Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 15:Seeking in Sword III (VII)

  The carriage drove the group out of the city and all the way to Qiandao Lake. After turning the ship again, they finally arrived at Changge Gate. Changge Gate was formerly known as Xiang Zhi Mountain Villa, with a Huishan Academy on the side. Jiangnan is a place where the literary style is flourishing, not to mention this one elegant place. Birds and flowers, pavilions and pavilions. Everywhere you can see, poems and songs, poetry and other elegant people. From time to time, there are also some martial arts competitions, in line with the saying 'learn the art of literature and martial arts, goods and the emperor's family. So that the Changge Gate and the seven show place, ten thousand flower valley and known as the three big elegant places in the Great Tang. The thought of seeing the long-admired poet immortal in Changge Gate made Fang Yunxi cheer on the boat.

  With the servant's guidance, the group soon arrived at the gate of Changge Gate. From a distance, they saw that second cousin Yang Yifei was standing at the gate to greet them.

  "My nephew Yifei has met my aunt and uncle, my nephew is here to receive you inside. Father is already waiting in the hall." Yang Yifei bowed and then led them into the inner courtyard. "Sister Yunxi, it's been a long time! This is the two younger brothers, Bo Rui and Ji Rui, right?"

  "Yes, cousin Yifei. Come, eldest brother and youngest brother, come and meet cousin Yifei." Fang Yunxi pulled his two younger brothers and saluted Yang Yifei together.

  "Bo Rui (Ji Rui and Yun Xi) meet second cousin, how are you, second cousin." After the three of them saluted Yang Yifei together, Fang followed them into the gate. A few people in a row walked through the courtyard and entered the hall.

  At the entrance of the hall stood a husband and wife, Yang Yin'an and his wife respectively. Yang Yin'an is nearly 50 years old this year. He has been practicing martial arts for many years, and he doesn't look that old in terms of appearance. The posture is upright, elegant and graceful. And his wife, Jun Moyu (the author's private settings), gentle and beautiful, just like a Jiangnan woman's style. But the soft face is slightly sad today.

  "Yu Ming (Qing Ping) has met his brother and sister-in-law, how is your sister-in-law these days?" Fang Yuming and his wife asked with concern after saluting them. "My nephew Yunxi (Bo Rui Ji Rui) has met my great aunt and uncle," the three siblings also saluted.

  "I'm not afraid of sister's joke, recently Qing Yue's illness has come back." Jun Moyue said with a sad face. It was obvious that she was very distressed by her eldest son Yang Qingyue's illness. "As you all know, Qing Yue was three years old. Due to the involvement of Princess Taiping's rebellion, she was struck by a 'Yin and Rain Needle' of the Xixiu Dynasty. Since then, she has been in a nightmare most of the time. He was often in a state of confusion. Recently he has been sleeping for nearly half a month, how can we not be anxious." Jun Moyue didn't hide it in front of Fang Yuming and his wife.

  "Ai, yes. The eldest son's illness has been seen by many divine doctors, and more than ten years ago went to the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers. Divine Doctor Sun also looked at it, only the injury and illness on the divine sense did not heal that quickly." Yang Yinan's face is also covered with sad thoughts, the last few years more and more worried about his eldest son's condition.

  "Great uncle, can I go to first cousin's room to see him?" Fang Yunxi wanted to take a look at the 'Crazy Grand Master' in Sword III. She wanted to enter Yang Qingyue's divine sense through her own divine sense and bring him back from his nightmare.

  "Of course you can, after you guys take a short break. I will let your second cousin take you along." The words were said. Then they let the group of people who had been traveling so hard, go to the arranged backyard to rest a bit. Yang Qingping was not polite to her elder brother and sister-in-law, and the family soon arrived at the small courtyard where she had been before she got married. Looking at the familiar scenery, Yang Qingping felt a sense of emotion. The courtyard had remained the same as it was before she got married more than ten years ago, and even the swing under the tree was still there.

  After several people rested in their respective rooms, Fang Yunxi, led by her second cousin, went to cousin Qingyue's residence in the front yard. This small courtyard was secluded, even though there were quite a few servants inside, and the servants moved nimbly to lead them in.

  Lifting his leg into the first cousin's bedroom, he saw a handsome man lying on the bed. His face was pale and his body was thin, obviously caused by a long time of not being able to eat well. His eyes were tightly closed, and he seemed to have just fallen into a deep sleep. But Fang Yunxi still from his imperceptible facial expression, his coma was not comfortable. After divine sense probing, he found that his divine sense was struggling.

  Fast forward, Fang Yunxi then put his hand on, the pulse of his right hand and carefully probed the situation inside his body. After some actions, it was found that there was no other harm to the body, only some slight weakness of the spleen and stomach, as well as overuse of the brain. Fang Yunxi then put his heart down, as long as the ailment on his divine sense was treated, his illness would basically be solved. The consumption of the divine sense had kept his brain in a state of confusion. That's why the condition of insanity appeared. After getting this conclusion, Fang Yunxi then had a treatment plan.

  Turning to Yang Yifei, she said, "Second cousin, I just checked my cousin's body. There is already a specific treatment plan, and I hope that cousin will cooperate with my treatment." Her words were so firm that for a moment, Yang Yifei actually didn't know what to do. But soon he reacted.

  "Cousin, is what you said true? What do I need to do?" He kept asking questions.

  "Yes, second cousin. I am 80% sure that I can cure the first cousin. You just need to close off this small courtyard and don't let others disturb my treatment." Fang Yunxi also did not forget to instruct him to inform his parents and aunts and uncles. "It's still late today, so we can only start the treatment tomorrow."

  The two people quickly left the small courtyard. They diverted to the main courtyard of the aunt and uncle and detailed the first cousin's condition and her remediation plan. And made a pledge and agreed to start the treatment tomorrow. The aunts and uncles were overjoyed and expressed their gratitude to Fang Yunxi. She hurriedly said "No, no, no". With the expectations of her aunt and uncle, she returned to the guest house where she lived.

  The next morning, it was just a little bit light. The second cousin came to the courtyard in a hurry, and looking at his slightly green eyes, it was obvious that he had not rested well yesterday. The two of them greeted each other, ate breakfast, and went to the first cousin's courtyard together with their parents. When they first arrived at the courtyard, they found that not only aunts and uncles were waiting at the door. There were also several gentlemen from the academy, and when I looked far away I found that one of them should be Li Bai Dada. Fang Yunxi was so excited in his heart that he bowed and said, "See my aunt and uncle, all the gentlemen." Yang Yinan and Jun Moyue said that there was no need to be polite. Several other gentlemen did the same.

  Several people entered the small courtyard, and the servants all guarded outside the main gate of the small courtyard. And several of them also guarded the front hall of the small courtyard. Fang Yunxi entered the bedroom alone and checked his body condition by reaching for his pulse.

  Fang Yunxi gently placed his hand on Yang Qingyue's forehead, and his divine sense slowly entered his mind through his fingers. Just after entering his mind, he found a tyrannical aura coming to his face. This is Yang Qingyue's natural reaction, and after slowly exploring into it, a red, bloody world appears. The perimeter circle is full of mutilated wreckage, and from time to time there are soldiers with weapons in their hands hacking and slashing with impunity. Fang Yunxi did not stay longer and continued to explore inside. The further you probe in, the redder the world finally disappears. Inside was a miniature long song door, slowly inward, then far away, a sound of weapons hacking.

  She followed the direction of the sound quickly past, only to see a man in white is trying to fight with a group of people to kill. Fang Yunxi did not dare to delay for a moment, also joined in the fight. Soon that small group of soldiers, dissipated from the world. Only then did Fang Yunxi look carefully at the man. Then said to him.

  "Hello cousin, I am your cousin Yunxi. Come to lead you back." The words were said. Taking his hand, he walked out of this world. Behind them, the rooms of the Long Song Gate, one by one, collapsed. The red world, little by little, disappeared. She then knew that her plan, had been completed.

  After going out, Yang Qingyue found herself lying on the bed. A young girl next to him, the cousin he saw in the dream world. "Cousin, what's this ~ what's going on?" A hoarse voice rang out. The fact that he had not spoken for a long time made his voice hard to hear.

  "Cousin, just now I just entered your world of divine consciousness. It can also be said that I entered your dream world. After going out somewhere, you will be able to wake up." Then he continued to put his hand on Yang Qingyue's forehead. Gently using the little spiritual energy in his body, he urged the cold Qi remaining in his brain from the Yin Yu Needle to slowly force it out of his body.

  Yang Qingyue had a tingling pain in his brain and forced himself to endure the pain without moaning out. After the residual cold qi went out, there was a burst of clarity in his brain. The draught that had been tormenting him at all times disappeared.

  "Thank you, cousin. I am no longer seriously hurt." Yang Qingyue said weakly.

  Fang Yunxi arranged for him to lie down and went out of the bedroom door. Looking at the group of anxious people in the courtyard, she greeted them in a loud voice, "There is no more problem, you guys come in." The overjoyed crowd hurriedly entered the room. Looking at Yang Qingyue, who had already woken up, they were even more excited. They thanked Fang Yunxi repeatedly, and the aunt was so excited that tears came down. After calming everyone down, she lifted her hand to pen a prescription for brain tonic and asked the servant to get the medicine. The servant ran down with joy, he wanted to tell the others the good news. The grand master is their master, of course they should be happy for him.

  The people left Yang Qingyue's room, leaving him some time to rest. After coming to the living room, Fang Yunxi briefly introduced her cousin's body. He also said that he had forced the cold Qi out, and that he could basically recover next if he was given more medicinal food to nourish his brain. The people expressed great kindness.

  A few days later, Yang Qingyue, who could already get out of bed, was supported by his servant. Looking at her cousin who had basically recovered, she was very pleased.

  She welcomed her cousin into the living room of the courtyard, gently took his pulse, and found that his divine sense was still damaged. Then she said to him: "Cousin, your divine sense has been damaged after several years of torture. I have a secret splendor for repairing the divine sense here, and you have to practice it from time to time to recover." With those words, she took out a secret book from space that she had copied before. This secret book was from inside her cultivation secret code, transcribed out. It was specifically for divine sense cultivation. It was just right for the current Yang Qingyue.

  After thanking her several times, Yang Qingyue left the small courtyard. After a month of continuous cultivation, his divine sense was not only repaired and complete, but also his zither art had gone to a higher level.

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