Song God and his little ancestor - [3] A Surprise Glance

  Today is Friday and the library opens at 2:30 pm.

  If it's a weekend, it's open all day, but only for those who have registration, which means if you're not a ZU student, you still need to apply for an appointment.

  Because of the openness of the school, there are also two museums built inside the school, which are also used as G city attractions, so there are still a lot of people during the week, so the dormitory system is very strict, and you have to swipe your card to enter and exit, and you have to register without your card.

  Zhou Zhou and other students have come to the library several times is naturally better than Xia Xiaoman, who has come once, but she is not stupid, standing on the second floor there to look at the signs.

  Zhou Zhou then pointed to the electronic screen, meaning that she had to find the floor with the code where her book was located through the electronic board.

  The two of them took the elevator to the eighth floor, Xia Xiaoman saw that the sign said that the eighth floor was a literature counter, so she guessed that Zhou Zhou was looking for some literature books.

  Xia Xiaoman is satisfied that not in this kind of classic literature, just from the outside to look at the I Hall is full of people, deflated mouth, pulled Zhou Zhou's sleeve, will type on the phone to her to see the words -

  There are too many people here, right, you find a good book, we go somewhere else to read!

  Zhou Zhou nodded, Xia Xiaoman hooked his lips, the corners of his eyes rose slightly.

  Although Zhou Zhou did not know why Xia Xiaoman was suddenly in a good mood, but still smiled and let Xia Xiaoman go find a seat first.

  Xia Xiaoman pointed to the upper floor and whispered, "I'll go to the tenth floor to see, WeChat to find you oh."

  Zhou Zhou naturally has no opinion.

  The ninth floor is the life science books counter, Xia Xiaoman wants to study medicine, but biology is really bad.

  Plus the first year of high school reading, points and points, the lifeblood of students, although the family did not interfere too much, but still want Xia Xiaoman read literature.

  At that time Xia Xiaoman's interest in history and geography came up again, so he chose liberal arts in the second semester of senior high school.

  Xia Xiaoman walked along the bookshelf, then stood in front of a bookshelf, raised her head, and happened to see in front of her - "Chinese Journal of Pathogenic Biology", staring at that magazine, she was a little lost in thought.

  How to say, in fact, she quite regrets, especially after she has experienced so many things, more regret that she chose the literature for the so-called easy and score...

  So much so that she is now studying the profession, in fact, not much interest.

  But she knew that life, ah, sometimes is like this.

  Once the choice is made, there is no way to go back.

  She wanted to see what books were placed higher up, so she took a step back slightly, but she didn't realize that in that moment of daze, there was also someone standing behind her.

  So, the young girl slightly raised her head, hit a person's back, the back heel seems to have stepped on someone.

  Xia Xiaoman simply wanted to cry, she felt a strange pain in the back of her head, then still very quickly turned around, whispered, "Sorry sorry, I didn't see anyone, sorry."

  Lowering her head, she saw that the man's white shoes were scuffed by her own shoes with a little black footprint, and her scalp was about to explode -

  Because she was in junior high school, she often accidentally stepped on her own sisters' white shoes, receiving each time her sisters wanted to beat her up in the eyes, Xia Xiaoman's heart trembled.

  The man also turned around, "It's okay."

  The teenager's voice was originally very clear, but because the voice was lowered in the library, with a little more magnetic.

  The girl looked up and saw the teenager. His eyes were a little light brown, but it was a pair of eyes that seemed to carry an endless attraction that sucked her soul away.

  The teenager was very white, but not the kind of pale that lost blood, black hair slightly fluffy, with a slight curl, eyebrows are not thick, but just the right amount, not abrupt.

  He slightly pursed his lips, revealing a shallow pear swirl.

  Eyes down, the teenager's throat knot slid up and down, white round-neck T-shirt, holding a book in his hand.

  His hands were large, with well-defined bones, and you could see the bruises.

  The hand holding the book carries a wristwatch, can't tell what brand it is, but you can see that the nails are trimmed round, is a particularly clean boy, right.

  The body also has a light mint smell, smelling really refreshing.

  It is about noticing that the young girl is wandering off again, the teenager unconsciously coughed lightly, "Are you okay?"

  "No, I'm fine."

  Xia Xiaoman is a little embarrassed, raised his hand unnaturally in the back of his head rubbed, although it is a little pain, but also that momentary thing.

  The young man also saw the girl's face, looking at the young girl's earlobes flushed, his heart fluttered a little, moved away from the eyes, "That's good."

  After speaking, he left.

  Xia Xiaoman froze, until she could not see the teenager's back, then she came back to her senses.

  Thinking of something, she slapped one hand on the front of her head, cursing herself fiercely in her heart.

  "Xia Xiaoman, you really are Shakespeare no Shi, such a good-looking little brother, how not to ask the name, how not to ask Wechat, how not to ask if there is a girlfriend."

  Then another little person jumped out, "Xia Xiaoman, oooh, oooh, you'll be orphaned."

  A sense of melancholy spread, it is this side of ah.

  The school is so big, it's not sure if we'll see each other again.

  The idea was shaken out of her head, and she had to continue to look upwards, and found that the top was a collection of journals included in the school.

  Well... Seriously, she learned to now, certainly can not read, there is no need to find the life sciences books to torture themselves.

  Thinking about what she was doing recently, Xia Xiaoman intended to climb a staircase along the ninth floor and go up to the tenth floor.

  School library decoration is actually very amazing, the ninth and tenth floor is a duplex kind of feeling, so the tenth floor there is no place to put a table, there is also a floating window seat, a seat a person, perhaps it is specifically for single dogs.

  Xia Xiaoman smiled and found the book she wanted, then the phone vibrated in the bag, she saw the message, Zhou Zhou found the location, on the ninth floor.

  After finding Zhou Zhou with the book, she sat down and looked out the window, there was no particular nice view.

  So she put on her headphones and played soothing music, as if she had shrunk herself into her own world.

  After fingerprint unlocking, open an iPad app and pick up a pen to write something on it.

  Writing and writing, when the inspiration did not have to look up around, found her opposite should be someone, because there are several books open and put there, she did not pay attention to what.

  When she put pen to paper for a short time, Zhou Zhou hit her with her elbow, Xia Xiaoman was not sure, and looked at Zhou Zhou strangely.

  Zhou Zhou's eyes and jerk like, do not know want to express what.

  Finally she followed Zhou Zhou's eyes and looked at the opposite side of herself.

  The eyes fell on a person's face.

  The man who is the only one who has ever been in the world.

  It was that boy just now!!!

  Xia Xiaoman felt her heart was about to explode - it was such a coincidence!

  The coincidence that she thought she was the heroine of an idol drama.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

  Inside: woc, I can do it! I can do it!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! This trip to the library! Blood money is not lost!

  If she could, she would like to turn into a groundhog right now and let out a scream.

  Xia Xiaoman didn't know what he was reading, but only saw a black Baile pen in his skeletal hand, don't ask why, because she used the same kind of pen.

  The teenager does not care how much Xia Xiaoman looks like a bad wolf, and continues to write quietly in his own world.

  The next door's Zhou Zhou afterglow glanced at Xia Xiaoman's demented look, elbow rushed to bump Xia Xiaoman, let Xia Xiaoman look at the phone.

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

  [It's not mine, then it's not yours either! What's wrong with looking at it? It's not against the law! Xia Xiaoman retracted her eyes, pressed the phone's 24 keys and replied furiously.

  The way you look, no one can escape, like a vicious wolf know]

  [There is a delicious plate of meat in front of you! I can not look at it! Xia Xiaoman deflated his mouth, continued [you know him? I, forget it, go go go, I'll tell you later!

  The newest male god of the school, I can not know?

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  [So who is he?

  [Song Jiahe ah! Let's go, I'm hungry, while eating.]

  [Good good good]

  The first time I met, oh no, it was only the second time I met, but Xia Xiaoman didn't dare to be impulsive, although it was like a chicken blood general, but she should at least find out what people's bottom line, right?

  What if they have a girlfriend? ....

  No, no, no!

  There will not be ... right?

  Xia Xiaoman felt her veins were going to swell, oooooh, what a god day this is!

  Such a good-looking little brother, definitely want to chase ah, if he does not have a girlfriend.