Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 19: Reborn First Sister's Sister (II)

  "Ah," a harsh scream came out from inside the room. Qingzhu, who was resting on the low couch outside the door, woke up with a jolt. He hurriedly asked the room, "Miss, is there something wrong?"

  "Qingzhu, nothing is wrong. It's just that I had a nightmare just now and it scared me. You can continue to rest." A delicate voice came from inside the room. Judging from the voice, the owner was not very old. Her voice was soft and gentle, very nice.

  Wei Yunyi tried to calm down her heart and lay down on the bed. Although it has been nearly a year since she returned, the hatred that was engraved in her previous life often woke her up from her dreams. This was already the first time that her young body had been under these pressures and did not dare to talk to anyone about it.

  In her previous life, she was so foolish and ignorant to listen to the rumors of others and put herself in a place of no return. She never knew that her fiancé, Xu Shifei, had colluded with Wei Yunru, the concubine daughter, early on. She was set up to marry a famous fop in the capital. She thought the old lady, who always liked her, would do her justice. But the old lady looked on coldly, always indifferent to Zhang's mistreatment of their sisters. Looking back on the past, there are still a lot of thoughts in my mind.

  Of course, in her previous life, she was also at fault. I was angry with my sister for killing my brother at birth, causing my mother to pass away early, so I was not close to her. This is why my sister has been timid and weak since she was a child, and she has been moving to Zhang's side. Fortunately, in this life, I came back to save my brother was born successfully. I must treat my sister well in this life to make up for the mistakes she made in her previous life.

  Wei Yunyi lay in bed thinking about it and could not fall asleep for a long time. It was only at dawn that she fell asleep lightly.

  The next morning, the sky was already bright. The warm sunshine shone into the room first, because last night the lady woke up in her sleep. In the early morning, Qingzhu did not greet the lady to get up, leaning on the low couch in the other room, waiting for her to get up.

  Wei Yunyi woke up from her sleep in a daze and raised her eyes to see the brilliant sunlight shining into the room. Knowing that the hour was late, she called out softly.

  "Qingzhu, Qingmei, come and serve me to get up." Wei Yunyi's voice came from inside the door, interrupting Qingzhu's thoughts. Qingzhu and Qingmei were the first-class maids by his side. And the milk maid by her side was her mother's accompanying maid, and recently, Sister Lin had something going on at home. So she was not serving by her side these days.

  Qingzhu: "Yes Miss, slave servant will go over immediately." Then he greeted Qingmei and went to prepare the toiletries.

  In a short while, Qingmei Qingzhu came into the bedroom with the toiletries. The two of them carefully waited for her to freshen up. After a simple breakfast, they went out to the main courtyard.

  With a line of four maids, she hurriedly rushed to pay her mother a visit. She was wearing a light pink jacket with a waist, two small buns on her head with silver light pink hair accessories, cotton embroidered shoes with pearls on her feet, and a cloak made of fox fur behind her. A whole set of pink dress, more set off her jade snow lovely. Several people walked quickly, then arrived at the mother's main courtyard.

  "Mother, how are you today? Are your younger siblings obedient today?" Wei Yunyi looked at her mother who had left early in her previous life and had never enjoyed her mother's love. It had made her childish recently. Lightly lying on the side of the bed, she looked at her younger siblings who were lying in bed and sleeping. It made her heart full of joy.

  "Mother is very good today, my younger siblings are well behaved. These days are eating and sleeping and sleeping and eating. Both are not rowdy children. Mother has you three children, is already full of joy." Lin gently stroked the top of her eldest daughter's head and said tenderly to her. "Recently the old lady's health has improved slightly, tomorrow you come to mother's room early and go together to pay respects to the old lady. Do you remember?"

  "Mother, I remember." Wei Yunyi answered her with joyfulness, an imperceptible resentment darted through her heart. The two talked for a long time in the room again, had a good lunch, and just now returned to their own small courtyard to rest. To the old lady to pay her respects, her heart is not very comfortable. All the things that happened in her previous life made her hold a grudge against the old lady. Simply because Zhang is a distant relative of hers, she is not used to seeing her father and mother loving both without doubt and always looking for trouble with them.

  The next day before dawn, Wei Yunyi got up. A group of people came to the main courtyard again, at this time Wei Ling Zheng had not yet gone to the palace to attend court. She entered the room after the maid gently picked the Aman curtain.

  "Yunyi has met father and mother, and greets you." Just after entering the room she curtsied to both of them to greet them. "Please get up quickly, no need to be polite. After you see the old lady today, talk to her more. Recently she has not recovered from her illness and has not seen you juniors. Let the old lady be happy today." Lin said gently to her. The father next to her kept nodding his head and praising them as virtuous wives and filial grandchildren. Just then, a noise came in from outside, "Master, Madam, Aunt Zhang is here with the second young miss and the eldest young master." Qingxia reported to the masters.

  Lin: "Let them in, it's quite cold outside today, be careful of freezing the children." The maid Qingxia led the order and went down.

  In a short time, the three entered the main room. Zhang: "Concubine Zhang sends her regards to Master and Madam. Yesterday, when I heard that Madam was going to Rongxi Hall to pay her respects, I brought the eldest young master and the second young miss to come and wanted to go with Madam." Lin's brow furrowed slightly.

  Wei Yunyi was busy avoiding the direction of her curtsy. She knew that Zhang was again not wanting to trace her black. If she was truly six years old, she would definitely be tricked. This Zhang did not want to harm their mother and daughter at all times.

  The other two said at the same time at this time, "Son Dongming (daughter Yunru) greets her father and mother, meet her elder sister."

  Lin and Wei Ling Zheng: "No need to be polite, please rise quickly." Wei Ling Zheng took Zhang's performance just now in his eyes and did not make a sound. Seeing that his daughter had dodged it smartly, he could not help but sigh at his wife's good teaching. He was even more displeased with Zhang, who had previously challenged the authority of the matriarch at every turn on the grounds that Dongming was the eldest son of the concubine. Although it was only a short time, Wei Ling Zheng's mind was full of thoughts.

  Wei Yunyi got up and returned the salute to Zhang and the two siblings. After such a back and forth, the sky also started to light up.

  Wei Ling Zheng: "It's almost time, it's time to go to the government office to do some errands, you guys should also go and greet your mother early." He said, he was going to get up and leave. Lin's busy to pick up the mink cloak placed next to him, lightly tied it up for him. She said gently, "Master, be careful on your way. It's cold and slippery, take your time on the road." Wei Ling Zheng nodded in a very receptive manner and left the main courtyard. Zhang's face had a moment of irony beside her, which soon disappeared.

  A row of people went to Rongxi Hall with great pomp and circumstance. Lin's group had just entered the main door and happened to run into the other second houses who had also come to pay their respects. The couple greeted each other and then entered the courtyard door. The old lady Li's personal maid then invited them in.

  "Hongyu, is the old lady in good spirits today? Lin asked.

  "I've met the three mothers, the old lady has just recovered and her spirit is a little weak. She is not eating half as much as she did before, but today is a little better than yesterday." Hongyu replied honestly.

  Soon several people entered the main room, only to see a woman of about forty years old sitting on a soft couch in the middle of the hall. In fact, the old lady is already fifty two, because of eating ** fine, health care properly maintained, so that her appearance is far below her actual age. A purple coat and skirt embroidered with auspicious cloud patterns, with a forehead with white jade forehead, appearing her dignified atmosphere. Charcoal pots were placed in the four corners of the room, smothering the room with a warm breeze.

  "Daughter-in-law... , grandson... , granddaughter... Greetings to the old madam, may the old madam be in good health."

  A group of people greeted Li. "Get up, I'm happy to see you all. Sit down quickly. Some time ago, I had a wind chill and missed many happy events in the house. Before I died, I saw that the Wei Bo Waiting House had entered the title, so I can explain to the old emperor after I die. Lin, in a moment, mother will reward you with some jewelry. You have given birth to a dragon and a phoenix child, and you have added glory to our house."

  Lin got up to pay her respects and said, "My daughter-in-law thanks mother. I heard magpies chirping early this morning, and I thought something good would happen today. I didn't expect that you, the true god of wealth, would bless me. My daughter-in-law will definitely put this fortune back into our big house." Lin's jokes made the old lady happy. The other two houses shamed Lin's face.

  A total of a dozen people from the three houses accompanied the old lady for a while, and soon she looked tired. When they saw this, they all said goodbye and left.

  The old lady, Li, comes from the noble family of Jing Bo's family, and is the current Bo's aunt. Although the old Earl also has a large number of concubines, but only three sons and one daughter survived. The first son, Wei Ling Zheng, the second son, Wei Ling Rong, and the first daughter, Wei Xu, are the three first-born children of Li. The third son of the Wei family is a concubine, and his mother died early. Since childhood, he has been living with his first mother and is in harmony with his brothers.

  The eldest son Wei Ling Zheng married his wife Lin, who comes from a scholarly family and has been reading poetry and books since childhood. His father is currently the Minister of Rites. The eldest son has two sons and three daughters, the first eldest daughter Wei Yunyi is six years old this year, the concubine daughter Wei Yunru is also six years old, but slightly younger than the first son Wei Dongming four years old, the first son Wei Dongxu, the first daughter Wei Yunxi just full moon.

  The second son, Wei Ling Rong, is now the governor of Yuzhou, married to Li. Li is the daughter of the old lady's brother's family, her father is not the former Jing'an uncle, but also because she is the old lady's niece, in the house is very favored. Wei Ling Rong has two sons and a daughter, the first son Wei Dongrui is more than three years old, the concubine son Wei Dongyu is one year old, and the first daughter Wei Yunmeng is one and a half years old. Because Li happened to be pregnant, she did not go to work with her husband. The concubine then took advantage of the situation and gave birth to the concubine's son, causing her a burst of anger. When the weather warms up in the coming year, Li will definitely take the child and rush to Yuzhou.

  The third son, Wei Ling Hang, is now serving in the Hanlin Academy, but his official position is not high. His wife, Zhang, comes from an official family and has a son and a daughter. The eldest daughter Wei Yunyao is four years old and the eldest son Wei Dongxi is two years old. Because of his own origin as a concubine son, he attached great importance to the distinction between the first and the second. Although there are many wives and concubines, but no concubine son was born.

  Wei Xu, the eldest daughter of the old lady, married into the first son of the State Gongfu at an early age. She now has two sons and a daughter, the first son Xu Shiwen is ten years old, the second son Xu Shifei is eight years old, and the first daughter Xu Ruoxi is five years old.

  Wei Bo waiting house young male ranking: the eldest son Wei Dongming, the second son Wei Dongrui, the third son Wei Dongxi, the fourth son Wei Dongyu, the fifth son Wei Dongxu.

  Miss ranking: the eldest girl Wei Yunyi, the second girl Wei Yunru, the third girl Wei Yunyao, the fourth girl Wei Yunmeng, the fifth girl Wei Yunxi.

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