Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 29:The Adversary of the Concubine's Sister (IV)

  "Wow wow wow!" Two babies' cries came out from inside the delivery room, and people outside the door were bursting with joy.

  "Congratulations old madam, congratulations old master, Aunt Song gave birth, gave birth to two little young masters." The matron, who had already run to the door, loudly congratulated Old Mrs. Lin and Lin Ruhai.

  "Both are young masters? Good, very good. How is Aunt Song doing?" the old lady asked from the side.

  "Old Mistress, Aunt Song is fine, both mother and child are well. She's just a little weak now, she'll be fine after a little rest." The matron was busy answering the old lady's question, she was waiting for her reward.

  "From everyone in the Lin family, give the matron a big red envelope. All the subordinates in the government will be rewarded." Old Mrs. Lin was overjoyed, the good grandson she had been waiting for six or seven years. Finally, there are two of them. How can she not make her old man happy.

  Although she knew that there were two children in Song's belly, she was overjoyed to hear that there were two young masters. The heart secretly said, in the future must be good to Song, after all, for the Lin House gave birth to two male children.

  In the main courtyard of the Lin House, Jia Min was lying on the bed in a huff. The expression on her face was even more ugly as she listened to a burst of elation behind her. At this time suddenly heard a movement outside, should be to go to the old lady's courtyard to spy on the maid came back.

  "Chun Xing, can spy back, Song what has been born?" Jia Min sat up from the bed and asked her head to head.

  "Madam, Song has given birth to two young masters." As if she had made up her mind, Chun Xing quickly said the second half of the sentence at once. Looking at the madam who looked a little crazy, she was scared in her heart. The face showed a timid look, which drew Jia Min even more angry.

  "Go out. All of you go out!" Jia Min angrily drove them all out of the room. "Wait a minute, but the master is back." A word called out to the maids who were about to go out and stumbled over their steps.

  "Yes, madam. Master is now, now in the old lady's courtyard." A maid next to her said in a whisper. At this time, Jia Min, leaned heavily towards the bed. Then waved her hand and told them all to go down.

  Lying on the bed, Jia Min's mind was stirred with thoughts. Straight sighs his own life suffering, that Song's one after another child's birth. The company has been burning incense and worshipping Buddha, eating all the bitter medicine, but did not beg for a son or daughter for themselves. How can she not let her heart break? Thinking about the three years of marriage, her husband was considerate to her. The two of them love each other, people are very envious. But now she looks at the bleak bedroom and can't help but feel melancholy in her heart. Looking at the increasingly young old Mrs. Lin, her heart is even more angry. If it were not for her, how would there be the present self?

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. Now he is almost thirty years old, finally he has a successor. Although they were only concubine sons, it did not prevent him from being full of fatherly love.

  Lin Yunxi, at this time, was guarding outside his mother's delivery room. Using her divine sense to probe the unconscious Song, she was only a little deflated, and there was nothing seriously wrong. She then put down her heart to go. She is already two years old, because the cultivation of the green wood decision, five senses of divine sense are very sensitive, this time Song's birth, Jia Min did not have time to do the trick. Because of the fight and kill some time ago, all of Jia Min's nails were sent to the village. Now the old lady Lin's backyard, almost all of them are grandmother's people. So this time the birth went smoothly, not as arduous as last time.

  Time always leaves fast when it comes to small children. In the blink of an eye, the two little buns grew up to be white and chubby. A pair of fleshy little hands, deadly clutching Lin Yunxi's fingers. The buns opened their hazy eyes and moved slowly with Lin Yunxi's fingers. This is Lin Yunxi teasing the two brothers again, the second brother, who is more impatient, grabbed his sister's fingers. How can not let go.

  Although the two buns look alike, but at a young age you can tell them apart. The big bun character is calm, teasing him anxious to give you anxious eyes. The little one is more anxious and has little patience. Milk Sister feeding him first, he can not wait for his brother to eat milk time, it will be wailing.

  The day of the full moon, Lin Ruhai side gave them names. The first bun is called Lin Xuan Yu, the second bun is called Lin Mo Yu. All with his love for the two children, daily after the court, Lin Ruhai will first go to the backyard to see them. And Jia Min, only on the day of the full moon ceremony, presided over their full moon ceremony, the rest of the time never appeared. But Lin Yunxi knew that Jia Min had proposed to Lin Ruhai that she raise the two little buns. But Lin Ruhai rejected it because the two children were now being raised by the old lady. No one else could get their hands on them, and even Lin Ruhai could only come to see them in her free time.

  Song's family continued to live in the old lady's compound. A small courtyard was tidied up next to the old lady's compound, and Lin Yunxi and Song lived there. On the first and fifteenth day of every month, Lin Yunxi would follow Song and go to the main courtyard to pay her respects to Jia Min. Every time, she would be difficult by her, often asking her mother to help Jia Min to prepare meals, standing for an hour. She was very distressed by her mother, but there was nothing she could do about it. After returning to the courtyard, she secretly used her spiritual power to help her mother loosen the meridians in her legs.

  Time passed, and the two younger brothers grew up very well by the old lady's side. Just three years old, they will be through the old lady's enlightenment, will recite the three hundred thousand. This has caused Lin Ruhai a burst of joy, exclaiming that his son is a reading material, the future will be able to win the scholarship.

  Lin Yunxi in the back of the sneaking joy, but she gave two brothers in order to enlightenment Dan. This is after a number of brother's verification, the effect of the bar. *^_^*

  This year just busy five-year-old Lin Yunxi, is already the foundation cultivation to, spring in March, the climate is pleasant. Lin Yunxi purposely flew to the capital on a flying sword, Tu Jiu Ge two people met in the dark.

  They have not seen each other for a long time, there are full of words to say. But they did not know where to start, and could only talk about what had happened to each of them. Lin Yunxi could not stay in the capital for too long, because of a small matter, Jia Min punished her to copy scriptures in the Buddha Hall for three days. She then hypnotized the little maid around her and came here.

  After a day of crazy fun in the capital, the two of them thought of going to Jia's house to have a look. After nightfall, two figures crossed from the air and landed in the main room of Rongxi Hall. Looking at the sleeping Jia mother, a kind face, how can not see her, suppressing concubine daughters and driving her eldest son to the side of the stable. That letter after letter to Jia Min with evil ideas, it is really hard to see from the outside.

  Lin Yunxi quickly stepped forward and walked to Jia mother's bed. Gently put his hand on her forehead, gongfu operation. A stream of information rushed into his own mind. Huh, no wonder he treated Jia Amnesty so badly. And this accident, watching her do a pile of things, perhaps she herself had forgotten. It's just that the information stored in her sea of consciousness can be found out whenever she wants to know.

  The two did not stay much inside Jia's room, and quickly went elsewhere. Looked at, it is said that the face like a disc Yuanchun, this year's she just six or seven years old. The appearance is pretty, skin like snow, grow up to be a dignified beauty. Jia Yuanchun lives in the old lady's compound, so you can see how favored she is in the Jia House.

  From the main courtyard, Lin Yunxi decided to go see her cheap aunt. The room that Zhang stayed in was not as opulent as the rooms of Jia mother and Jia Yuanchun. On the contrary, a bookish aroma came to his face. Lin Yunxi carefully used her divine sense to probe, Zhang's body, and found that there was surprisingly still toxin residue, the same as on Old Lady Lin's body. Obviously this was the work of Madam Wang and Jia mother. Took out a small portion of the antidote to the toxin and fed it into her mouth. Soon the toxins were expelled, waving away the black dirt on her body. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. And fed them a detoxification pill, and health pills respectively. The Rongguo Mansion is really a place of dirt, all four members of the family were poisoned. It can be seen that the mother of Jia amnesty vicious, through the hands of Mrs. Wang to remove their family.

  The two soon left the Rongguo Mansion and returned to the Tu Jiu Ge's other house. Lin Yunxi took the information from Jia mother's mind and passed a copy to him. Even after seeing the fights within the palace, they had never seen such a strange one in Jia's house. Soon, the two negotiated how to take this information and let Jia Amnesty know.

  The two have lamented that Jia amnesty is a poor baby, father does not love mother does not love. The only grandmother who loved him, was also removed by Jia mother. This Jia mother and Jia Min, really is a mother and daughter. All are in order to take power and put their hands on their own mother-in-law. I have to say, Jia's mother's genes are strong.

  Since they met in the capital this time, for a long time, Lin Yunxi did not go to the capital. Because the two brothers want to live in the front yard, the father hired a tutor for them. The front yard is quite mixed with people inside, and there are nails of Jia Min everywhere. To take care of the safety of the two brothers at all times, Lin Yunxi really put in some effort. The servants in the front courtyard study afterwards, one by one to search their souls. The list of their details, one by one to the younger brothers to hear. The two younger brothers have already gotten used to it, the sister's powerful.

  Some people with problems, Lin Yunxi told Old Lady Lin in advance, she would deal with them. A few days later, Jia Min vomited a mouthful of blood in her own room. The backhand that she had arranged herself was all beaten and killed by the old lady. How come she didn't think before that the old lady was so powerful. She was able to pull up her nails, one by one.

  In this way, the younger brothers lived a life of rising early and returning late. Every day, you can hear the sound of them reading aloud.

  From time to time, Lin Ruhai would also stand outside the study door. The two young children listening to the sound of reading, heart a burst of joy. He had already dispelled the thought that he could have the firstborn son. This pair of sons of his own will definitely go further than himself.

  In the blink of an eye, another three years have passed. The Rongguo House is slow to move, could it be that Tu Jiu Ge has not yet acted.

  Thinking about the capital, the imperial sons are fighting for their hearts. Prince Tuleng is the first son of the previous empress, the second prince Tuliang (gao) is born to Xian Fei, the third prince Tuliang ancestral (di), the fifth prince Tuliang Qi is born to Zhen Guifei, the fourth prince Tuling, the ninth prince Tuliang Jiu Ge is born to Shu Fei, the sixth prince Tuliang Yi was born to concubines, the seventh prince died prematurely when he was just six years old, the eighth prince Tuliang You mother consort status is humble, has been a small transparency in the palace.

  The Emperor's recent health problems, the struggle between the princes, more intense.

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