I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 50: How did I lie to you?

  "Team Leader He, you're looking for me?"   Muko only stayed to say a few words to Li Tongtong before following He Gaoming to his office.   "Muko, let me ask you, do you and Gu Shao, do you know each other?"   Although there was nothing intimate between Muko and Gu Yuchen, He Gaoming still had some disbelief in his heart, how Gu Yuchen just happened to come and ask to see some report.   Unless he and Muko had known each other before, so when he saw Muko, he deliberately relieved her. Of course, even so, He Gaoming did not think that Muko and Gu Yuchen would have an intimate relationship like a couple.   After all, if it was really that kind of relationship, what happened in the morning would not have ended up like this!   Muko did not expect He Gaoming to be so sensitive and ask her such a question.   But Muko only froze for a moment and soon realized that what He Gaoming suspected was not their relationship, his suspicion was really just the literal meaning of what he just said!   "Why would the team leader ask that?"   "Ask you just answer."   Even though he suspected that Muko and Gu Yuchen knew each other, He Gaoming did not flatter Muko because of this. In his heart, he always despised the use of nepotism to achieve his own goals, and the experience that the intern under him brought him back then was something he could never forget.   Muko looked at He Gaoming in front of her, she did not know this team leader very well, so it is not possible to put what He Gaoming actually knows and what he actually wants to know from her.   But for Muko, she took great pains to conceal things in the morning, and now it is impossible to tell He Gaoming, but it seems that if you directly deny it all, the team leader will not believe how it looks.   Since this is the case, Muko gave him a fold in.   "Gu Shao he, should be considered my senior, I don't know if this is considered acquaintance?"   Gu Yu Chen did not still want her to call her senior before, now take his senior's name for a while to use it well.   "Senior?"   "The last time I attended a pep rally at school, I learned that there were still outstanding students like Gu Shao at our school, but Gu Shao had been at our school for a very short time, so not many people knew about it! Maybe Gu Shao knows that I am a student of A University, that's why ......" Muko deliberately said these words with a flattered look on her face, but when she said these words again, a magical idea suddenly appeared in Muko's heart.   The time Gu Yu Chen suddenly went to their school, but did not do anything, but also rescued her at school, he did not go to school for her on purpose, right?   However, Muko quickly dismissed the thought in her head, with a busy man like Gu Yuchen Chen Yu Group's big boss, how could he do such a boring thing because of her!   The fact is that she had nothing between her and Gu Yuchen at that time, right?   The first thing you should do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.   "Is that so?"   He Gao Ming seemed a bit unconvinced, but if that was really the case, it would make sense, if it were him, he might be able to give a boost when he sees the school's junior!   Muko nodded, that's it!   He Gaoming nodded and didn't think much more about it.   "Well, go back to work well, this report did not do badly, but can not be proud because of this, you have to learn something, there are still many things!"   After saying that, He Gaoming waved his hand and let Muko leave.   To He Gaoming, it didn't make much difference whether Muko and Gu Yuchen knew each other or not, but Muko's performance made him change his mind a lot.   After leaving He Gaoming's office, Muko went back to her seat and continued to work, except for some people who looked at her twice when they passed by.   So until noon, Moke politely declined Li Tongtong's invitation to join her for lunch and left the company directly to go to a restaurant.   There was no other reason for Muko to come here, it was just that Gu Yu Chen had sent her a text message after Xin Chen had finished his rounds and would be waiting for her at noon, Muko had a lot of questions in her heart that she wanted to ask Gu Yu Chen, so when it was time for lunch, she came straight over.   "Why did you lie to me!"   The first thing Moke said after sitting opposite Gu Yuchen in the private room he had booked was a direct question. Although the morning had passed, Moke's heart was still a little nagging about Li Chenghao hiding his true identity from her.   "Where did I lie to you."   Gu Yuchen was smiling at Muko, and did not forget to pick up the teapot and pour tea for Muko, afraid that she would be thirsty if she rushed here.   "You still say you are just doing some small business by yourself, you are, where is any small business ah!"   If being in charge of the huge Chen Yu Group is called a small business, then what is called a big business!   "I didn't mean to hide anything from you, it's just that it's not an important matter, besides, I also said that if you want to know about me, as long as you ask, I naturally won't hide anything, but it seems that you never want to ask about me."   Gu Yuchen said, and seemed to gradually have some hint of aggravation.   "When did you ever say that ......" Moke had just finished her sentence when she remembered that Gu Yu Chen had indeed said such a thing at home, and she had even asked Gu Yu Chen what kind of business he was in, only to be interrupted by Gu Yu Chen's words in the background. The first thing you need to do is to ask for the information.   The first thing she did was to ask Gu Yuchen about his business.   "Thinking about it?"   Seeing the change of expression on Muko's face, Gu Yu Chen guessed that Muko should have already remembered, but he himself also thought of Muko's cute appearance that day, and couldn't help but smile again.   "Well, even so, how can you come to our company without even telling me in advance? And also make such a big show ......" He is the big boss of Chen Yu Group, and she is just a trainee of a company under Chen Yu Group, he wants to know her situation in the company, simply don't be too simple ah! But even so, you can't tell her nothing!   "If I tell you, will you still let me go? I know you do not want to disclose our relationship for the time being, the morning arrangement, are you still satisfied?"   Satisfied, how could she not be satisfied! Zhou Minjun didn't come to bully her anymore, and even He Gaoming was much more amiable to her. Moke knew that Gu Yu Chen had done this for her, so how could she be angry with him? The heart was actually warm all the time!   "The first thing you need to do is to eat. You must be hungry now because you left in such a hurry this morning.   The actual fact is that you will be able to get a good deal on your own, and also you will be able to get a good deal on your own.   After these few days of getting along, Muko and Gu Yuchen had become more and more natural with each other, and even talked about things at the company during the course of the meal.   After returning to the office, Muko spent the whole afternoon smoothly, reading some of the information that He Gaoming had given her, and re-reading the report that Gu Yuchen had perfected in the morning, and the parts that Gu Yuchen had changed made Muko absorb a lot.   It was almost the end of the day when Muko received a call from Su Jiaxuan.   "Xiao Ke, are you ready?"