Yunxi's Reincarnation Immortal Journey - Chapter 11: Seeking in Sword III (III)

  In Fang Yuming's small courtyard in the Valley of Ten Thousand Flowers.

  "Mother, I'm back." Fang Yunxi happily ran back. With a set of flower luo suit on her body, the jade pendant on the side of the group clashed together from time to time, making a tinkling sound. Make the beautiful little Yunxi added a few dainty. "Mother, I give you a gift. Dang dang dang, look." Fang Yunxi took a not very well-made bracelet in her hand. The color was refractory, and at a glance it was made by a novice.

  "Mother, I made this myself. The first time I made it yo, it's not pretty." Finished saying. Fang Yunxi shy red face, head also lightly swayed down, left foot gently on the ground lightly. The cute little look sprung Yang Qingping, pulling her into her arms, "Daughter, you're great! You can make bracelets by yourself, very beautiful. Mother likes it very much."

  "Little Yunxi, is it only your mother's?" At this time, Fang Yuming walked in from outside. Just as he entered, he saw his little daughter pampered in his mother's arms, looking jealously at the bracelet in her hands. "Yes. There is daddy's." Said and got down from Yang Qingping's body. Stomp climbing up to daddy's knee, reaching out to take out an equally unattractive ring. Both hands offered in front of Fang Yuming's eyes.

  "Here, this is for you. This is not an ordinary ring and bracelet yo. Father, mother you use your inner vision to take a closer look." The proud Fang Yunxi held her head high. Look at them proudly. Only then did Yang Qingping carefully probe the bracelet with internal power, while Fang Yuming was doing the same. Seeing that there were about ten square feet inside, the two were completely stunned.

  "This spatial magic weapon, I am down big effort oh, not only can storage, when a person with internal force in the space at the red mark, others have no way to open. Want to contact the binding can mark the green place, it can be lifted." Fang Yunxi looked like he was great.

  A few years of spoiled life has lowered her mental age to a young age as well. The proud Fang Yunxi looked at the surprised couple.

  "Ahem, this is what I made based on the principle of the light capacity bag and after learning from Uncle Gong Sheng. Isn't it great, Xi Xi." Fang Yunxi explained to the two.

  "Baby girl, how come you are so great. Daddy and mother are proud of you." , "So when are you going to give me a brother?" The couple put her in their arms and rubbed her for a while. The three of them sweetly joked and laughed together.

  ...... I am the dividing line of the Chung King Mansion ......

  Inside Li Qin's boudoir in Spring Fragrance Pavilion, the two siblings who had been separated for a few days sat together again. After retiring the underlings, Li aman stretched his upper body and came close to Li Qin's ear and said softly, "Sister, things have progressed. The matter of the uncle has come to a head." Then sat back in his seat. The whispered words, however, made Li Qin, who had been anxious for several days, immediately refreshed.

  "amidan'er, quickly talk about it. Sister good for you to plan to plan." Li Qin said with joy, and did not forget to move a little in the direction of his brother sitting.

  Looking at his concerned sister, Li aman's heart rippled. Perhaps the influence of his previous life was too great, making him out of place here. The next person is also looking down from above, even though he has been living in humility. Watching their sorrow and happiness, watching them sinister and cunning, watching them fight for power and profit. He never wanted to enter into it himself, even if his life was not as good as it could be. Cold-hearted and cold-hearted, he treated them as a passing fog, but this sister is different. Since childhood, she has considered him as her lifelong responsibility. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Li aman's heart filled up, that faint detachment from the world, slowly disappeared and dissipated.

  Looking nervously at his brother's little face, watching him go from confusion to determination. A feeling of solidity hit his heart. The tears in his eyes could not help but fall. Li Qin vaguely found that the faint layer of separation with his brother, also disappeared. Yes, the brother is too ethereal. Not to put the things of the world in the heart, as if all the world is not something he cares about, at any time will fly away and leave like. Perhaps from the moment he began to plan for Li Qin, he had a home in this world. Looking at his sister's nervous expression, Li Dan gave her a warm smile.

  "Sister, there is no need to ask me to worry. It's better to talk about the matter of the uncle." Li aman calmed his sister and then said, "Sister, Jun Tianjun is Duke's uncle Li Shouli. I am sure of this. The problem is how we can get close to our uncle, and we have to work it out."

  "Yes, amanuensis. Then you have new information."

  "The old man likes Aunt Jincheng the most, and the subordinates have found that when Aunt Jincheng was married, the uncle was not well for several days. This time the information returned from the western region, the princess has a change in health. And the Tubo in the Tang border foolishness." Li aman told his sister the news he got recently. "Sister, I want to go straight to the point and talk to uncle. I believe the uncle will like me. Sister, what do you think?"

  "This is not a good method, after all, and the uncle ancestor old man roundabout roundabout. I am afraid that the uncle ancestor will not like it." Li Qin also thought so. "In a few days, is sister Huili's flower feast, then you take advantage of this time. Visit your uncle." Li Huili is the daughter of Duke Li Shouli's eldest son Li Chenghong. Time was spent in the two of them going back and forth.

  A few days later, the sky was not yet bright. The Chung King's residence was crowded with people, and several women's pavilions were lit up with incense and bathing. A burst of hot air with refreshing fragrance wafted out from the room. It can be smelled from afar. Such a situation happens from time to time in many households in the capital.

  Li Qin's Spring Fragrance Pavilion was no surprise. The maids carried all kinds of clothing and accessories. In and out of Li Qin's bedroom. In the lobby of the living room, there was a young child sitting at the end, dressed in a gorgeous brocade zhi robe, light blue zhi robe side with gold silk embroidered flower pattern, but also set off his jade snow lovely. His black hair was tied tightly to the top of his head with a hairband made of white jade. The waist jade set off his temperament is more noble. The boy carried hot tea and waited patiently for Li Qin. A few days ago, Li Qin sent out the invitation to take his youngest brother into the house to play. Today Li aman packed himself early and waited in his sister's compound to set off together.

  A fragrant breeze came, and Li Qin, who had been hired to stand up, entered the gate. The pale pink palace dress, the skirt corner embroidered with light blue spread wings pre-flying butterfly, outside a Japanese dragging ground of glittering white light veil. The breeze blew slowly, blowing up layers of veil. A burst of seemingly real and illusory aroma attack. Smile, beautiful eyes look forward to. The head is not heavy accessories, three thousand green silk lightly caress the face. The plum blossom flower yellow between the forehead set off Li Qin's face as delicate as the moon, looking forward to the glory. The group of servants watching on the side were awakened by the sound of Li Qin's light cough. Immediately as the puppet was released from the ban, dumb action up.

  Li aman followed his sister who was dressed up and got into the carriage that left the house. The morning market outside the car was not yet over, and the vendors came and went shouting and selling. There were people in all kinds of costumes, including Tang, Hu, Tufan, and even a few in Japanese costumes, speaking a not very proficient Chinese language. On the street, there was an aura of a heavenly dynasty, looking at the streets of the Tang Dynasty, Li aman was a bit depressed. The "An-Shi Rebellion" in the 14th year of Tianbao was going to break the prosperity and also the morale of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. At that time, he must be able to rush to the battlefield and guard this tranquility.

  The carriage went calmly on the road, and soon arrived at the side gate of the Duke's palace. It did not stop, the carriage traveled until the second door, and then stopped. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. After a short rest, Li aman followed the boy to the hall again.

  "Nephew Li aman pays his respects to King Guangwu's uncle, please be well. Greetings to all brothers." After Li aman attached himself and bowed to King Li Chenghong of Guangwu County, he then met with several brothers of his uncle's family. "Li aman? Is it the child of His Majesty King Zhong's family?" Li Chenghong asked. "Back to your uncle, yes. I am the third son of my father." Li Dandan attached himself again with a salute and answered Li Chenghong's question. "Get up and answer back, no need to be so formal and polite. A relative of your own family, play with a few of my boys in a while." Then he instructed several sons to entertain the visitors.

  Li Dandan did not talk much, but listened to the people's talk, just some who got some treasure in the capital; who got some novelty; who got beaten up by his father; who married which girl, and so on the market gossip. The people were talking happily. Li aman silently sipped tea, a serious listening mode. From time to time, he echoed a sentence, but also with a surprised look, pleasing the crowd.

  Inside the County King's study, "Brother, what do you think the third boy of His Highness King Zhong's family will do when he comes to the house this time?" Li Chengning couldn't stand the silence in the room and asked first. "A few days ago, after Huili received the invitation from the Chung King's family, she brought it to me and asked about it. No matter what he came here for, nothing will change. After all, that boy is still a five-year-old boy, it won't cause any confusion." Li Chenghong analyzed Li Dan's intention to come to the house.

  "Brother, now that the court is in chaos, His Highness the Crown Prince is becoming more and more difficult. All the highnesses are avoiding their fronts. It should not be a test sent by King Zhong. Perhaps it is his sister who wants him to see the world." Li Chenghong continued his analysis. This led Li Chengning to nod his head in agreement. Yes, now the King of Zhong can't help but not know, they are a bunch of clan uncles, brothers and brothers, after the court will close the door. Never now make a test move to.

  "Someone, go and quietly see how the third prince of the Chung King's parlor behaves." Li Chenghong, the king of Guangwu County, called for his subordinates and ordered.

  The subordinate came quickly and described Li Dan's performance in detail to the two county kings. After the two waved away the servant, they continued to talk about what they had just said. At that moment, a sudden sound rang outside the door: "Greetings to the two county kings, report to the county king, the king has an invitation and is already waiting in the study." The two immediately stopped talking and hurriedly got up to walk towards the study in the main courtyard.

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