Song God and his little ancestor - 33】Fell asleep

  When the movie was almost over, Zhou Zhou saw Xia Xiaoman, who was holding Song Jiahe's arm as a pillow, sleeping contentedly, she twitched her mouth and reached out to pat Xia Xia Xiaoman.

  Xia Xiaoman was probably dazed from her sleep and then rubbed her face against Song Jiahe's arm.

  Song Jiahe's clothes are not too thick, so naturally, they also feel it.

  Song Jiahe only felt that Xia Xiaoman was like a little kitten that seemed to be rubbing against its owner to gain attention.

  A long time later, there was a time when Xia Xiaoman looked for cartoons to watch, remembering the first time they watched a horror movie. The first time they watched a horror movie, they pestered Song Jiahe, who was cooking in the kitchen, and asked Song Jiahe what he felt at that time.

  Song Jiahe was silent for a moment, then lowered his head and kissed Xia Xiaoman's lips, "Forget it, go watch a movie bah."

  "???" A bewildered Xia Xiaoman was sent away with no answer yet.

  When the movie broke up, Xia Xiaoman opened her eyes blankly and looked at Song Jiahe, her voice slightly hoarse - "It's over?!"

  "Yeah." Song Jiahe only felt helpless.

  When out of the theater, Zhou Zhou was helpless, stretched his hands and said - "Brother Manchu, if you are afraid, we can not watch horror films ah. Recently also released a lot of romance films and so on, science fiction and other M blockbusters are a little fake, Shen Fu did not propose."

  "Harm, I'm okay, it's not scared, just quite sleepy."

  Xia Xiaoman does not want to admit that she is a coward, pretending to be completely indifferent said, "You guys are happy."

  She reached out and took Zhou Zhou's shoulders, "If you give me a choice, I'll ...." Then looked at the posters released by the theater, tilted his head and said in a milky voice, "A certain animal is out there bah."

  Laughed, "You guys definitely won't watch cartoons with me bah."

  Xia Xiaoman this statement is indeed true, Shen Fu listened to an ear, and then joked, "Then you really lost your soul."

  "Yeah, yeah. Although the domestic horror film is indeed not good, but the plot and so on and so forth, are okay."

  The whole scene just look at the beginning of Xia Xiaoman immediately let go, pretending to look cold and disdain - "It's as if I became a super bright light bulb, this baby does not want to go with you."

  Lifting her chin, she proudly followed behind a certain person.

  "Pfft." Zhou Zhou laughed out loud.

  Shen Fu was a little unsure.

  Zhou Zhou nuzzled, her eyes indicated Shen Fu, so that Shen Fu looked at Xia Xiaoman who was following behind a certain person in a fart, and laughed, "Don't you think Brother Manchu is very much like a little corgi?"

  "It really is a bit like." A very cuddly Shen Fu brainstormed to.

  Originally several people still do not know what the next trip is, the result Shen Fu received a call from the professor, said the experiment has some problems, let them both hurry back to the trip.

  Xia Xiaoman did not care, so she looked at Zhou Zhou.

  Zhou Zhou thought - "I want to eat barbecue, why don't we both go eat barbecue ba."


  Song Jiahe also saw the news, the final four people can only be so big road to the sky, each side.

  Find a barbecue restaurant, the two sat down, after ordering, Xia Xiaoman is a little gossip about the relationship between the two people -

  "Quick, quick, quick, give your sister chatter, you two progress to what extent ah?"

  Xia Xiaoman waited for the charcoal stove to be almost hot and chucked a piece of fatty beef on top.

  "Uh, what what degree?" Zhou Zhou opened a can of beer for herself, then helped Xia Xiaoman open her grape juice.

  Xia Xiaoman is not keeping her nails, so like the easy-open cans, they are opened for Zhou Zhou.

  "You and Shen Fu ah! What do you think of Shen Fu?!"

  Xia Xiaoman took the clip, flipped the fatty beef, then put a piece of chicken steak marinated in sauce on it, and then said thanks when Zhou Zhou handed over the drink.

  "Uh, he's not bad." Zhou Zhou thought for a moment, "Well, it fits my standards."

  "So how's it going?! Get off the list to buy me dinner!"

  "This ...." Zhou Zhou is not allowed to say, "Became and say bah."

  Xia Xiaoman divided the fatty beef, then Zhou Zhou took the clip and put the squid intestine, then took the chopsticks and held the fatty beef dipped in the sauce, "What about you?!"

  "I... I'm just like that, I'm trying to catch up, not I can't help it."

  Xia Xiaoman just shrugged helplessly, "But, things happen."

  She soon regained her confidence, "Look! Today there is a very good contact with Song Jiahe."

  "Yes, you sleep with people as a pillow, just about left drool."

  Xia Xiaoman just happened to clip the chicken stained with chili powder, choking her to hastily pull out a tissue and cover her mouth coughing furiously.

  "You say this, not very elegant." Hastily retorted, "I just want to eat your melon, if possible, Shen Fu is a very good object ah, met all your requirements, and you two also have feelings."

  "Yes, but don't you think, it came too soon?"

  Zhou Zhou just felt a little surreal, "If I agree to be with Shen Fu, I don't know, is it going to break up soon?"

  "??" Zhou Zhou who is already considering breaking up before they are together, Xia Xiaoman just wants to ask - are you serious?

  "Other people are thinking about the happy life after being together; you are thinking about how long it will take to break up after being together?"

  If possible, Xia Xiaoman only wants to give Zhou Zhou a title "the fastest ending fantasy in history".

  "Harm, sometimes you will think about it." Zhou Zhou took a sip of beer, and then held the meat, leaning on the charcoal stove, "Brother Manchu, I'll ask you honestly."

  The tone of voice suddenly became a lot more serious, Xia Xiaoman strange look at her, "ask."

  "Brother Manchu, have you ever thought, if you continue to say you like Song Jiahe next time, Song Jiahe responds by saying she likes you, what should you do?"

  This sentence, again, shocked Xia Xiaoman.

  Her pupils dilated a little, then she laughed dryly, "Not bla?"

  Perhaps it was because she had been rejected before, so for her, it was the norm for Song Jiahe to reject her.

  And, she was engrossed as if she was on her way to chase Song Jiahe and nothing else just as if liking Song Jiahe was like a challenge, chasing Song Jiahe was also a challenge. When she looked at Song Jiahe, her heart would beat wildly and she could not help but rejoice.

  But only, she did not think, if Song Jiahe really said yes to her, what to do?

  Zhou Zhou looked at this expression of Xia Xiaoman, kind of clear, she could not help but sigh a few times.

  She and Shen Fu occasionally talk about Xia Xiaoman and Song Jiahe, Shen Fu said - don't look at Song Jiahe so cold, he is more or less the same to everyone.

  However, Xia Xiaoman can approach Song Jiahe, Song Jiahe also did not reject her, it means that it is likely that Song Jiahe also has this mind.

  She also noticed that liking a person is easy to suffer from uncertainty and uncertainty, especially in the case of unrequited love. Even if she likes Shen Fu a little, it is also full of uncertainty and hesitation.

  But Xia Xiaoman did not, she seems to have a passion poured on it, and is willing to pursue with all her strength.

  Is this the liking between men and women? Or is it just the blind worship of gods and goddesses?

  "Song God this person, really excellent, but in fact we all do not know much about him."

  Zhou Zhou is also not persuading Xia Xiaoman not to like Song Jiahe, just that she feels that this person, Song Jiahe, is not simple.

  "Actually, I also know." Xia Xiaoman is a little hesitant, her mind is a little confused, to be honest, she does not want to think about these things, so she is avoiding.

  The two people, then silent for a while, began to eat.