Song God and his little ancestor - [1] The beginning of a salty life

  If I had never seen you, then I could have endured the loneliness, so for the rest of my life not to be alone, I chose to raise my smile and run to you. -- Xia Xiaoman

  The sun was lazily hiding behind the clouds, making G City not look so hot.

  "Manchu, let's go, the library!"

  The mushroom-headed roommate drew a tissue and wiped her large black-framed glasses with it while addressing the girl who was squatting at the trash can next to her peeling an orange.

  The leg in the work pants was stuck on the bar of the chair, and the other leg was on the floor, shaking the leg regularly.

  "Wojio de ministry taising (I don't think it's very good)."

  The girl stuffed a mouthful of orange, then slurred, eyes did not share to speak mushroom head a moment, but just as she bit into a mouth full of orange flesh, looked up, happily squinted her eyes, "so sweet ah... Four rice downstairs aunt selling sassafras is delicious, much cheaper than the school supermarket sold, but also sweet."

  Three slashes hanging on the head of the roommate, she wondered, looking at a happy girl, "I say, full brother child, you have come to school for so long, is to eat, eat, sleep, sleep, how did you get in?"

  Although she was saying this, she still handed a satsuma orange to the girl.

  "Luck luck luck."

  The girl's surname was Xia, her name was Xiaoman. She continued to pull the orange out of her roommate's hand, continued to peel it, and then split it in half, "Come, come, eat, eat, eat."

  The roommate wanted to take the half of the orange, and looked at his hand.

  Xia Xiaoman instantly knew what it meant, she handed it over - "Come, come, ah!"

  In a tone like coaxing a baby, she stuffed the orange into her mouth, "Isn't it sweet na."


  The two suddenly ate again, but soon after, the roommate looked at Xia Xiaoman's face and sighed - "What a waste of your good face."

  Xia Xiaoman looks really not bad, white skin, goose egg face, the pair of eyes not to say like Cazlan it, at least shiny, not double eyelids, but the eyes are very large, especially when smiling eyes also look like there are stars in general.

  The only drawback is that her left ear is not very good, but then she went to the doctor and found that only congenital poor hearing, under such conditions, she can still go diving, and then carry on.

  When the arts and sciences are divided into subjects, choose the arts, when the university, just choose a major in accounting, according to her words is to mix a meal, although learned now, she kind of know - how she can not be an accountant.

  She is not the kind of person who stands out in the class, and she has gotten along with people feel that she is a big sister, oh, no, is a very warm big brother.

  Because the smile is really too warm, for people and particularly measured, but also calm, but the character is a big grin.

  So, her people are too good, but that's it, no ambiguity, open and honest, so that people just want to take her as a friend, and everyone in Xia Xiaoman's eyes can only be friends.

  Xia Xiaoman can not say, anyway, is not that feeling.

  "I? What about me?" Xia Xiaoman stuffed the rest of a clove of orange into his roommate's mouth, "harm, little master me, freshman year, not in a hurry, Zhou Zhou, when are you going to find one?"

  "You're not even in a hurry, I'm smaller than you, and I'm not in a hurry."

  Zhou Zhou nodded his head, hearing this Xia Xiaoman gas came up -

  "We are all after 00, what's wrong, what's wrong, who is not a baby after 00?"

  "You can go poor."

  Zhou Zhou knows that the largest girl in the class grade is Xia Xiaoman, it is not her fault, her parents put her in kindergarten for too long as a child, actually forgot that Xia Xiaoman can go to elementary school, according to the normal age, Xia Xiaoman should be in the second year of college.

  Xia Xiaoman then went to the balcony to wash their hands, sassafras, although delicious, but peeled, hands full of orange flavor, strange uncomfortable, mouth humming a little song -

  "I have a small donkey, I never ride it, one day I rode it to the market on a whim..." Freshman year military training had not long passed, and there were no school-level public elective classes to take, so it was relatively easy.

  "So, are you going to the library, you've been fine lately."

  Zhou Zhou poked her head out and asked her.

  Xia Xiaoman looked hesitant, looked like she had to think about it, and then said - "Tonight, the wind and fire children skewer barbecue activities, to go?"

  The wind and fire child skewer, is the school gate out of the food street opened a kebab store, the northeast opened, that grilling technology that is called a good ah.

  Especially for people like Xia Xiaoman, who grew up only eating and not grilling, it is a wonderful word to say.

  "You're not worried about your figure?"

  Zhou Zhou blinked, "Since you're not worried, go ahead, I want to eat grilled fatty beef!!!"

  Successfully goading Zhou Zhou to eat meat, Xia Xiaoman smiled.

  In fact, Zhou Zhou can also go to the library alone, is the school library is super difficult to bar position.

  Plus the library is open, go in the morning, okay. If you go in the afternoon, you have to be very on time at 2:30 at the door, or the position will soon be divided up.

  Xia Xiaoman once into the university, bought a small motor, driving a small motor to school that she called a comfortable, as a school walker.

  Zhou Zhou pulled Xia Xiaoman, but also just want to sleep a little longer, and then go to the time, and save time, do not have to walk; plus a person to the library is not good to find a place.

  After agreeing to go to the library in the afternoon, Xia Xiaoman sat down in her seat, she reached out and opened the computer, looking through things.

  In fact, before going to college, Xia Xiaoman still likes to go to the library, because in her eyes -

  Going to the library = drinking milk tea = eating with friends = going out to play

  This equation is valid.

  Just later, after entering school, found that there are too many masters, Xia Xiaoman is no longer obsessed with becoming a more powerful person.

  In high school and when she used to study, her goal was to be in the top few of the year, to get the bonus kind.

  When she went to college, she was immediately relieved that she still wanted to do something she liked, but of course, all of this was under the completion of her studies.

  Although she thought so, but in reality, she only signed up for one club, but this club has not yet started.

  Although she still holds a position within the class, she is not very busy.

  Anyway, she is not idle, occasionally engaged in study, the rest of the time is hiding in the dormitory.

  Z University is the best university in South China, she can actually go to a better one, but she does not want to be too far from home.

  In addition, the various environments of Z University is already very good, she thought about it, if you go to the capital to read, big bathhouse? Think about it and shivered, afraid of the fear.

  Like now, she became not like to go to the library, not why, go to the library will look like she is a salted fish, not willing to turn over the kind!

  Before the military training she went to the library, the people inside are either preparing for the exams, or in serious review reading books, she wanted to read the dog romance novels have no chance.

  Besides - the dormitory it does not smell well? Not fragrant?

  The three roommates, one especially like various clubs and social activities, one is keen on hard work to earn a little money, Zhou Zhou like and friends outside either shopping, or find a classroom to sit and read a book or what, to Xia Xiaoman left a quiet little world, can make her happy bad.

  But come to school for so long also did not and Zhou Zhou to go to the library, also should not, after all, she is and Zhou Zhou relationship slightly better. Although the role of the sister, in fact, can make Xia Xiaoman remembered in the heart of the friend is really not much, outside hot inside cold is about her kind of people.

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