Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 16:Seeking in Sword III (VIII)

  After receiving Fang Yunxi's carrier pigeon, Li aman hurriedly set off from Jiangnan, heading for Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang. On the way, the boat and carriage were tedious, and he was in a hurry. It still took nearly three days to reach the territory of Zhejiang. In these three days, Li aman more than once lamented. The ancient traffic is really too undeveloped.

  When stepping into the territory of Qiandao Lake, Li aman was attracted by the Changge Gate of the three elegant places in the Tang Dynasty. The entire mountain resort reflects the elegant style, different from the capital's mighty dominance, also different from the trickle of water in Jiangnan, and different from the Western region's pale desolation. Just like the islands in the entire Thousand Island Lake, each different, each with its own style.

  Since stepping into the territory of Changge Gate, Li aman handed the invitation to the island. After a short rest, Li aman was soon received inside the Changge Gate. He followed the servant to visit the second son of the Changge Sect, and at the same time, Fang Yunxi in the inner courtyard also received the message of Li aman's arrival. He hurriedly instructed his servants to inform his second cousin, causing Yang Yifei to be confused.

  Soon the three parties converged in Yang Yifei's small courtyard. Looking at Fang Yunxi, who had been reunited for a long time, Li aman felt a burst of emotion. Since the last time they parted in Chang'an, they had not met again. Although there were letters exchanged from time to time, but the longing could not be expressed in writing. The two stood in the small courtyard, looking at each other speechless. A sweet atmosphere surrounded the air. It was then that Yang Yifei realized that the stranger's visit was directed at his cute little cousin. He was annoyed for a while, if his old man found out, he would be beaten up badly.

  "Ahem, excuse me to disturb the two of you. Can we go into the living room and talk." Yang Yifei unkindly interrupted the two people's gazing. And at this moment, Fang Yunxi's face instantly reddened, her scarlet cheeks, looking radiant. Attracted Li Dandan can not move away from the eyes.

  The two of them, who were fond of each other, still followed Yang Yifei into the living room. After the three people sat down, the servant served tea and went down. "I say, cousin, who is this? Can you introduce me to him?" At this moment, Fang Yunxi's face became even redder.

  Li Dan could not bear his beloved's embarrassment, so he got up and bowed, saying, "My name is Li Tan, I have met Brother Yang. I met your sister in Chang'an a few years ago, and we knew each other very well. This time I heard that she had also come to Jiangnan, so I came to pay a visit. Please forgive me if I disturb you." Li Dandan explained the purpose of his visit concisely.

  Looking at the two loving people, Yang Yifei decided not to disturb the couple, but turned around and went to the study. Just like that Fang Yunxi and Li Tan sat in the living room and talked about the recent events. It was then that they realized. They had changed the fate of many people. Both of them were wondering if they could change the fate of more people. If An Lushan and Shi Siming were to be passed over now, would the An Shi Rebellion of the 14th year of Tian Bao be butterflied away. After all, this is not the correct history, the power of the martial arts is still relatively strong. There is a great opportunity to be able to level the crisis of the Zhou circle of states in one fell swoop.

  The two carefully shared what they had in mind. Fang Yunxi also felt that this option was feasible, no matter what, it was still necessary to make an effort. After all, the Great Tang was not going downhill now. If this crisis was saved in time, they believed that Li Heng and his father, who took over from Tang Emperor Xuanzong in office. It was able to improve the control of the Great Tang over the Zhou circle countries.

  After the two men took care to agree, they bid farewell to Yang Yifei together. The two walked together towards the small courtyard of Mr. and Mrs. Fang Yuming.

  In the small courtyard, the sun was shining and spring was in full bloom. In the small garden in the distance, all the flowers were open. The butterflies were dancing and busy in the flowers that were competing with each other. In the gazebo next to the garden, Mr. and Mrs. Fang Yuming were comfortably drinking tea. After her eldest nephew Yang Qingyue's illness was cured, Yang Qingping relaxed. In the distance, two young children, chasing and playing with each other. The pleasant laughter spread throughout the small courtyard.

  At this time, Fang Yunxi and Li Tan who came in together. Entered the eyes of Mr. and Mrs. Fang Yuming, a warm and harmonious pair of people, deeply stung the eyes of Fang Yuming. He had been unwilling to believe that his precious daughter had been carried away by a wolf cub. It was heartbreaking to think about it. On the contrary, Yang Qingping had an expression of a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law, and the more she looked at him, the more satisfied she was.

  At this time, Fang Yunxi also found the Fang Yuming couple at the pavilion. Leaving Li Tan behind, she blushed slightly and ran happily towards the pavilion, looking at them shyly and timidly. Only then did Fang Yuming's face look a little better.

  Li Tan walked forward and bowed deeply. He said, "My nephew Li Tan, I have met uncle and aunt."

  "No need to be polite, I heard from my youngest daughter that you are from the capital?" Yang Qingping gently asked Li Dandan. "In reply to auntie, yes. It was in the capital that Yunxi and I met. I fell in love with her at first sight and fell in love with her again. I hope uncle and aunt will allow my nephew to pursue your daughter. I will treat her well for the rest of my life." Li Dan requested cautiously. He was not a straightforward person, and it could even be said that he liked to plan and decide later. But when it came to his lover, he was always so straightforward and wanted to be affirmed.

  For a moment, there was a silence in the small pavilion that the Fang Yuming couple did not expect him to speak so bluntly. Even those who prided themselves on knowing Li Dan were dumbfounded. But thinking back to his previous life, Mu Jiu Ge was also that straightforward. Perhaps this was an expression of his love. Fang Yunxi was too shy to look up at him.

  Although Fang Yuming was furious, but with the tacit approval of his wife, he had to agree to the two of them coming together.

  Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, it had been nearly a month in Qiandao Lake. During this period, the first cousin and the second cousin kept looking for opportunities to spar with Li Dan. With the purpose of observing his character, I have to say that Li aman is a person with a very strong personality. He soon became friendly with the Yang brothers and Fang Yunxi's two younger brothers. During this month, Fang Yunxi went, from time to time, to the Heng Shan Academy to find Li Bai Dada. Not only did he plunder a few ink treasures, but he also learned his Green Lotus Sword Technique.

  After several discussions, Fang Yunxi still decided to talk to his father about the An Shi Rebellion that would occur twenty years in the future.

  That night, Fang Yunxi and Li Dan asked his father to meet in the study. Take out a copy of the history of Tang already found from space, which Tang did not know when she put in. It was just right to give them an excuse.

  In the silent study, Fang Yu Mingqing flipped through that Tang history, although what was recorded in the history was slightly different from the reality. But one can find from the contents inside that many things have been fulfilled. Let Fang Yuming have to believe.

  "Father, I believe you have long found out that I am different, right? Since I was a child, I have had a space that others could not see. This book is found inside. Before I couldn't read it, I went through and checked with the book one by one. Found he had a lot of the same. Makes me believe it is true. Huh? We're bringing it over to you now." Fang Yunxi struggled to explain the origin of the book to her father. "This is a matter of great importance, I hope you two, do not say anything more outside. I will discuss this topic with your uncle in the near future. After coming up with countermeasures, then inform the other sect masters." Fang Yuming made a decision.

  "Uncle, I studied under Jun Tianjun in the Nine Heavens. I want to inform my master after uncle has made a decision. He is a member of the imperial clan and it is more convenient to do so than us." Li Dandan spoke out his thoughts. After receiving Fang Yuming's approval, the two of them went out of the study. This night, the light in the study stayed on late.

  In the morning, after a short rest, Fang Yuming went to Yang Yin'an, the master of the Changge Sect, with the book in his arms. His reaction was the same as Fang Yuming's, worried about what would happen afterwards. The two of them consulted for a long time and finally decided to inform a few familiar sect masters. Together, they discussed such a big matter.

  So the carrier pigeons above the Changge Gate began to fly out and in frequently. After a short period of half a month, there were pigeons flying back one after another. Li aman also informed the Duke to come to Zhejiang, about to meet after March, gathered in Qiandao Lake.

  Fang Yunxi, who had a stone in his heart, suggested to travel around Jiangnan with Li Dandong. The old father, who was not worried about his daughter, sent his nephew Yang Qingyue to accompany him. Yang Qingyue has been living a chaotic life since she was three years old. Often sleep half a month without, even the thousand island lake is not well observed. Not to mention hundreds of miles away in Jiangnan, then happily agreed to the aunt's request to travel with Jiangnan.

  Three people came to Jiangnan, to the West Lake Hidden Sword Villa. Enjoyed the ten scenes of West Lake, and Zhuang Hua Ye Ying to discuss the way of the sword. Watching the little yellow chickens all in gold, with heavy swords weighing sixty or seventy pounds, dancing a big windmill. They also customized a sword that belongs only to them.

  In addition to the West Lake Hidden Sword Villa. The three of them went to the Seven Shows together and watched the famous Gongsun Daniang sword dance, which is worthy of its fame. The sword is mellow and off, and the sword dance is very popular. Inside the outer square of the Seven Shows, the pavilions and pavilions, carved beams and painted pillars, blue tiles and flying eaves and ridges. More lined with that wonderful and beautiful sword dance, people forget to return. Three people in Yangzhou, Jiangnan, play for more than a full month. Fang reluctantly left Jiangnan. At this time, there is still nearly a month from the sect master conference.

  The three people then set sail back, on the way and booze together with the boozy beggar brother, and the long song door disciples recite poetry, and the exposed clothing poison brother to discuss medicine and poison scriptures. On this journey, the three had a wonderful experience. It was agreed that when things were over, they would travel together to the Great Tang.

  After stepping into the confines of Thousand Island Lake, it was like a lifetime ago. Especially Yang Qingyue, never lived so recklessly. It made him a little bit happy.

  After returning to the island, several people paid their respects to their husband's mother, and then returned to their residence. Jun Moyue looked at his eldest son, who was different from before, and felt a lot of emotions in his heart. Thanks to Yun Xi's cure for her son's illness, she was able to see a different Qingyue. She always wanted to make up for her eldest son, because of everyone's negligence, which led to more than twenty years in which he was deep in the nightmare of pain. Finally, now everything is all right. Jun Moyue felt doubly relieved.

  In the blink of an eye, a month has passed and the Thousand Island Lake started to boil with people. Because many sect masters arrived one after another, although they did not know what had happened, but they still rushed over urgently.

  When the sect masters of several large sects. Sitting inside the secretly surrounded chamber, they saw the book that was different from the present one. All of them were confused.

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