Song God and his little ancestor - [31] Let's watch a horror movie

  Shen Fu looked at everyone is almost eaten, said - "Well, we go to see a movie later ba."

  "Recently on a new horror movie, how about going to see it together."

  This is what he proposed. After all, if you have a dinner date, you will either go to the amusement park or to the cinema or sing Karaoke next.

  The playground to play a day to enjoy, singing K well, he was not sure Song Jiahe will go, but to see the movie will be fine.

  The atmosphere is good, the time is also suitable, avoiding the hot afternoon.

  Zhou Zhou nodded in agreement, "horror movie, good duck!"

  Speaking up eyes are shining, she does like horror movies.

  Now that Shen Fu has suggested it, they don't have to struggle with what to do after dinner.

  Song Jiahe indifferent, nod.

  Xia Xiaoman heard the proposal and felt some dry mouth.

  Picked up the xuan rice tea, sip, thinking: horror film ah? She saw the fear of the whole scene to close the eyes, fainted from the shock.

  Do not look Xia Xiaoman big grin as if nothing is afraid of the appearance, in fact, the guts of very small.

  The usual domineering, but is pretending to cope with the look, but many people take it seriously, naturally did not pay attention to the bottom of her is a false death.

  Song Jiahe was keen to look at the unnatural Xia Xiaoman glance, he saw Xia Xiaoman is actually very weak.

  But he did not raise objections, the timid protagonist wanted to see, he raised objections is not good.

  If Xia Xiaoman has the ability to read minds, then she will definitely be hot tears directly rushed up to hug Song Jiahe.

  Crying out - this is the gods ah! Oh, no! This is the man's that she has her eyes on, just good eyesight!

  After the four left the restaurant, they went up the elevator.

  There was a Wanda Cinema right above the mall, and after the four of them went to the fourth floor together, Shen Fu said he wanted to go with Zhou Zhou to buy tickets.

  Xia Xiaoman nodded, then and Song Jiahe found a seat for four people to wait first.

  Xia Xiaoman sat down, hand on the chin, looking at Song Jiahe, sighed before speaking: "Song Jiahe, you like to watch horror movies?"

  Song Jiahe looked at Xia Xiaoman's pitiful appearance and couldn't help but feel a little funny - since he didn't like it, why didn't he refuse it?

  But he didn't ask, he just replied, "It's okay."

  About the past experience, Song Jiahe never believe in ghosts and gods, so naturally will not be afraid of these.

  Looking at Xia Xiaoman's frustrated face, the ghost opened his mouth - "Since you're afraid, why don't you refuse?"

  "Horror movie well, the best time to develop feelings."

  Xia Xiaoman spoke this sentence, but the intention does not refer to her own, feeling that this sentence some ambiguity, she received: "Shen Fu wants to chase Zhou, always have to give people the opportunity to ba. Horror film is a good opportunity, ah, in the middle of a darkness, suddenly appeared wearing red girl, mouth raised a creepy smile."

  "Who does not look at the heart of the hair? This time, jumping into the arms of the person you like is the best thing to do."

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  To be honest, Xia Xiaoman is very honest in one aspect, she could have pretended she was afraid, (although she really was), and then jumped into Song Jiahe's arms.

  However, she did not want to do so.

  She thinks - two people's relationship does have to be pulled in through physical contact, but she does not care to use this way.

  It's too fake and, moreover, easily annoying.

  "And, how can I say this, I can't spoil your fun ba."

  The Xia Xiaoman of the past was actually very exclusive and proud.

  She would take care of others, but didn't care to do such things.

  Maybe it was the diving that changed her and made it clear to her - how important it is to have a friend who is willing to deliver the back.

  Perhaps it was this kind of thinking at work that Xia Xiaoman was willing to submit to others' opinions and then back off.

  Song Jiahe looked around at the girls all holding popcorn and eating, and occasionally drinking two sips of Coke.

  Looking down at Xia Xiaoman, whose chin was poking on his arm and who was looking at him with bated breath, asked - "Do you want to eat something?"

  "What?" Xia Xiaoman felt some fantasy, Song Jiahe actually asked whether to eat something?

  "I see other girls will eat popcorn and so on, do you want to eat?"

  "No, no, I always watch movies without eating, and I'm also very full."

  Xia Xiaoman refused, although if Song Jiahe bought it for her, she could fly with joy, but she really does not love to eat such things.

  Popcorn is, uh, sweet and greasy, but there's no taste in it.

  She might as well buy a matcha-flavored snow maiden.

  Although her mind was thinking this way, she continued, "Zhou Zhou should eat, but Shen Fu will definitely drag Zhou Zhou to buy it."

  "Oh." Song Jiahe didn't care about Shen Fu and Zhou Zhou's affairs, so naturally her tone was cold and she tapped her phone to send a message.

  As expected, Zhou Zhou returned with a bucket of popcorn, and then Shen Fu was holding two cups of Coke.

  Song Jiahe and Xia Xiaoman are not drinking, Song Jiahe sent a message to Shen Fu, meaning that they both do not need to eat and drink.

  Shen Fu bought the one closest to the present time, the more the time came, the more Xia Xiaoman looked a little anxious, involuntarily scratching his chin.

  Song Jiahe also found Xia Xiaoman's restlessness, but when he looked at Xia Xiaoman, Xia Xiaoman was thinking, no time to observe Song Jiahe.

  When Xia Xiaoman retrieved her thoughts and went to look at the person she liked, she found that Song Jiahe was still looking old and calm.

  Xia Xiaoman then came forward, what is he looking at, so calm?

  --The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the person you like.

  Song Jiahe actually took this time to read the word...?

  The ball, you are out to play good bleat, reading what words? I'm just asking, what words are you reading?

  "Song Jiahe, is there any other place in your life besides studying? For example..."

  Xia Xiaoman trailed the tone of her voice, her mind was now on Song Jiahe, temporarily forgetting about the horror movie.

  Because Xia Xiaoman trailed off, Song Jiahe put her eyes on Xia Xiaoman's body and heard her say - "Like mine?"

  Song Jiahe did not respond, Xia Xiaoman suddenly felt a little bored.

  After saying so many words, it's like talking to yourself, how to tease ah? How to chat on?

  I'm speechless.

  The two people sitting on the side of the Shen Fu and Zhou Zhou do not know what they are discussing, the discussion of the gleeful fingers and feet.

  Boing boing, so envious of others ah.

  But this has nothing, because the two people are in love, mutual crush.

  Harm, today and made a lemon.

  Xia Xiaoman silently reassured himself, all right all right, at least she also watched a movie with Song Jiahe.

  Other people, there is no chance!

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  So thinking, Xia Xiaoman is a bit bereft.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.