Evil Doctor Princess

Mr. Joe's Black Moonlight

Author: si jin
Status: Ongoing
Rating: 5.0


In the eyes of his buddies, Ji Yue is an anomaly. Often skips class, does not fail. From poor areas, not short of money. Has a school girl level face, does not fall in love. Earned a lot of money, not pulling a hair. In the eyes of Mr. Qiao, Ji Yue is actually...a psychopath. ☆★★☆★★ Daily one. Two people go out. Mr. Qiao threw a mask to Chi Yue. Ji Yue: Today there is haze? Mr. Qiao: I'm afraid I can't help but kiss you on the street. ☆★★☆★★ Daily two. As long as Chi Yue is angry, Mr. Qiao will

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