I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 6: Did you guys know about it?

  After Gu Yu Chen and Chu Yue left, Moke directly stopped a cab and got in to prepare to go back to the company, although she was delayed at noon, she still had to meet the company in the afternoon.

  She had just told the driver the location of the company when Muko's cell phone rang.

  "Mom, what's wrong?"

  Moke saw that the caller was her mother, Ning Ruochu, and immediately picked up the phone.

  Although she was already in her fourth year of college, there were not as many classes as before, but after all, it was the last period of school, and Muko cherished it very much in her heart, plus the internship place was also close to the school, so even though her home was in the local area of A City, Muko still lived in school on weekdays, and would only go home on weekends.

  "Xiao Ke ah, come back for dinner tonight?"

  "Mom, what's wrong? Is there something going on at home?"

  "No, nothing, mom just bought more food today, and thinking that mom and dad have not seen you for a while, so I want to ask you to come home for dinner!"

  Muko smiled, she hadn't been home for a while because of her internship recently.

  "Okay, then I'll come home tonight and you make more delicious food, mom."

  "Hey, good! It must be all your favorite food!"

  Hearing Muko's affirmative reply, Ning Ruochu hung up the phone in satisfaction.

  "How about it, is Xiao Ke coming back?"

  In the side has been watching Ning Ruochu call Mu Xun anxiously asked, to know just now he can not wait to get to Ning Ruochu's phone.

  "Well, it's promised."

  "That's good, that's good!"

  Hearing Ning Ruochu's answer, Mu Xun put down his heart.

  "Hey, when your daughter comes back, don't talk too much, Jiaxuan just knows that Xiao Ke will definitely not take the initiative to tell us about this matter, so she will secretly tell us, you don't say anything later!"

  "I know, I really did not expect that Shen Feiyang so wolf heart and dog lung, thanks to our daughter over the years for him so much, we do not dislike their family poor, he did such a thing, I hate, hate ......"

  "Hate what ah, to beat him up? What is the use? We are also blind all these years, actually did not see his true colors, really suffer our daughter, hey ......"

  "Okay, okay, you also do not sad, I believe, Xiao Ke will not be so fragile, I think ah, that kind of scum, it is better to leave early!"

  Mu Xun looked at his wife's sad face, gently took Ning Ruochu, comfortingly patted her shoulder, and his tone gradually eased down.

  The two old men suddenly received a phone call from Su Jiaxuan today, and from Su Jiaxuan's mouth probably knew that Muko was abandoned by Shen Feiyang, the two men at home righteous anger for a long time, once they thought that their daughter must be very sad, the two old men decided to let their daughter go home, after all, only home, is the warmest harbor.

  They will always be Muko's backing, and they don't want Muko to be too sad because of this matter.

  But the two of them also know that Muko in front of them, always report good news, not sad, encounter such things, will certainly first bear in their own hearts, will not let them follow the heart of the annoyance.

  But as parents, no matter what, they will be heartbroken for their daughter, and can only try to comfort Muko well in their own way.

  "Mom and Dad, I'm back!"

  After Muko returned to the company in the afternoon, after reporting the progress of work to Miao Ning, she went back to her post, and after that there was nothing else too much to give her.

  However, Muko knows very well that she is still in the internship period, and basically her work is temporarily assigned by her superiors, so she will be fine after she graduates and becomes a regular employee!

  This thought, Muko heart is not how depressed, thinking of the previous Ning Ruochu phone call, to the end of the day, Muko also simply go home from work.

  "Xiao Ke is back, come, first do eat some fruit, soon you can start to eat ha!"

  Hearing Muko's voice, Ning Ruochu immediately came out from the kitchen, holding a handful of vegetables in his hand, it seems to be helping Muko in the kitchen, after finishing, hearing Muko's call inside the kitchen, and immediately ran in, just signaling Muko to go to the sofa side.

  Muko looked at the direction of the kitchen and smiled, so many years, she has always felt that the two parents have always been very good feelings, occasionally heard others complain about the family atmosphere, Muko is very grateful that they have a pair of parents who have always loved each other.

  Even, when she was with Shen Feiyang, she imagined that after many years, she and Shen Feiyang could also be like her parents, always supporting each other in such a loving way.

  But now, this is not possible!

  The smile on Muko's face disappeared when she thought of Shen Feiyang, silently shaking her head, Muko reminded herself in her heart.

  Shen Feiyang thing, is already in the past tense, she can no longer keep thinking, especially now at home, she more can not let her parents worry with her.

  Even Muko was thinking that if her parents asked about her and Shen Feiyang, she should hide this matter from them for the time being. After all, almost every time she came home, her parents would ask about her, and Shen Feiyang's affairs, naturally, would also be asked about.

  Muko even think about it, if her parents know about this matter, may be more upset in their hearts than herself, after all, it is her own matter, and she is now so big, and how can she still let her parents worry about her matter!

  "Okay, Xiao Ke, go wash your hands and get ready to eat, your father has made a lot of good dishes today, you will like it!"

  Ning Ruochu once again came out of the kitchen with a plate of dishes in her hand, while setting the dishes on the table, and did not forget to call Muko.

  "Mom, let me help you!"

  Muko got up and walked over in the direction of the dining room, and was ready to go into the kitchen and help serve the dishes together.

  "There's dad here, go wash your hands and get ready for dinner!"

  Before Muko could walk into the kitchen, she was stopped by Mu Xun, who was also carrying two million dishes, urging her to hurry up and wash her hands, to serve the dishes, the two of them were enough.

  Muko looked at Mu Xun and then at Ning Ruochu, but finally she could only helplessly and obediently go wash her hands, and then sit squarely back at the table.

  The meal was naturally a happy one, and Muko picked out some school and work things to tell her parents, but never mentioned anything about Shen Feiyang.

  The two of them looked at Muko's unpredictable face and began to have some doubts about the authenticity of the matter, but they believed that Su Jiaxuan would not deceive them with such things, and Muko was afraid that she just did not want them to worry about it!

  It's just that they, as parents, don't want their daughter to keep such unhappy things bottled up in her heart!

  "Xiao Ke, has anything big happened recently?"

  The first one who couldn't resist was Ning Ruochu, but she didn't directly say Shen Feiyang's name, she still felt in her heart that if she mentioned Shen Feiyang's name, I'm afraid it wouldn't be good.

  "No, it's all good lately!"

  Muko did not think much about it, while saying, but also a bite of food, although already ate a lot, but because it is Mu Xun personally cooked, Muko always very like to eat Mu Xun cooking, now naturally is no exception.

  "So, how is the relationship between your classmates?"

  "All quite good ah, almost graduated, we also cherish this last period of time, after a while, it is estimated that the classmates will also be more parties!"

  "Oh, oh, that's good!"

  Ning Ruochu nodded while listening, but never heard what he wanted to hear, his heart also began to be a little anxious.

  "Then, you and Feiyang ......"

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website.

  "Xiao Ke, your mother just wants to know if you're okay out there, if you've been wronged in any way! If anything happens, you must tell mommy and daddy, don't keep it inside!"

  Muko looked at the parents who were nervous, tang Ning Ruochu's words, although interrupted by Mu Xun, but Muko also heard, plus the reaction of Mu Xun later, Muko heart also basically had a judgment.

  "Mom and Dad, do you guys know?"