Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 12: Seeking in Sword III (IV)

  Li Dandan was sitting in his seat and dazed. He was thinking about what kind of name to use to visit the Duke's uncle. At this time, a servant quietly walked up to him and said in a low voice: "Third Prince, our master has an invitation." Li aman's heart lit up, really think what comes.

  "This little brother, please lead the way ahead." Li aman then followed the boy out of the hall. The young man was busy bending down to return the salute.

  Li aman followed behind the boy and went through the corridor hall. I could not help but visit the king's residence, only to see the majestic atmosphere of carved beams and painted pillars, exquisite pavilions and pavilions, the quiet and beautiful pool hall water corridor. Out of the pavilion across the pool, a clear stream, from the deep flowers and trees zigzagging dipped in the stone gap, so that people stay back and forth. Through the corridor, is the most quiet place.

  "Father, you see that boy is still leisurely looking at the scenery, really big heart. At a young age, he is so calm and collected. Not a bad boy." In the attic behind the study, there were three people standing. They were Li Chenghong and Li Chengning, and a tall and stout old man with snowy hair and frosty hair. "Take a look at him again, and instruct the boy to show him a closer look at the scenery of the house." The old man spoke in a low voice, speaking slowly. After the subordinate got the order, he went down.

  "Father, he was just in the living room ......," busy put just now Li aman in the front yard performance. The three of them were watching and talking, and a quarter of an hour had passed in the blink of an eye.

  Guided by the boy to walk in the courtyard, has been walking continuously for two quarters of an hour. Just in front of this small building, he has passed three times. Li Dandan couldn't help but say to the little man in front of him, "I mean little brother, you don't find this familiar."

  "Third Prince, I am familiar with this. I'll be there soon." The little brother bowed and said.

  "Oh, this place has been walked three times, can it be unfamiliar?" Li Dandan is not angry, deliberately flirting with the boy, the boy's face brushed red. He said, "Are the masters going to fix this third prince, and deliberately let him lead him to wander around here. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. Is the master tired, do you want to take a rest?"

  "No, let's walk slowly, I'll look at the scenery of this garden." After saying that, he walked slowly. Looking at the surrounding arrangements, he said that it was worthy of being a royal courtyard, much more exquisite than his small courtyard. This way for another quarter of an hour, the boy led him into a small courtyard. The company has already been here once.

  After going in, he was not given a hard time, and was soon introduced into the study. The first thing you can see is a spirited old man sitting on a tai shi chair in the study, with crane hair. Although sitting, but still can be seen, he is sturdy. It is not as old as an ordinary old man. Li aman recognized who he was almost at a glance.

  "Nephew Li aman pays his respects to the Duke's uncle, please be well." Li aman bowed forward and said.

  "Get up. You know that I am the Duke?" The old man asked after letting him get up.

  "Back to Uncle Ancestor, yes. You bear a slight resemblance to King Guangwu's uncle. I have just paid my respects to the king's uncle, and I could see it at a glance." Li Dan honestly replied. "Not bad, a child with perseverance, able to hold back, intelligent and atmospheric. You are five years old?" The old man, also known as Li Shouli, complimented him. "Thank you for the compliment from my uncle, I am ashamed to say that." Li Dandan was busy saying back. Li Shouli nodded his head in satisfaction. A silence followed in the study. Li aman stood with low brows and obedient eyes. "Have you read any books?" Li Shouli coldly popped up another sentence. "Back to my uncle, I have finished reading three hundred thousand, and I have only just touched the Analects and the Poetic Edda." Li aman was talking about the progress within the royal residence. He believed that after so much time had passed, his performance in the mansion had already been presented on his uncle's desk.

  Another period of silence followed, neither of them making a sound, when Liadan thought he was about to fall asleep. "Boy, come to my side." Li Shouli changed the subject again. Out loud, he called him closer. "Yes, uncle ancestor." After bowing, he walked quickly in front of Li Shouli. Li Shouli's large hand grabbed Li Dan's lifeline. After carefully probing it, he nodded his head. 'It's a martial arts wizard with excellent roots and bones. Rarely with my eyes. How about taking him as a disciple.'' Li Shouli secretly said in his heart.

  "Amadeus, I know you are a child with early intelligence. Your meridians are wide and your roots and bones are excellent, so you are a good candidate to learn martial arts. Would you like to learn martial arts." Li Shouli asked in a straightforward manner.

  "Back to uncle, I often heard the subordinates talk about martial arts, and I am very eager to learn it. If you are willing to teach me, I would be grateful. I am willing to learn." Li Dan said with a joyful expression. "Then why don't you pay homage to the master." Li Shouli said with disguised anger. "Kid Li aman pays respects to master." Li aman took a step back and knelt down on both knees and kowtowed three times fiercely with incomparable devotion.

  "Quickly please get up, good boy." Li Shouli pulled Li aman up with one hand. "Good disciple, I will first pass on an internal energy technique to you. In the future, on the fifth, fifteenth and twenty-fifth day of each month, you need to go to a compound three miles away from the outskirts of the city. I will teach you carefully. On the fifteenth day of this month, I will send someone to pick you up from your house, so remember to practice diligently when you return." After Li Shouli finished, he spoke another obscure passage. Li aman heard it once and memorized it. And asked the master about what he did not understand. After memorizing and understanding the whole text, only then did he sit on the ground, and after a circle of internal power circulation, he got up and made a big salute to the master. "Disciple thank the master for teaching."

  "You and go back, do not be discovered." Li Shouli dismissed his subordinates and took him out of the study. Li aman quietly returned to the living room again, and no one noticed that he had left for some time. The living room was still full of gossip.

  ...... I am the divider of the flower appreciation banquet ......

  Li Qin came outside the flower pavilion with the ladies, this time the flower appreciation banquet was held in the water pavilion near the water. It was April and spring was in full swing. This is the time when hundreds of flowers open. Especially when the 'king of flowers' peony is in bloom, it is the time for a hundred flowers to compete.

  "Tomorrow, we will visit the upper garden, and report the spring quickly. The poem "The flowers must be released at night, do not wait for the dawn wind to blow" made the peony famous all over the world with Emperor Zetian. At the same time, Wu Zetian expelled peonies from Chang'an in a fit of rage. However, as the capital city of Chang'an, there are still many famous peonies in the city. The Duke's residence alone has no less than a hundred kinds of novelties, and every year when the flowers are in bloom, the ladies of the residence will invite their friends to come and enjoy the flowers.

  After meeting with the host family, Li Qin played and played with several acquaintances, and was very happy. The banquet was half over, and the crowd had dispersed to the garden, chatting in groups.

  At this time by the distance came a woman, posture, jade hands, walking as light as water. The person who came was none other than today's hostess, County Mistress Huili. "The poetry session has already started, and several sisters have asked me to invite you to come along. Come on, come on, let's go together." After saying that, they pulled one by one, and several people walked side by side towards the Water Pavilion.

  "A few sisters, but I've got all the people here. The sisters who have just recited their poetic masterpieces, I beg you to repeat them again, so that several sisters can also raise their eyes." The county princess Hui Li said with a smile on her face.

  Then someone read out their poems, which drew a burst of praise from the new sisters. The other people all said one or two poems in one way or another. It was Li Qin's turn.

  Li Qin came forward and gave a gentle blessing. Said: "I can't do poetry, I was born without this string. I can only borrow the flowers to offer Buddha, and give the sisters a song. This is one of my favorite peony poems, so I would like to ask all the sisters to comment on it, so that my sister can also gain some insight."

  "The peony in front of the garden has no character, and the lotus flower on the pond is pure and less affectionate. Only the peony is the true national color, and it moves the capital when it blooms. I heard this poem by chance and thought it was suitable for today's atmosphere, so I offered it to Buddha. Please forgive me." Once I heard my little brother talk about this poem, and at that time she was delighted. Asked the author several times. I didn't expect it to be used up this year. Liadan said: Liu Yuxi greatly, I did not mean to rob your poetry.

  "Good, seconds, especially this line 'Only the peony is the true national color, the blossom season moves the capital', it's simply a divine work, better than many poems of the time." A beauty could not help but say, she is an elegant person, decided to go back and share with her father and brother.

  "Yes, this is a wonderful poem, I wouldn't dare to comment on it. Thank you, too, for sharing such a good poem with us. Let's enjoy the flowers together sometime." Next to her, County Princess Huili also exclaimed.

  Time always flies, the sun goes down in the west, and half a dozen rings have passed in the blink of an eye. The laughter, playfulness and murmuring in the garden made up a beautiful painting. After bidding farewell to the sisters, Li Qin met with his brother who was waiting in the front room. Then she left the Duke's residence with her horse.

  On the carriage, the two siblings exchanged their situation. It is not convenient to tell about the worship of the teacher on the carriage, after all, there are many people and mouths, so we agreed to meet tomorrow and agreed to meet to talk about it.

  The two returned to their respective residences, ordered the underlings to boil water and serve food, and then prepared to bathe and dress. Sitting in the warm bath tub, comfortable so that Li aman can not help but a moan * out loud. Today's own short legs walked for nearly an hour. Long ago exhausted.

  Wash away the fatigue of the day. The haphazardly ate dinner, and sent the subordinates down. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, practicing this newly acquired gong method. Soon he settled down. A big day, half an hour has passed.

  I thought no wonder Yunxi always like to meditate and practice, it is simply too comfortable. Without the power of Li aman is like a tiger without claws and teeth, anyone can bully a little. People who have had power are often more eager for power than those who have not had it. Once idle, Li aman can not control his heart, crazy thoughts of that person. So Li aman did not dare to let himself idle, immediately endowed with distracting thoughts. Entered the cultivation state again.

  A night spent in cultivation Li aman. He did not know that Fang Yunxi, who was a hundred miles away, was also thinking about him. Looking forward to the early reunion of the two.

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