Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 28: concubine daughter sister against the odds (three)

  This side of the emperor and Lin Ruhai, discussing the Jiangnan salt affairs. Over there, Tu Jiu Ge used his divine sense to communicate with Lin Yunxi.

  "Wow! Wow! Heaven is really good to you, to be a royal son again in this life. It seems you can't get away from the royal family." Lin Yunxi said enviously.

  "I didn't expect you to be Lin Ruhai's daughter. No wonder I was in the capital, how could I not find you." Tu Jiu Ge couldn't help but sigh at the arrangement of fate. Every time he was a few years older than Lin Yunxi, and then every time he went to look for her. It was as if he was playing a game by opening a box, and there would be surprises without notice.

  The two of them told each other about their respective situations. When Lin Yunxi told him that his mother and the first wife of the Rongguo Mansion, Zhang, had an affinity. Tu Jiu Ge couldn't help but remember that six months ago, when he used his divine sense to find Lin Yunxi in the capital. Inadvertently, saved a small child who was about to fall into the water. It seems to be within the Rongguo Mansion, could it be that he inadvertently did a good deed and saved Jia Hu who should have died early. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Then Tu Jiu Ge told her about the Jia House, Lin Yunxi could not help but feel a burst of emotion, they are two big butterflies, may be in the world of the Red Chamber, stirring up the wind and rain, the plot stirred up the period zero eight fall. I wonder if the police fantasy fairy nun, who is far away from the hatred sky, will be mad. Lin Yunxi couldn't help but snicker.

  The two people just talk with divine sense, the fourth prince Tuzhen looked at his ninth brother, his face a moment of surprise, a moment of distress. Various expressions change back and forth on his little face. It is very pleasant to look at.

  "Ninth brother, but there is something wrong." Tu Zhen Zhen asked with concern, also interrupting the conversation between Tu Jiu Ge and Lin Yun Xi.

  "It's okay, fourth brother. I was just thinking just now, what does a half-year-old baby doll look like? On the way here, I heard that Lord Lin's family had a new infant daughter, and I was eager to see it." Tu Jiu Ge explained her meaning and acted as if she was eager to see a small child. The shy look made the nearby Tu Zhen Zhen and the emperor laugh for a while.

  "Lin Aiqing, since the ninth emperor's son wants to see the ordered Qianjin, I wonder if he can let the three of us, father and son, see each other." The emperor looked at Lin Ruhai with a smile and offered their opinion.

  Lin Ruhai busily replied, "It is a blessing for my daughter to be summoned by you, Your Majesty. Please wait for a moment, and I will carry my youngest daughter in immediately." After saying that, he bowed and bowed and retreated.

  In a short time, Lin Yunxi was carried in. Looking at the majestic and domineering emperor, Lin Yunxi decided to please him well, and maybe, one day he would let her father leave this whirlpool. She was then in her father's arms, trying to reach out her hand, wanting a hug from the emperor who was sitting in the main hall. The emperor took a look at this situation, and found it very interesting, a good and lovely child to reach out to him. The heart immediately burst with pride, the imperial sons and daughters in the palace, were taught by their mother consort rules and regulations. The emperor, who had never encountered such a situation before, reached out and held Lin Yunxi in his arms. The little child's soft body, as if it were a boneless mass of flesh, was very comfortable to hold.

  Tu Jiu Ge, who had been standing next to him, couldn't help but take a sip of dry vinegar. His own kissing wife, the first surprisingly not looking for him to hug. Only want to hug that gold shaking big gold leg, let his heart sour.

  "Father, also let the child hug it. I've never seen such a small sister before." Tu Jiu Ge pouted at the side, wanting to hug his wife.

  "Okay then, you be a little lighter." His Majesty the Emperor fondly put the meat ball in his arms and stuffed it to Tu Jiu Ge. It was rare to see his son pampered, which made him delighted. The ninth son is this bad point, following his fourth brother learned ten percent. Not cute at all.

  Finally hold Lin Yunxi in his arms tuo Jiu Ge, happy smile floating on the face. At this time Lin Yunxi, took out a pear velvet drop juan bag from the space and placed it in his sleeve. It contains what she prepared for him, cultivation substances and some antidote pills and health pills. Feeling the foreign object in his sleeve, Tu Jiu Ge used his divine sense to probe a bit. After finding out what was inside, he gave a secret laugh. He then knew that Lin Yunxi had been thinking of himself, and the experience of several lives had made their feelings more sincere.

  The emperor and his party did not stay long in Jiangnan and soon left. With a bountiful harvest, they boarded the dragon boat to the capital. Lin Yunxi also asked Tu Jiu Ge to take care of his relatives in the capital. Zhang Xian Zhang Da Ren in the capital, may be in trouble in the near future. And the Rongguo House's Zhang will also lose his life in this fight.

  A month later, the emperor and his party returned to the capital. In order to complete Lin Yunxi's explanation, Tu Jiu Ge sneaked into the Rongguo Mansion during the dark and windy night. After checking Zhang's body, it was found. Has been poisoned, do not dare to make more hesitation. So feed her an antidote pill, and soon the toxins were expelled. At this time, Tu Jiu Ge a magic trick over, Zhang's body will be no trace. The company's business is a very important one.

  After dodging out of Jia Lian's main courtyard, he went back to Madame Wang's courtyard and reached out to place his finger on Madame Wang's forehead, carefully probing her memory. This woman is really vicious, Jia Ru and Zhang's matter, are her instructions. And the old lady also put in a lot of effort. Reaching out to take out a pill, this is Lin Yunxi in the sword three, making a whole lot of pills. After eating it, it will make people mentally unstable and fall into a nightmare.

  After doing all this, Tu Jiu Ge couldn't help but say: "This Mrs. Wang is really stupid and ignorant, she doesn't even know that she is being used as a knife. Stupid and bold. I really don't know how the Wang family educates their daughters, there are all kinds of oddball goods."

  A dark shadow flashed, and he completed his arrangements in the Jia Mansion. The next day, the Rongguo House will be rumored that the second wife, the night occasionally feel wind chill, now lying in bed. This makes Zhang a sigh of relief, Mrs. Wang repeatedly to their mother and son down. Although unsuccessful, but also brought them a lot of trouble. (Actually, it had succeeded, but was butterflied away by Tu Jiu Ge and the others.)

  Back in the capital, Tu Jiu Ge, continued his training. Leisure time, go around the Rongguo Mansion. Dispose of some Lady Wang, let Zhang give birth to Jia Lian smoothly. Angry Mrs. Wang in the room a diarrhea.

  With the help of the apprentice nine songs, the Zhang clan passed the difficult time. Although the family is slightly declining, but at least in the battle of the royal son, to survive. The Tua Jiu Ge also for his fourth brother, to gain a force.

  Jiangnan spring rain, in this country of fish and rice. The wind blew up fine rain, drifting down on the peach tree in the courtyard. Immediately after that is, a piece of peach petals, swaying in the rain. Slowly fall on the ground. A good picture of spring rain peach blossoms.

  Lin Yunxi, who was sitting on a low couch in the room, was lying on the windowsill with her chin in her hand. Looking at the rain streaking outside, peach blossoms gently floating down, she was looking a little obsessed. For more than a year, Lin Yunxi is very familiar with the scenery of Jiangnan. But never tired of looking, she often lying on the windowsill, looking at the rain scene outside. Enjoying this moment of peace.

  However, recently she could not be calm, because her mother was pregnant again. Jia Min was jumping up and down in the house, trying to get rid of the baby in her mother's belly. During this time, Lin Yunxi has been living with her mother. I don't know how many times she has helped her deal with, how many times the poisoned food, how many times the disaster has been blocked.

  With divine sense to observe the children in the mother's belly, there are two, both male children. Ever since Lin Ruhai was told by the house doctor that his concubine was pregnant with a twin baby, he had been looking forward to it. I hope there is a boy inside, not that he is patriarchal. Rather, in this era, a male child can have more rights. It would also protect his daughter Lin Yunxi, who would have something to fall back on after she got married.

  The two of them, mother and daughter, lived in the old lady's back room. In the courtyard, most of the old people around the old lady are still relatively reliable. Lin Yunxi also used her divine sense to distinguish out the ones with bad intentions. Cryptically told the old lady and mother Song, soon these people were sent to the countryside in the village.

  Even so, the frame-ups are still endless. Jia Min used almost all the power in the house to try to dispose of, Song and her children, but all were unsuccessful.

  The old lady knew it was Lin Yunxi's help. After more than a year of living together, the old lady was even more convinced that her eldest granddaughter, was not an ordinary person. She carries her own blessings and can recognize people full of malice at a glance. So the old lady was convinced of what she said.

  Time flew by and Lin Yunxi was already two years old. The child in Song's belly had reached eight months and could give birth at any time. These days, the old lady's courtyard was bustling with activity. The maternal grandmother and the nursing mothers were already in place, and because Song's belly was filled with two children, the nursing mothers were doubled. Jia Min, these days, was also angry and sick. I think she has been married to Lin Ruhai, nearly eight years. So far no conception, Jia mother from the capital to bring her formula, she does not know how much to drink, but there is no information.

  I think that Song, just after giving birth to a daughter, soon pregnant again. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Jia Min couldn't help but resent Old Lady Lin in her heart. If it wasn't for her, how could Song enter the door and give her a hard time.

  These days Lin Ruhai, the wind at his feet. The first thing you need to do is to go and see Song's belly when you get back from the courthouse early every morning. The slightly larger than average abdomen, which is pregnant with his two children. It is exciting to think about.

  This day, just after noon. The housekeeper came to inform Lin Ruhai, who was still at the office of the government office. Song, who was in the government, had already entered the delivery room. The old lady and the eldest girl are already waiting in the house.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  Just entering the old lady's courtyard, I heard a cry of pain. It looks like Song is already in labor, eyes sweeping in all directions. And did not find Jia, Lin Ruhai heart does not know whether to be happy or sad.

  "It's born, it's born. Aunt Song is giving birth," the birth attendant in the delivery room called out loudly.

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