Song God and his little ancestor - 【34】Confession revealed

  "I may not have told you..."

  Xia Xiaoman's voice was a little dry, she rarely shared this experience with people.

  Maybe some people will never experience these things in their lifetime, so they don't know why Xia Xiaoman would have such thoughts.

  After listening to Xia Xiaoman, the atmosphere inexplicably became a few points heavier.

  So, to break the deadlock, Zhou Zhou reached out and flicked Xia Xiaoman's head - "It's all in the past."

  She raised her beer, "Come on, come on, cheers, cheers, wish you catch up to Song God soon."

  The original is not big eyes a smile, narrowed into a line, seems to be teasing Xia Xiaoman.

  Xia Xiaoman looked at Zhou Zhou who was full of smiles and couldn't help but smile, "Good, but I still want you and Shen Fu to treat me to dinner~"

  The two laughed and laughed, and then the topic was bypassed.

  Girls chatting can't get around clothing, food, housing and transportation, makeup shopping, gossip news.

  Although Xia Xiaoman and Zhou Zhou don't like to talk about people behind their backs, but... It is always possible to spit out the gossip, anyway, there is no one else.

  "Harm, I'll tell you."

  When it comes to gossip, Zhou Zhou looks radiant, she poured a mouthful of beer, blabla: "Do you remember, West said someone in the back of the mountain and Song God confessed things?"

  "Remember." Xia Xiaoman chucked a chopstick of vegetable salad into her bowl, "What."

  "It's Luo Ziqing!" In Xia Xiaoman's state of bewilderment, she was scientifically lectured by Zhou Zhou.

  Luo Ziqing was from the biology department, but not from the experimental class. Her father is a professor in the School of Humanities, with friendship gave an opportunity for Luo Ziqing to take the exam. Luo Ziqing had studied in the laboratory for some time before and had some work experience, so naturally the chance of being selected for the project team would be greater than the same students.

  Originally, Luo Ziqing this person is not bad, although not to say very smart, but perhaps it is love makes people lose their wits.

  She took a glance at Song Jiahe, an assistant at the National Heavy Laboratory, and then begged her father to find a relationship to transfer her to the National Heavy, but it certainly didn't work out.

  The worst thing is - her original project team suffered.

  Because after her confession was rejected, she was too sad, and the result was involved in her work. Finally, due to her negligence, resulting in a batch of reagent damage, and then the project team teacher informed her fault, followed by compensation, but in the face of her father did not record what. But the people in the same group with her were not so happy, and there were not enough people, and finally the teacher of that project team picked Shen Fu to participate, and then borrowed the manpower of the State Heavy.

  "So, what's the point of you talking to me about this?" Xia Xiaoman is not sure, hair-splitting brain venture guess - "Could it be that she hates because of love?"

  "Hahahahahahaha, yes." Zhou Zhou laughed at the thought of this, "I don't know how her brain circuit thought, and then went to the project team teacher said, because Song Jiahe blah blah blah."

  ... Being liked is not scary, being liked by someone with a low IQ is scary.

  "However, in the end, it was found out that it was because Luo Ziqing herself had a problem, she was the problem here."

  Zhou Zhou stretched out her hand and nodded her head, "Her family then took her to treatment, and now she is not even coming to school."

  "Luo Ziqing's father, is the same Luo teacher who gave us a group meeting last time."

  Zhou Zhou shook his head after speaking, "Luo Ziqing is also from S city, but I don't know what school she is in. This is something I heard others talking about when I attended the township meeting, probably half true and half false bla."

  Now is an era of information explosion, from the mouth of others, perhaps like a dish, do not know how many things have been added to it. Xia Xiaoman also just listened and laughed.

  But she really did not think, is such a person, but to her future life has laid the root of the disaster.

  On the way back, Xia Xiaoman and Zhou Zhou passed by the central square when they saw a boy confess his love to a girl in the crowded square, and the girl happily accepted, so the two embraced under a crowd of gossips.

  Zhou Zhou and Xia Xiaoman also became a wave of gourmets and stopped to look.

  Zhou Zhou frowned a little, she didn't think this was so happy, just commented, "That pair must be two lovers in love."

  Not long in school, but have seen many such scenes.

  For example, when they first started school, there were boys shouting their confessions under their dormitory building, saying something like if you promise to sit on my girlfriend, then the back seat of my car will be yours.

  "So, do you want to try to make a grand confession scene like this for Song Jiahe too?" Zhou Zhou drank a little too much beer, probably a little drunk, the brain are a little bad, speaking order reversed a few words, good thing Xia Xiaoman is stroke clear.

  "Then I must be crazy to do so. You also said - people are two lovers."

  Xia Xiaoman gave Zhou Zhou a disgusted look, she would always come together in front of Song Jiahe, but that was all when there were especially few people.

  When I just met Song Jiahe, in the library, she did not say a word; the second meeting was in the playground, there was not much on the track, she chased up when no one could be seen around; the third swimming pool was on the road, there was not much on that road; later when the blood donation, there was not much on the road; this time out, it seems to be quite a lot of people, but not in the school ah. At most, some people look at Song Jiahe because of her face, but they won't recognize them.

  "It's also oh, you don't even think about the future. Hahahahaha, you're just one big wavy head away."

  Why do you want a big wavy head? Because it's a rhyming word above a certain sound - scum girl with big waves!


  Xia Xiaoman carefully thought about this sentence seems to be nothing wrong, there is no rebuttal, she and a drunkard calculating what, "harm, again, I just think, too fast bla, mainly when I saw Song Jiahe, is really have the urge to talk to him."

  Even if she saw a very strangely shaped tree on the road, she wanted to share it.

  She has not liked people and does not know what it feels like to like.

  The TV drama, you like someone, you can not help but make silly; novel, you like someone, will be willing to do a lot of things for him, will think of the future of their happy life together.

  But these for Xia Xiaoman, and not. It was like the words Zhou Zhou asked her during dinner.

  She did not drink beer and was also a little dizzy from the smell of alcohol on Zhou Zhou's body. The thoughts kept alternating as if they were fighting in her divine consciousness, and no one would let go of anyone.

  Two people continued to speak on the topic, and slowly walked back to school.

  After returning to the dormitory, Xia Xiaoman couldn't help but sigh - "Why don't we just make a pair and forget about it, so much (trouble)."

  "Hahahahahaha. I think it can."