Song God and his little ancestor - [32] First Kiss

  After a while, Xia Xiaoman looked at the time, and then started to "do evil" again.

  She reached out and quietly tugged on Song Jiahe's sleeve, "If..."

  "I mean if, later especially scary, you can lend me blocking well?" Xia Xiaoman looked at Song Jiahe with pity.

  It is about being soft to her heart with this pitiful look, "Good."

  Song Jiahe nodded her head and agreed.

  "Song Jiahe! You're really an absolutely invincible super good person." Xia Xiaoman smiled.

  The original anxiety was wiped away, leaving only pleasure. Looking at her arched eyebrows, under the warm yellow light, it seemed to have a different feeling.

  Song Jiahe felt that his heart was not calm at that moment, he could clearly feel that time seemed to stand still for a moment, and his breathing became heavy.

  In fact, Song Jiahe knows - Xia Xiaoman said so many times that she likes him, in fact, really just like it.

  For example, like his face, like his temperament, like his body, but never said that she liked him as a person.

  Song Jia lowered his eyes and thought somewhat sarcastically - how many people have been fooled by this skin and let people sink infinitely.

  How much does Xia Xiaoman like him?

  If this skin is destroyed, like still remains?

  He suddenly, very much want to know the answer.

  Although he does not understand what like is, but have not seen a pig run, always eaten pork bah.

  His mother loved his father very much, so he could see that like is not like that. Just like Shen Evening, she didn't like her little uncle, so that's why she was so dry.

  He rejected a lot of people in the past, and most of them would get in the way or were really too sad and stopped chasing him when they were rejected.

  Previously he rejected Xia Xiaoman several times, but Xia Xiaoman is still my own way, no change, or a heartless look.

  And Xia Xiaoman contact these times, he could see, Xia Xiaoman although big-hearted, but the feelings are very delicate.

  Although he was a little surprised that such a sensitive girl for feelings, how to resist the pressure, a faceless look to say provocative words, in pursuit of a boy.

  Xia Xiaoman is a very contradictory person. This is how Song Jiahe came to the conclusion.

  For example, Xia Xiaoman is very easy to get close to others. When donating blood, Xia Xiaoman was able to talk to the nurse; she was able to meet Shen Fu in the water class and talk to him.

  She is also a person who can't hide her mind and can't hold her temper, very open, but at the same time also very restrained.

  She seems to get along well, but in fact it is difficult to approach, just like Xia Xiaoman always said she liked herself, but never thought of including herself in her future life, but just treat him as a kind of seasoning in the dull life.

  So, he did not want to make a response.

  But, he was moved.

  His heart is moved, never by chance. He thought that he could take back the fluttering heart very well, but he couldn't do it, it was a bit ridiculous.

  His indulgence eventually led him into the abyss.

  Xia Xiaoman did not know how much Song Jiahe's heart was thinking because of this simple smile of hers.

  But all this may not be too important to Xia Xiaoman.

  Waiting for the entrance, Xia Xiaoman like a small daughter-in-law, small steps followed behind Song Jiahe, then stretched out his left hand also pulled his sleeve, "Song Jiahe, what you said to lend me block."

  "Got it." Song Jiahe voice is clear and cold, can not hear any emotions.

  This movie is 2D, naturally no need for glasses.

  Their position in the middle four of the ninth row, Shen Fu, Zhou Zhou, Xia Xiaoman, Song Jiahe in turn seated.

  Once seated, Zhou Zhou and Xia Xiaoman took out their phones to take a few selfies.

  After shooting, Shen Fu pestered Zhou Zhou, saying he also wanted to take pictures with Zhou Zhou and so on and so forth. Xia Xiaoman turned her head and looked at Song Jiahe, "Let's take a picture too."

  A very natural tone, like a question between ordinary friends, but Xia Xiaoman's heart is a little nervous. If possible, this is the first photo of her and Song Jiahe together duck!

  Song Jiahe lightly responded - "Mm."

  So, when Xia Xiaoman pressed the button, the first photo of the two of them appeared.

  Xia Xiaoman smiled silly, and then held the phone repeatedly look at the action by Song Jiahe eyes, his right finger subconsciously knocked the leaning hand. Then the thumb and index finger rubbed a little, he kind of wanted to pinch Xia Xiaoman's chubby cheeks.

  The smile is too silly and cute.

  Because a photo and satisfied Xia Xiaoman still ushered in the opening of the movie.

  The movie opens with the heroine going to a deserted place alone in order to pick the wind.

  Xia Xiaoman saw this scene inside: not bla, a girl, can not protect themselves? Run so far away from the place why?

  Completely forget that when she went diving, she also went to the most dangerous place in the deep sea. Although deep sea diving, there will be teammates. But the ordinary snorkeling, are she went alone.

  Then the heroine lived in an ancient castle.

  Xia Xiaoman at the moment and the gods: live what is not good, must live in an ancient castle? Not afraid to hit a ghost?

  Then, Xia Xiaoman was pulled back to her thoughts by the heroine's scream, into the eyes of a miserable human face with blood in the eyes.

  Xia Xiaoman was scared to death, her eyes widened and her sweat hair stood up.

  She subconsciously reached out and grabbed Song Jiahe's hand.

  Song Jiahe looked at the scared out of her mind Xia Xiaoman, secretly sighed: what a little poor thing.

  He stretched out his right hand and patted the back of her hand, "Don't be afraid."

  His voice was very small, almost a murmur, but fortunately he spoke close to Xia Xiaoman's ear, Xia Xiaoman heard it.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  Because of Song Jiahe's voice, she subconsciously moved closer.

  So - Song Jiahe's cold lips kissed Xia Xiaoman's ear chakra.

  Xia Xiaoman's heart: !!! Song Jiahe's lips were a little warm!

  Under the dark curtain, Song Jiahe looked puzzled and quickly drew away from his body.

  As a result, a brain is a certain color as well as waste Xia Xiaoman in the nonsense, on the horror BGM (background music) fell asleep.

  Holding Song Jiahe's left arm, like grabbing a drowning person grabbed a floating duckweed, grasping it to death.

  Xia Xiaoman sleep is comfortable, Song Jiahe's heart is stuffed with a lot of things.

  The whole process, Xia Xiaoman opened the beginning a little, is the heroine picking, then live in the ancient castle, and then to the sudden appearance of the human face.

  About a reliance, nightmares are not done.

  Xia Xiaoman sniffed the faint mint fragrance and went to sleep.

  She was able to practice this kind of sleeping skill, much because she used to do this kind of thing.

  As before high school, she was a rebellious kind, often late, and then punished standing. Later on, she practiced the trick of being able to fall asleep even while standing and not being noticed.