called the Rongguo Mansion now. Without Jia Shi, the residence could only be hung as a first-class general's residence. After Shi's verdict, Jia Amnesty then arranged for someone to go to the Ministry of Rites to replace the door plaque.

  ...... I am the dividing line of Jia Min ......

  In the capital, the matter of Jia Amnesty suing Shi on the Golden Palace finally reached Jiangnan. Jia Min, who suddenly heard about this, could not help but spurt out a mouthful of heart blood. How can big brother do so, this is not set up second brother and her injustice.

  In the next few days, new information came out that Shi was sentenced to be executed after the autumn. She and the second brother were demoted to white bodies, without official status and enjoined. At this point, Jia Min fell straight down. The maids around her, hurriedly rushed to her side. One of the maids ran to get the government doctor.

  The government doctor soon arrived and carefully checked her pulse. He told the maid at her side, "Madam is pregnant, but it's not yet a month old. However, the wife's body is not well, some qi and blood attacked the heart, this pregnancy will be very difficult. I'll write a prescription, so you can take the medicine according to the prescription and take care of her body."

  The government doctor quickly gave a prescription and left the main courtyard. He turned his feet and went to the old lady's courtyard, and soon she received him.

  "Old Mistress, the wife is pregnant. But it is not yet a month old, but she is not in good health, so I am afraid that if this baby is born, the child will also be weak and sickly." The government doctor honestly wanted to report Jia Min's condition to the old lady.

  "If you take care of it, can you give birth to a healthy baby?" The old lady asked with concern.

  "If you take care of it, it is still possible." The government doctor was not completely sure and did not say everything.

  "Okay, I know about this. Doctor Lin, you should go back to rest." The old lady sent the doctor out to rest.

  In her mind, she thought about Jia Min's health, the news that came out from the capital a few days ago, she was no longer fit to be the head mother of the Lin House. Being deprived of the grant by His Majesty would not only have an impact on Jia, but her children would also be implicated. That's why Old Mrs. Lin had a headache, after all, Jia Min was the first son and daughter of her son in her womb. Now and can't relegate Jia Min to a concubine, which will make Ruhai's reputation in the scholarly world go down in flames. Without a clue, she had to inform the sisters around her and ask Lin Ruhai to come to her courtyard for a chat when he returned to the house.

  In the evening, Lin Ruhai returned to the house from the government office. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The old lady told him what had happened in the house today.

  If it was before, Jia Min was pregnant. He must be very happy, after all, it is the first son, every man will be very fond of it. But now this situation, the emperor loathed the two children produced by Shi. The world is not short of people who fall on their sword, if they really let Jia Min give birth to an heir, it will be his children who will face these gossips in the future. Lin Ruhai was equally conflicted, but he could not give up his children's children.

  After some discussion, the two men came to a conclusion. The many matters within the Lin house were temporarily handed over to the old lady to manage. Now that Lin Yunxi will soon be nine years old, she can help with the house's internal affairs, after which she can be handed over to temporarily manage the house. As for Jia Min's children, if they are boys, they will not be forced to make a career in the future. If it is a girl, you can find a marriage to marry low.

  After making this decision, Lin Ruhai instructed the government doctor to actively cooperate with Jia Min to regulate her health. And Lin Yunxi did not want to have a, weak Lin sister. So he secretly fed Jia Min with health pills. After taking the pills, Jia Min's body quickly recovered.

  Time passed quickly, and a lot of things happened during this period. The first thing is that Shi was asked to be beheaded. That day, Jia Min fainted several times, causing Lin Yunxi to feed her another pill. Once again, Jia Amnesty was upgraded from first-class general to Rongbo Marquis, which was a compensation given by His Majesty to Jia Amnesty. After all, he returned 500,000 taels of silver to the treasury at first. At the same time disgusted once Shi, deliberately let the guards in the heavenly prison granny, said to Shi to listen.

  In the blink of an eye, it was February of the coming year, and Lin Yunxi believed that Lin sister would be born on the 12th of February. This day, the weather was very good. Jia Min had a pain in her abdomen early in the morning, so she thought she was going to give birth today. The birth attendant and nursing mothers were all arranged, and Jia Min gave birth very quickly. She soon gave birth to a thousand gold.

  With the baby's cry, all the flowers and trees in the courtyard of the Lin House opened up. Seeing this scene, Lin Yunxi knew that Fairy Jiangzhu had come. Old Mrs. Lin and Lin Ruhai did not say much about this situation, but only instructed their subordinates to forbid the spread of the news.

  When she heard the birth attendant say it was a girl, she couldn't help but faint again. The company has been waiting for more than ten years to conceive, but only gave birth to a girl, how can she not be heartbroken.

  The little girl, named Lin Daiyu by Lin Ruhai, did not live with Jia Min. Rather, she was also carried to the old lady's courtyard. The production plus the desire to die in the heart of Jia Min, soon bedridden, simply no time to take care of little Lin Daiyu.

  Time always passes quickly, in the blink of an eye, Lin Daiyu has turned one week old.

  This year, a lot of things happened, the first major event is. The current sage zen throne to the fourth prince tuzhen, this thing also has to start from years ago the prince rebellion thing.

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