Song God and his little ancestor - [4] Sitting and chatting with teenagers

  Although Xia Xiaoman was so excited that she was about to explode, in the library, she still didn't say anything.

  Until out of the library doorway, Xia Xiaoman began to bla bla bla -

  "I'm telling you, that person (referring to Song Jiahe) is absolutely, I just stepped on his little white shoes accidentally when I was looking for a book, woo woo, he didn't even blame me, but also asked me if it hurt to hit my head. Ah! What a fairy man, I can do it."

  Xia Xiaoman said very quickly, but also finished the story.

  When he took the key and unlocked the car, he heard Zhou Zhou say - "You two still have this kind of fate?"

  "Yes oh.

  "You're also in a mood to rocket up ninety thousand miles."

  Zhou Zhou speechless, although she thinks Song Jiahe is a very good-looking little brother, but she also considered to know Song Jiahe for so long, have not seen a pig run, always eaten pork, can not say why, it feels Song Jiahe is not suitable for dating.

  "Quickly, quickly and I say ah."

  Excited up Xia Xiaoman can't even care about eating, Zhou Zhou blinked, "Let's just think about what we want to order first, then sit down and talk about it while eating."

  So, the persuaded Xia Xiaoman and Zhou Zhou soon left the school.

  There is a food street near the school, and although it is not very safe at night, the food cannot be disappointed!

  Xia Xiaoman sat and waited for Zhou Zhou's "story".

  When the food came up, Xia Xiaoman's eyes glowed as she looked at Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou's hand adding chili to her bowl gave a beat, she raised her eyes and looked at Xia Xiaoman's eyes glowing, she really couldn't stand the hot eyes, so she sighed, "You want to know Song Jiahe so much?"


  Xia Xiaoman looked at the soda that was brought up, she unscrewed it, poured a full glass into the cup and flattered and boasted, "Zhou Zhou who is it! Isn't she a know-it-all? Hey, hey!"

  The last two sounds are particularly rhyming, Xia Xiaoman watched Zhou Zhou pick up the cup and take a sip of fatty water, "Well, what do you want to ask, if I know."

  "He has a girlfriend not?" Saying this, some apprehension, eyes are a little darker.

  "Who dares to pick it??!" Zhou Zhou frowned for a moment, and then said.

  Zhou Zhou's words made the slightly apprehensive Xia Xiaoman's eyes light up again all of a sudden, "Me me me ah!"

  "I don't think so, Song Jiahe is in the same class as us, but not many people confess, that's because no one dares to go. He is the top science student in S city, or the province. In high school, he turned down Huaqing's invitation and insisted on applying to Z University."

  "Huaqing is a national institution of higher learning ah, why not go?"

  Xia Xiaoman wondered, chopsticks poking a beef ball, holding chopsticks hand a meal, looking at Zhou Zhou asked.

  Then guessed, is it because the girl he likes is going to apply for Z University?

  Oooooooooooo, is she going to miss this flower?

  The little person in her heart was torn, and if she could, she was afraid that her eyebrows would be tied into a bow.

  If Zhou Zhou knew her guess, she was afraid she would have to give Xia Xiaoman a fried chestnut.

  Just said Song Jiahe no girlfriend, if so, already together, still waiting for Xia Xiaoman?

  "But Huaqing's biology major is not as good as Z University, the University of Z's School of Biological Sciences is the top of the country."

  Although Huaqing is the top of the overall strength of China's colleges and universities, it is not so good in all majors.

  For example, its automatic weapons manufacturing major is not as good as NUST; its whole department of life science college is a bit worse than Z University.

   Z University is the best college in South China, but the overall level is still not as good as Huaqing's.

  "Won't it be a pity?" After all, Huaqing is the best school.

  "Which there is no what can not regret, Song Jiahe is originally the kind of genius ah, and do not need to use the school again gold-plated, and moreover, he did not enter before the Z University is a professor's assistant, in the senior year, participated in the activities, the starting point is much higher than the average person. If you want to gold-plated, it is to go abroad. (Z University's School of Biological Sciences is not the best in the world)"

  "How do you know so well?"

  Xia Xiaoman blinked, "You are also interested in him, huh?"

  Meaningful look.

  "Brother Manchu, my high school is S City First High School, and Song Jiahe a high school, although different classes, but he is the school's popular figure, I can not know it?"

  Zhou Zhou took a bite of chicken wing, "And how to say it, Song Jiahe is very good, but too far, how can not touch the edge."

  Chewed and swallowed.

  "And not God, how can not touch it?"

  Although it is so thought, but Xia Xiaoman's swollen heart was instantly poked a hole, the gas is deflated a large part.

  Xia Xiaoman is a native of G city, naturally in G city a middle school to study, although G city a middle school is already very good, but compared to the next S city, S city a middle school is the best high school in southern China, into this school, in fact, most (about 50%) can be to China's 985, 211 colleges and universities to send talent.

  So a comparison, G city a high school can send into the number of students into the heavy only twenty percent each year, and a large part of all science students.

  And S City is for the South China region enrollment, but there are conditions for the college entrance examination, to meet the region's examinations, or be sent back to the same place.

  Xia Xiaoman grew up in G city, although the family has a house in S city, but she did not want to go to S city to study, plus her grades practice S city a minimum score line did not reach, so simply did not consider this school.

  In short, this is the school Xia Xiaoman couldn't get.

  Another way to think about it is that Song Jiahe is also someone Xia Xiaoman can't get.

  "But we all call him Song God in high school."

  Zhou Zhou thought about it, "Uh... Actually, there are still fewer confessions in the same class, because it's so outstanding that girls feel unworthy of him."

  "And then?"

  Although the gas has lost a large part, but the question should still be asked, salted fish also have the opportunity to turn over, she did not try, how do you know she does not have the opportunity?

  Although her mind has been rested for the most part.

  "And then? Uh..." Zhou Zhou picked up a hot dog sprinkled with cumin and chili powder and took a bite, chewed and swallowed, "What else do you want to know?"

  "Do you have a Wechat?

  Xia Xiaoman took chopsticks and swished fresh fatty beef, then took it out and rubbed it furiously on the sauce.

  "No, I don't know about the club, you have to ask Xiguo about this."

  Xi, full name Xi Nuan, is a girl in their dorm who is particularly keen on club social activities.

  The relationship is not considered much better, after all, just started school, we are limited to roommates, is on the class professional classes, and later did not sit together kind of relationship.

  Xia Xiaoman sighed, "you say I chase him okay?"

  Side said, while a mouthful of a beef stuffed into the mouth.

  "I don't think it's okay." Zhou Zhou glanced at Xia Xiaoman, "we used to high school, there is a fellow school girl, especially good-looking, now seems to have gone to the Chinese drama or North Film, right? Forgot, such a girl, and his confession it, refused."

  Said, she also opened the phone, to Xia Xiaoman a look.

  This girl looks quite innocent, and the features are also very distinct, swirling with a taste of white lotus.

  "What if people's aesthetics look like mine?"

  Xia Xiaoman blinked, "Besides this girl, a smell of white lotus flower."

  "How do you know?"

  Zhou Zhou a meal, Xia Xiaoman see people or see quite accurately, "that girl is indeed not very good in the girls' reputation, but very popular with the boys."

  Xia Xiaoman deflated his mouth, did not say anything.

  Zhou Zhou carefully examined Xia Xiaoman for a moment, found Xia Xiaoman looks although not delicate, but very atmospheric, but also very comfortable, thought, reassured Xia Xiaoman said - "I think your aesthetic long on the point of friends."

  Xia Xiaoman this face, long on the point of everyone's aesthetic, not the kind of impact of sultry beauty, but a very generous, comfortable feeling.

  Take the words of Zhou Zhou - put in ancient times is a big girl, put in the Republic of China is a lady famous lady.

  Can be very comfortable as a friend, she as a big sister or a little sister next door can be, is when the girlfriend is not very good, because the feeling Xia Xiaoman is not pampered, little bird does not up.

  Boys looking for a girlfriend well ... All like a little birdy 8, Xia Xiaoman this big eagle, few boys are willing to tame, right?

  Although it is so thought, Zhou Zhou still did not say it, after all, her own character also has a bad taste of softness in it.

  "Saying that I seem like central air conditioning."

  Xia Xiaoman bit a bite of crispy sausage, that strong, the gravy inside at the tip of the tongue taste buds bloom out the most beautiful fireworks.

  "You do look quite like it."

  Zhou Zhou heard the words, nodded approvingly, "How about it, you'll take a look on the school's confession wall, maybe you can find Song Jiahe's information, but I advise you not to get too hopeful, Song Jiahe himself, I reckon he'll just end up alone."

  "Eating is not enough to plug your mouth!" Xia Xiaoman gave her a white look.