Song God and his little ancestor - [9] Confession of love rejected?

  Hearing Song Jiahe's self-introduction, the young girl's eyes lit up.

  "So... Can I have your WeChat?"

  After the girl who had gathered her courage finished, her eyes did not dodge and looked straight at the teenager.

  Today also brought the morning breeze, blowing the girl's hair that fell in pieces on both sides. The girl's eyes are bright and crystal, as if the world's rare glazed gemstones.

  However, the jewel will not be reflected in the teenager's figure, and the girl's eyes will.

  She looked at the teenager and said very seriously - "I want to know you."

  The teenager's eyes crossed the girl's slightly chubby face and watched her cheeks redden slightly, her slightly pursed lips revealing her nervousness.

  The line of sight moved to her eyes again and found that her eyes were bright and shining, looking at him as if the stars were gathering inside.

  The heart and blood of the people watching rolled and felt that the fireworks of the earth were not as good as this glance of hers.

  So, he lowered his eyes, long and curved eyelashes gently fluttered, he asked - "Why do you want it?"

  "Because I want to chase you." Out of the blue, without any hesitation.

  There is no other answer, just because I want to chase you.

  After Xia Xiaoman's words came out of her mouth, it even drew a silence.

  She was a little nervous, moved her lips and added the words that followed - "I like you ah."

  "But... I don't like you."

  The voice was soft, but the teenager did not leave any room for maneuvering, he was originally such a crisp and clear person.

  He raised his eyes, looked into the girl's eyes, and said seriously, "Thank you for liking na."

  When the young man said this, the tip of his heart slightly trembled, his throat slightly astringent, he did not know why, obviously also reject others in this way, but in rejecting this smiling young girl in front of him, will have such a feeling.

  He saw the girl's eyes light gradually dimmed, the star river is about to disappear into nothing, he moved away from the eyes, no longer to see her loss.

  Suddenly he wanted very much to cover those eyes of the girl with his hand, and also wanted very much to keep that piece of light, but he did nothing.

  "Well... Well, this..."

  Before the girl could finish her next words, the teenager raised his hand, looked at his watch and interrupted her, "Excuse me, I have something else to do, I'll leave first."

  With those words, the teenager walked around Xia Xiaoman and left.

  "Harm. What a dashing way to go..."

  Xia Xiaoman's plucked up courage actually lost most of it when Song Jiahe said no, and the rest of the words were interrupted, unable to speak, just looking at Song Jiahe's back as he left, whispering -

  "This means that we are not familiar enough ah, when you are more familiar with me, will like me?"

  Only a pity, this question, Song Jiahe will not hear it.

  Forget it, what's so great about falling in love, why not go for a run.

  Xia Xiaoman set aside the slightly astringent feeling in her heart, and then ran. This is also considered Xia Xiaoman's first confession?

  In fact, is it too hasty?

  Maybe, so, so embarrassed ah, she is going to faint to death, okay.

  Xia Xiaoman actually felt very embarrassed, but said all finished ah, what else can be done?

  Also, Song Jiahe is too straight, right?

  So when I went out at noon, after I finished talking to Zhou Zhou about it, I got a big laugh from Zhou Zhou in return -

  "Hahahahahahahahaha, I'm going to die laughing by Song Jiahe, sister, do not cry, do not cry, you are defeated in the hands of a straight man, no need to cry. Seriously, I think Song Jiahe's answer is too okay."

  Two people sat in the M note, face to face talking and eating.

  "That's the normal reaction, right?" Xia Xiaoman sighed, and then took a bite of the spicy wheat chicken wings as if to vent his hatred, "If I were Song Jiahe, I'd reject a girl I've only met twice."

  "But don't you just need weibo?" Zhou Zhou took the fries dipped in ketchup, puzzled.

  "Yes oh, isn't this what I want a weibo?" Xia Xiaoman suddenly felt that the chicken wings she was biting into in her mouth just didn't smell good anymore.

  "Hahahaha, you've been set up." Zhou Zhou felt that Xia Xiaoman was smart for so long, but actually now came back to his senses, "he gave you a pit, you may not want to say chase him, just want a weibo, and finally... Rejected is certain."

  "... To be honest, this does make me very unhappy oh." Xia Xiaoman snorted coldly after biting into a bite of the spicy wheat chicken leg burger, "Hmph, I'll wait for that time when Song Jiahe really smells good."

  "Well, okay, I also think, that scene must be very nice." Zhou Zhou nodded, and then the two went on to talk about other things.

  The main thing is that this time out in addition to want to shop, is Zhou Zhou wants to cut her hair, Xia Xiaoman also want, so the two people together, go to get a head.

  Xia Xiaoman used three hundred eight, an auspicious number, dyed a blue-black head.

  The original Xia Xiaoman's hair is some natural curly feeling, not what black long straight, this is now more fluffy and playful.

  If there is no direct sunlight, it is not possible to see Xia Xiaoman's hair color, but this hair color is really too suitable for Xia Xiaoman.

  She originally had air bangs and slightly curled dragon whiskers on both sides, giving her originally round face a slender bit of feeling.

  Xia Xiaoman can't draw eyebrows, but her eyebrows are especially good-looking, the eyes are round and smooth, originally dark eyes, when looking at people, just feel like seeing a smiling little angel.

  The hair stylist said Xia Xiaoman's hair quality is very good, Xia Xiaoman sighed inwardly - this is forced, playing small Xia mother let her eat black sesame black rice black beans, said the shape to complement the shape, absolutely can not become bald full.

  In addition to the natural natural curl, it also saves a lot of money to roll hair.

  A hair engaged in three hours, Zhou Zhou is to repair the hair, she will be her long some long hair to repair off, repair back to the far watermelon head.

  Xia Xiaoman cocked his head and looked at it, "Zhou Zhou, how do you repair to repair or boy head, still want to find the pups?

  "Pups ah? Forget it." Zhou Zhou sighs, "That will have to wait for me to grow (grow up meaning) up!"

  Zhou Zhou is small, 159, less than seventy pounds, still looks like a junior high school student.

  "So .... You have 159 oh in the end?"

  Xia Xiaoman actually how to think Zhou Zhou height has 159 (omitted centimeters).

  Zhou Zhou who was asked about his height was vain, "Uh, wearing shoes, 158.5, rounded up, is not 159..."

  "Hahahahaha, I always thought, you are barefoot 159, did not expect ah! You are wearing shoes is not yet 159."

  Xia Xiaoman relentlessly teased, through this aspect to redeem her previous disgrace.

  "Harm, just keep the illusion that I'm 159, don't let your beautiful dream break."

  "Okay bah." Xia Xiaoman does not expose her anymore, and the two keep walking along the road.