Song God and his little ancestor - [43] State weight accident

  [Harm, don't be sad, as long as people are okay, things are still made soon.

  The group of people in the National Heavy Laboratory also has a good heart, they also feel the same, but at the same time, they want to find out who the culprit is.

  The most troublesome thing is that the National Heavy Laboratory because it is too important, the inside is not set up cameras, only outside; just this time, the outside of the National Heavy camera on the upgrade, has not been installed, plus the National Heavy Laboratory door card has not had time to replace the new information, this happened.

  Unless it is asked one by one, the head of the laboratory also knows that the workload is huge, but still to order a thorough investigation, and I do not know whether to find out what, anyway, is smashing up the water, and a sum of money, as if to hide something.

  This class of elites in the state heavy seems to have thought of something, and then the school side will not allow this class to say anything and give the benefit.

  The matter does not concern itself with the high hanging, not involved in Song Jiahe, Song Jiahe natural also do not go to step in this trip to the muddy water.

  After the matter was settled, Song Jiahe did not think too much about it, but left a heart.

  Just after finishing this matter with Xia Xiaoman, Song Jiahe stuffed her cell phone into the pocket of her lab coat and walked out from the corner when she saw a man hurrying out of the lab.

  At this time of the day, no one would come to the lab.

  Only Song Jiahe and two doctoral students were in the lab today, Song Jiahe was just sending information out, and the lab was still left with people.

  He picked up his phone, took a picture of the person, and sent a message in the lab...

  Is anyone in 601 now?

  The phone had just been put into his pocket when he saw two people who were supposed to be on duty in the lab walking out of the stairway carrying a box.

  Song Jiahe frowned, that person did not look like someone in the lab, at least his memory did not have such a figure.

  After talking about this matter in the group, Song Jiahe and the two remaining people in the lab were finishing up in the lab to see if anything was lost or more.

  This really let them find an extra manuscript of experimental data in the laboratory, Song Jiahe took a photo to keep for the archives, and then sealed it and handed it in.

  The original files in the laboratory is to have a separate key, they are not, so the file box, they did not check.

  Although it is left a heart, Song Jiahe tapped on the desktop, his expression is somewhat gloomy - this matter if the school does not check, indicating that this is a problem within the school.

  But this is, after all, a national key laboratory, can not afford any blow, if something happens to the laboratory, then their group of people in it... It is very likely to be taken out to take the blame.

  Perhaps, the one who will be most easily screwed will be chosen to step down.

  Song Jiahe's experience since childhood made him think more.

  In the field of scientific research, each person is originally struggling with a bare heart, if this one heart is used, then .... The consequences are unimaginable.

  This is not only to ruin a student with a bright future, but also to ruin a major project.

  He gathered all his emotions and told the professor about it.

  The old professor was a doctoral director, but he only took one doctoral student, two graduate students, and one of his undergraduate students.

  There were not many people in the National Heavy Laboratory, with his supervisor and another professor as the main leader.

  But now the other professor is away studying, so the people in the lab are now listening to his supervisor's orders.

  Xia Xiaoman has arrived in S City, a total of six people went to Xia Xiaoman is the most Jiaolong team of the little flower, the whole field is around Xia Xiaoman began to "come up with ideas".

  "I think sister can and fish ah, coral ah take pictures and so on." A came up with a bad idea, "Propaganda - come and see, this is the dragon a flower."

  "??" Xia Xiaoman face confused, speechlessly spoke - "This is the school's one hundred and twentieth anniversary, or the dragon recruiting new students ah?!"

  "That's it! Bad idea!" B gave A a stormy chestnut, "I think we can take underwater portraits of senior sister!"

  Only Xia Xiaoman was speechless, even the coach nodded and agreed - "Wonderful! When the time comes, put these photos on display, will certainly attract many people!"

  Xia Xiao just want to ask a question: with such heavy equipment, fully armed, not to mention the face, you can still see a leg leg? Oh, legs can really see ....

  Finally, everyone settled on the idea: just go and take a shot of the daily, and then we will group free diving bah.

  With public money to travel, the dragon team and others ate a good meal in the hotel, feeling particularly cool.

  Xia Xiaoman propped up his cheeks, then picked up his phone and took pictures and sent them to both Zhou Zhou and Song Jiahe.

  [School publicly funded trips, woo woo, simply too comfortable.]

  The original is to say that the cost of what, did not expect is that the coach went to apply down, and then the school also approved.

  Zhou Zhou side, Xia Xiaoman had wanted to reply seriously, did not expect ah - with a man forgot the sister Zhou Zhou, three words to send Xia Xiaoman.


  Xia Xiaoman went back to her room.

  Six people, opened four rooms. Xia Xiaoman and the coach are single, and then the rest of the people are two to a room.

  Diving is originally a very cooperative project, so grouping such things is very simple.

  What happened?

  What else can I do? I've been stuffed with dog food.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  The actual fact is, you've got time for duck today?

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  【Hmm, just left the lab, on the way home.

  It turned out to be more than eight o'clock already. Xia Xiaoman only now saw the time, she subconsciously raised her hand and touched her eyebrows, [You are still going home now duck?

  [Well, picking up Song Jiajia from her brother-in-law's place.

  It's so late, can't we do it tomorrow? The first thing you need to do is to go to bed early.

  Her brother-in-law has a flight tonight and won't have time to send her back.

  Xia Xiaoman suddenly felt some pain for this little one. Although she is now so prodigal, her parents do not care much about her look, but at least in the past, her parents often accompany her side.

  [That... Where is the little cutie's father? Hasn't come back yet?]

  Remembering Song Jiahe said that Song Jiajia's father was abroad, she asked.

  [Well, he's not coming back for a short time.

  [Harm... I miss cutie too, you can ask cutie to find me when you have time, I'm available. But tomorrow is not so good, I have to go out to sea tomorrow, I will come back in the afternoon or evening.

  The actual fact is that Xia Xiaoman doesn't really miss the cutie, but she misses Song Jiahe, but speaking of which, she really misses it a bit.