Song God and his little ancestor - [38] Xiao Song, someone is sending you information

  "Experiment No. 1 building 601, you take the elevator up, the first room is."

  Song Jiahe actually let her into the laboratory to take a look, Xia Xiaoman inwardly exclaimed: fantastic woo woo woo woo. So she grabbed the information hands are slightly tight.

  "When you enter the first building, the password is XXXXXXX."


  There was no one guarding under the experiment, Xia Xiaoman stood at the gate and entered the password at the swipe card machine and went in the experiment number one building.

  How to say it, the decoration of the experimental building is actually the same as other academic buildings, but this experimental building No. 1, uh, hanging too many outstanding people.

  Sure enough, it's a key faculty, the style is just different from others'.

  Xia Xiaoman took a look and found that the column of the outstanding students list, Song Jiahe was also on it.

  He happened to be the first in the third row, and compared to the people around him, he looked more handsome.

  Below it was written - Administrative Class: Class XX Biology Experimental Class I1.

  And then that's it, no more? Xia Xiaoman looked at the others again and found that, oh - so this was the ranking of the top students in the experimental biology class.

  There is no one on the list who is not in the experimental class, the double hundred class.

  The experimental class is not quite the same as the double hundred class, but speaking of which, many people in the experimental class will enter the lab in the second semester of their freshman year and find a mentor only in their sophomore year; the double hundred class is assigned a mentor in the second semester of their freshman year and enter the lab in the first semester of their sophomore year.

  Like Song Jiahe, who found a mentor in the first semester of his freshman year and then entered the lab, is still a minority.

  Retracted his mind and looked for the elevator.

  While waiting for the elevator, found a silver-haired old man also waiting, he wore can be formal, pink shirt outside the black vest cedar, hair combed neatly. Xia Xiaoman did not look at the face, subconsciously shouted: "Good teacher."

  The old man looked at Xia Xiaoman and smiled, "Hello, little girl! You're still in the lab after class? How diligent!"

  .... Xia Xiaoman, who came to deliver the information just to see the man's smile distorted, she took a look at the old man and found - oh my!!! This is the same old man whose tennis ball beat her to death!!!

  "Uh huh, I'm here to deliver the information."

  "And where are you delivering it to?" The old man asked, and then as soon as the elevator opened, and as a result of watching Xia Xiaoman press the sixth floor, the girl had the benefit of hindsight, "601, teacher, where are you going?"

  "I'm also going to the sixth floor." Xia Xiaoman always felt that there was something in the old man's smile, but she just couldn't tell.

  The sixth floor soon arrived, and she pressed the open door button, letting the old man go out first. The old man smilingly asked, "601 is it ...... I'll take you in."

  "I can go in?" Xia Xiaoman blinked.

  "Of course, I'll take you not."

  Then the old professor smiled, and took Xia Xiaoman into the laboratory.

  It turned out that the doorway into 601 was there was another white door, and the white door had a small glass window to see inside.

  Although she came in, but came to the place where the lab put things, that is, the storage room where the people who entered put their bags.

  The old professor smiled, "You're not coming in here?"

  He opened his locker and took out his lab coat, then the white door opened and the old professor shouted, "Xiao Song, someone is sending you information!"

  "??" Xia Xiaoman looked at Song Jiahe, and then at the old man, with a bewildered and confused face, she didn't seem to say anything ba?

  Song Jiahe glanced at Xia Xiaoman, seemed to be gentle between the eyebrows, smiled at the old man, "Teacher, you're here?"

  "Coming, coming, the data registration is finished, right?" The old professor smiled, "You can go after registration, you have also been busy all afternoon, put the data away, Xiao Jiang will come over to integrate in the evening. Don't make people girl wait for you ah."

  Turned to Xia Xiaoman and said - "Little girl, tired of waiting, right? It's okay, I'll let Xiao Song go, you guys have a good meal!"

  Three words were decided to go Xia Xiaoman crooked her head, because she did not know what to say, just smiled at the old professor, the information was handed to Song Jiahe, the old professor took that kraft paper bag from Song Jiahe's hand again, and then patted his shoulder, "Go."

  "What's going on here?" Xia Xiaoman soul asked.

  "My mentor, um... Have you eaten yet?" Song Jiahe said with his back to her.

  Xia Xiaoman stared at him wearing a white lab coat, that is, a white lab coat now, and blurted out, "Song Jiahe, you wear a white lab coat so valiant!"

  Other people wear white coats, only bloated fat, while Song Jiahe wears lab coat, his body shape will all show up.

  Song Jiahe took off the lab coat hand a meal, then folded the lab coat, put it into the locker, took out his black shoulder bag, turned around and heard the sound of grunting from somewhere.

  Xia Xiaoman coughed, "cough, I have not eaten dinner, I heard the teacher say that you also did not eat, let's go eat, I opened the little sheep, take you to a meal ah, where the tomato chicken steak is the most delicious."

  When saying this, Xia Xiaoman's face are a little red, it is all embarrassed to get, you try in front of your favorite people hungry in the ring? Look at the ground there is a hole, you will not immediately want to drill into it!


  Xia Xiaoman scratched his cheeks, then asked tentatively - "Why did your mentor guess that I was here to find you ah?"

  Subtext: do many people come to you?

  "Maybe it's just a coincidence." Song Jiahe didn't explain.

  In fact, where was the coincidence, it was just that the professor saw it.

  It was the day Xia Xiaoman stopped Song Jiahe to deliver milk, it just so happened that his tutor was going up the stairs and saw it. When waiting for the elevator to go up, the professor said with a smile - "Little Song ah! Young is really good! When your teacher I was young, I was also chased by many people, and your teacher's mother also gave me milk."

  When Song Jiahe faced the old professor, his cold face also softened slightly, not noticing that the corners of his mouth also rose slightly, Song Jiahe just lightly responded, "Mm."

  The girl's ponytail swayed as the sun set on her hair, as if shrouded in a sense of haze.

  The girl turned back towards him and smiled, her eyes flowing, smiling coquettishly, looking forward to the glory, as if a fairy.

  Song Jiahe does not know if such a feeling is unreal, but his long-empty heart seems to have found a sense of belonging, can not help but want to get closer to the girl, grab her.

  Xia Xiaoman said - "Song Jiahe, I saw you on the list of top students in the lab building, you're great."

  "Isn't it easy for your major to get on?"

  Xia Xiaoman heard this and shrugged her shoulders - "They're all in the top few of their majors, how do I have a chance?"

  "You work hard, there will be."

  "Maybe, but ...." According to her English grades, that's hard to say.