Song God and his little ancestor - [23] Teenager apologizes


  Xia Xiaoman took the bag, originally wanted to say something, all of a sudden the brain short-circuited, do not know what to say.

  Song Jiahe lowered his eyes and found that the girl's hair was somewhat blue, and under the setting sun, it looked more and more hazy.

  Exquisite eyebrows, looking at people, are wearing deep emotion, Song Jiahe felt like in a dream general.

  Hearing Xia Xiaoman speak, Song Jiahe just came back to her senses, remembering Shen Fu rambling a few days ago, "Xia Xiaoman dyed her head blue-black."

  In fact, Shen recovered words actually not to say Xia Xiaoman, just mention Zhou Zhou, said a Xia Xiaoman dyed blue-black hair is really suitable for her.

  In fact, that day, he also found it, very nice.

  "Sorry." The teenager interrupted the girl's words as he made an apology.

  When apologizing, the teenager also bent slightly, showing his respect.

  He said it sincerely, with all the seriousness in his eyes.


  Xia Xiaoman listened to the serious tone, and looked at Song Jiahe's eyes, a little surprised, sorry for what?

  "I misunderstood you before." The teenager straightened up, you are a very good girl.

  Just the last half of the sentence, he did not say, was swallowed back into the belly.

  Xia Xiaoman did not expect it to be this matter, she arched her eyebrows, very spontaneous said - "I have long forgotten."

  Actually no, but she can't say, she is also a very vindictive little cutie, okay?

  "So..." The girl put her hands behind her back and leaned forward slightly to approach him, "Can I have your weibo?"

  "We've seen each other so many times."

  I originally wanted to say that I have known for so long, but the result is full of calculations, it is estimated that not to half a month.

  But it is true that we have seen a lot of each other.

  In the end, Song Jiahe gave Xia Xiaoman the weibo.

  A total of so many times to ask, finally to weibo, really not easy ah.

  Originally Xia Xiaoman wanted to ask Song Jiahe to have a dinner, but Song Jiahe looked at his watch and said he had something to do in the evening, so Xia Xiaoman could only say goodbye with regret.

  Then Xia Xiaoman went down the path to the basketball court, waited for Zhou Zhou to leave class, and then ate a meal at the faculty.

  While sitting in the staff canteen waiting for Zhou Zhou, Xia Xiaoman brushed up on Song Jiahe's circle of friends.

  With a slight click of her finger, Song Jiahe's avatar was enlarged.

  The photo is a small yellow sun, hand-painted kind of feeling, very cute.

  Xia Xiaoman scratched her head, her avatar is a tomcat, wearing sunglasses with a beak, standing on a chair leaning against the cabinet to call the kind of "mob boss" style.

  Song Jiahe's circle of friends is not something, his circle of friends background is a blank, no photos, even a little life records are not, living like a high imitation number.

  Xia Xiaoman was speechless for a moment.

  Originally thought to brush Song Jiahe's circle of friends, can see what things to come, the results ... There is still nothing.

  This is how to catch up ah?

  When Shen Fu was looking for Song Jiahe after dinner, he looked at Song Jiahe a few more eyes.

  Due to these few glances of Shen Fu, and the appearance of wanting to say something, so Song Jiahe only had to suppress the feeling of annoyance between his eyebrows and opened his mouth to ask - "What's the matter?"

  "Old Fourth, I have a small favor I want you to help." Shen Fu said pitifully, "We're all so close, we can't not help, right?"

  "Hm?" Slightly upward voice tone, meaning that you talk about it, if I can, I will help.

  Shen Fu has known Song Jiahe for so long and knows that although Song Jiahe is cold, does not like to talk and sometimes has a lot of thoughts, but if there is anything to say to him, he is willing to help, he raised his eyebrows "I heard that you seem to be free on Sunday?"

  "No time, to practice the music." Song Jiahe directly refused.

  "No ba..." Shen Fu was instantly deflated, "Don't be like that." Seriously, Song Jiahe has talent and has been practicing piano since childhood, missing a day doesn't bother him. Besides, he learned from others that the project in which Song Jiahe was participating had come to an end, and the lab side gave him leave.

  Then last night, the teacher of the professional course began to pull Shen Fu, and Shen Fu said let him join another project with Song Jiahe to play hands, learn more.

  "I have an appointment with Zhou Zhou to go to the commercial area on Sunday, you see, Zhou Zhou surely can't go out with me alone, right? Surely she will pull her roommate, right? I've approached Tang Snap, he said he's going home this weekend, the family dinner can't be missing; the boss said his department has a fellowship, can't give up a whole forest for a big tree."

  "I have to pull someone to distract others too, so I can get along well with Zhou Zhou! Don't you think so? A good brother? True, I'm calling you brother."

  "How hard it is for me! It's rare to meet a girl I like, she doesn't have Mann's face or Mann's body, but she grows right on my aesthetic point, how hard do you think it is! And I think it! I think she and I can still get in touch with each other. After all, college life is so boring ah! I need to give some sweet love to fill my boring heart!

  Song Jiahe heard these words, think Shen Fu really lack of heart, if the girl he likes heard, afraid to die of anger.

  Shen Fu felt that his mouth is almost worn out, "Moreover, next week, my little uncle will be back, Jiajia that little girl is not miss my little uncle chanting, I go to your house to take Jiajia, and then sent to my little uncle's hands?"

  "What? I have given up..."

  Song Jiajia's mother is Shen Fu's aunt, this girl and Shen Fu have a feud like, always like to fight.

  But Song Jiajia unilaterally, Shen Fu can't be bothered with a child. So he felt Song Jiajia and his little uncle a like, sigh.

  "Okay." Song Jiahe agreed.

  "!!! You are my savior from now on!"

  Shen Fu was excited, in fact, he did not know why Song Jiahe agreed so easily, but it was very good that Song Jiahe could agree.

  Inwardly, he secretly gave himself a compliment - another task given by Zhou Zhou.

  The first thing you need to do is to get to know the people you're talking to, and then turn off the screen.

  After Song Jiahe and Shen Fu went to the lab and stayed for a short time, Song Jiahe left.

  Tonight he had to practice his tunes and then hone his skills with the choir.

  "Student Song, you're here so early?" The choir's conductor greeted Song Jiahe and was a bit surprised to see Song Jiahe arrive so early - although Song Jiahe was only a freshman, he was in the lab most evenings without classes and would not come over here to practice for an hour until after about 9:30.

  "Well, the tune is not too familiar."

  Actually, not really, Song Jiahe just felt that there was something wrong with the tune, and he came to see where he was still not playing well.

  "Oh, okay, did you receive the training and rehearsal time?"

  "Mm." Song Jiahe still said little, the conductor also knew Song Jiahe's nature, and did not say anything.

  The two people then went off to their own training.