Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 20: Rebirth of the first sister's sister (three)

  Time flies, in the blink of an eye three years have passed. Wei Yunxi, who is already three years old, was born with a lovely jade snow and a pretty face, and also finally managed to connect with Mu Jiu Ge.

  ...... I am the week-old divider ......

  Inside the imperial study room of the Chu Palace.

  "Royal brother, I heard that in a few days, it will be the Wei An Bo House, the day when the dragon and phoenix fetuses catch their weeks. My brother wants to see the 'auspicious' pair, you let me go to see it." Chu Jiu Ge stood in front of Emperor Chu's book case and seriously spoke to him.

  This year Chu Jiu Ge was already six years old and was at the age when he was curious about many things. So he took this opportunity to go out of the palace and see his wife who was born again.

  Chu Jiu Ge was the late emperor's posthumous son. After the late emperor died of illness, at his funeral, the late empress, who is also now the empress dowager, fainted. As a result, it was found out that she was already three months pregnant. Six months later, the Empress Dowager was already forty-five years old, and the old () gave birth to Mu Jiu Ge, the ninth son of the Emperor. He is even younger than his elder brother, His Majesty the Emperor's child, the Empress Dowager is very favored this first young son, even the eldest brother, the Emperor, is also an eldest brother like a father's appearance, to him as a son to favor. Today he begged to himself, an old father's heart how would not agree.

  "Well then, when you go, bring more servants, I will order the commander of the imperial army, send a small team to follow you." The emperor quickly agreed to his request.

  The day of the ceremony, the sky was cloudless and clear, and the warm sun shone on people, dispelling the cold air on their bodies. On this day, Wei Bo Hou's house was full of joy. The ceremony was a grand event, and many close family members had prepared congratulatory gifts and went to Wei Bo Hou's house to observe the ceremony. This is an 'auspicious' event that His Majesty the Emperor himself has acknowledged.

  Wei Yunxi and his brother Wei Dongxu were wrapped up tightly. A red dress was worn on them both. Joyful to welcome people, just like the golden child next to the Goddess of Mercy. The white chubby face, people can not help but kiss on. The women who came to the house to congratulate them, all want to reach out and hug them, to get some of their good fortune, and strive to give birth to a big fat boy next year. The two little ones are very bold, so hug around, and did not cry. On the contrary, the brother Wei Dongxu, smiling appearance is very cute.

  "Mrs. Lin, you are really a blessed person. Look at that pair of Lin's beautiful daughter, it makes people happy." A lady said respectfully. "Yes, yes." Next to her was another group of ladies, echoing. Lin was busy thanking them back modestly, but her heart was full of joy. She had never seen such well-behaved children as her pair of daughters, and Lin silently accepted the compliments in her heart.

  The wedding ceremony was held in a hall in the main courtyard of the house. The fire pots on all sides burned up, making the whole hall warm and breezy. The week circle guests were in groups, chatting in the main courtyard's parlor. From time to time, some guests congratulated Wei Ling Zheng, who was in his regular clothes today, a purple-red broad-sleeved brocade robe and a gold silk-trimmed belt on his head, which made him even more handsome and upright today. He was so happy that he laughed and talked with the guests. At this time, the chief steward Wei An came to his side and whispered quietly to him. Immediately afterwards, Wei Ling Zheng showed a surprised and joyful look, which led the ministers sitting next to him, to look at him.

  "Ladies and gentlemen, the concierge of the palace has come to report. Prince Duan has come to the palace, forgive me for not being able to accompany him." Wei Ling Zheng said with a respectful bow. Who is Prince Duan, everyone here knows, that is the Emperor's favorite brother. He had just been crowned Prince Duan by the emperor at the first month of his life, so he was highly favored. The people returned: "It doesn't matter."

  When Wei Ling Zheng and his group arrived at the gate of the residence, they saw a low-key luxury carriage parked next to the entrance. Wei Ling Zheng was busy to bow down: "Wei Ling Zheng is here to see His Royal Highness Prince Duan, I didn't know Your Highness was here, so I couldn't welcome you. Please forgive me, Your Highness."

  "Don't be polite, the king arrived here today and didn't deliver the invitation, it's the king's fault." A child's voice came from inside the carriage, but the voice carried a hint of majesty. The little eunuch next to him hurriedly lifted the carriage curtain, and another person put down a low stool. A young child, about six or seven years old, got down from the carriage.

  The pale yellow prince's uniform, worn on his body, looked even more majestic. The pale yellow hair crown tightly tied his black hair inside the crown. Under the leadership of Wei Ling Zheng, a group of people entered the Wei Bo Hao's residence. Because the auspicious time for the week ceremony had not yet arrived, he took Chu Jiu Ge into a small quiet courtyard. He instructed the servants to serve His Highness Prince Duan to take a rest. Then he left the place.

  The auspicious time was approaching. Chu Jiu Ge was guided by his subordinates to the main courtyard hall. Just after he entered the door, the ministers in the circle prostrated themselves to the ground. Soundly kneeled down and said: "Your servant** has met His Highness Prince Duan." He had already been in this dynasty, poisoned for six years. Have long been used to, every time you walk past, the road kneeled down a piece.

  "Don't be polite, all get up. Today is Wei An Bo's big wedding day, this king is just here to observe the ceremony. Everyone is free to do as they please." Chu Jiu Ge hurriedly let them all get up. At this time, Wei Ling Zheng asked him to sit at the top, while he himself sat down at the right side. At the back of the hall, there was a space separated by an embroidered screen, and female voices could be heard from inside. Obviously that was the female guest area.

  At this time, in the middle of the hall, a large long table about two meters wide and three meters long was placed, surrounded by low pillars. So that the young children on it could climb around. The table was piled with small and exquisite items for grasping the week, one side of the top was placed with small pen, ink, paper and ink stone, abacus, "Three Character Classic" books, Taoist scripture scrolls, gold yuan treasure, swords and weapons, sounding bells and antiques, food and fruit, etc. This side is obviously the boy's grasping the week things. On the other side, in addition to the pen, ink, paper and ink stone and books, abacus, another female needlework, qin and chess ornaments, colored silk flowers, pots and pans, rouge and powder and other girls' supplies.

  At this point, the two were then held on the table by the sisters, I don't know if it was an oversight or on purpose. My brother was actually placed on the girl's side and I am the boy here. Wei Yunxi turned his head to look down at his mother's place, and from afar he saw Lin's black face. It is obvious that Zhang is making a demon again.

  "Brother, come to me." Wei Yunxi called out to her brother in a delicate and soft voice. Wei Dongxu was delighted, his sister rarely called him so sweetly. So he slowly climbed up and wobbled over to her. "Sister, what do you ~ like. Brother help you." The words, but also did not forget to pat their small chest.

  Two people sitting on the table, a fire red clothes, lined with two people jade snow can be. Fat face cloth face red, like the autumn red apples. In the side of the sisters a burst of urging, the two began to grasp the week ceremony. The back of the Lin looked at the two smart children, face happy. While Zhang looked at them fiercely, her malicious gaze made Wei Yunxi shiver. The five senses sensitive Chu Jiu Ge naturally also found Zhang's malice, it seems to have to keep a good eye on their young daughter-in-law.

  Wei Dongxu looked at the small objects in the circumference and picked up a brush, which he had seen his father holding from time to time. Then he heard the happy woman say loudly next to him, "The fifth son took the pen, the future will be learned, high school scholar." At this time, he grabbed a small sword, and the woman next to him said, "The fifth son grabbed the jade sword, and he will definitely be highly skilled in martial arts in the future."

  Wei Yunxi then grabbed a small jade zither and a book. Mrs. Xi said, "If the fifth girl has grabbed the zither and the book, she will definitely be knowledgeable and highly aware of the zither in the future." With a flurry of activity, the two of them completed their rituals.

  Granny Xi was about to carry them down. At this moment, Chu Jiu Ge spoke up and said, "Lord Wei, the king has never seen such small twins and is very curious. Can Lord Wei bring them to me for a look."

  "Of course, it would be an honor for my lord." Wei Ling Zheng then greeted the sisters to carry them forward some.

  "This is the girl of the dragon and phoenix fetus, she looks lovely. The boy is also incredibly intelligent. Lord Wei is truly blessed." Chu Jiu Ge looked at the two carefully. She also secretly winked with Wei Yunxi, causing her to burst into amusement. When her heart moved, she wanted to flirt with him.

  "Brother, you look so beautiful, even more beautiful than mother." After saying that, he also did not forget to reach out for him to hug.

  The others couldn't help but sneak in the back and laugh lightly. Prince Duan looks most like the Empress Dowager, with seven or eight points of resemblance. The Empress Dowager was the number one beauty in the harem back then, so you can see the beauty of Chu Jiu Ge's face. Usually he is very dissatisfied with his own appearance, often tense face. But five or six years old is the time when the male and female is indistinguishable, always be misunderstood as a young girl. He was distressed for a while.

  Chu Jiu Ge could not do anything with Wei Yunxi, but could only look at the people present with cold eyes, only to see the people lowered their heads. Reaching out to pick up someone who threw his arms around him, a sweet fragrance entered his arms. Chu Jiu Ge couldn't help but smile.

  "Sister is very cute and pretty. But a boy can't say he's pretty, okay?" Chu Jiu Ge said in a soft voice.

  "Hmm," Wei Yunxi said back in mock confusion. He subconsciously rubbed his face against her little face, the little eunuch looked at his master with a shocked face, the master actually took the initiative to hug someone, and touched the next person. The heart said: the master does not like people touching? Even the emperor does not have this treatment. The little princess in the palace, the master never touched ah. But a moment, the little eunuch will trough to the mind, in the side of the nervous look at the different master.

  Soft incense into the arms of Chu Jiu Ge then did not want to put down, secretly in her ear whispering: "Yunxi, when you were a child, you are so cute ah. *^o^*, I will come over tonight." Looking at her puzzled eyes Mu Jiu Ge couldn't help but dote on her nose again.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The heart is like a hundred claws scratching the heart like uncomfortable. Even the subordinates next to him could feel his resentment and gently took a step back, lest they be burned by the master's anger.

  The guests mingled, and soon the banquet dispersed. And Chu Jiu Ge also brought Wei Yun Xi to the back compartment. Waiting for the crowd to disperse, before leaving.

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