I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 5 My name, don't you want to know

  Muko looked at the luxuriously decorated private restaurant in front of her, she did decide to invite the other party to dinner to say thank you, but also did not want to drain their pockets ah!

  The other side took her here, whether there is no consideration here she can not afford it ah! She was poor, poor!

  Muko's family is not really poor, but compared to the person in front of her, I'm afraid they are really poor!

  Gu Yu Chen and Chu Yue did not notice Muko's changed face, directly under the arrangement of the waiter, into a private box, Muko helpless, can only follow into the.

  It's just that, she usually more or less considered a bit of savings, even if this place is more expensive, it's also as a financial disaster!

  After the three of them were seated, a waiter came in with a menu.

  "Order your food."

  After receiving Gu Yuchen's eyes gesture, Chu Yue said to the waiter.

  Originally, Muko wanted to look at the prices of the dishes on the menu first to prepare herself mentally, but as soon as Chu Yue said this, the waiter walked directly to Chu Yue and brought the menu to him.

  "Does Miss Mu have any taboos not to eat?"

  Chu Yue flipped through the menu while asking towards Muko, as for Gu Yuchen, he didn't speak after sitting down, and only took a sip of tea while Chu Yue was talking, holding his tea cup.

  "Ah! No, I have nothing to avoid."

  Muko originally thought that Chu Yue would directly take the menu to her and let her order, after all, she is the only girl here is not it!

  But after hearing Muko's answer, Chu Yue did not have the intention to take the menu to Muko, but smiled and nodded.

  "We often come here, we are quite familiar with the dishes here, since Miss Mu does not have any taboos, then why not directly I make the decision to order a few of their specialties here!"

  The reason for this is that he doesn't want Mukherjee to be the first one to order the special dishes. The reason he did this was that he didn't want Muko to be shocked by the prices on the menu, and it would be bad if the meal was tasteless.

  Although they didn't know about Muko's situation, what they heard at the entrance of Xia's group before probably made it clear that Muko wasn't someone from a rich and powerful family.

  "Well, then I'll trouble you!"

  The fact that Chu Yue has said so, Muko is also not good enough to say anything, and she really has not been here before, and does not know what dishes are good here, even if they really give her the menu, she is afraid that she does not know what to order.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

  Muko was afraid of not knowing what Gu Yu Chen was, so she couldn't take the initiative to say anything, and Gu Yu Chen didn't open his mouth, but thanks to Chu Yue talking to her, it wasn't too awkward.

  But the taste of the food in this place is really good, Muko this meal, eat is also considered to enjoy.

  But Muko noticed that Gu Yuchen didn't seem to eat much, could it be that he wasn't satisfied with the food here? But this place is obviously their choice!

  But Muko didn't ask too many questions, and the meal took almost an hour to eat.

  "Excuse me, I'm going to the bathroom."

  Chu Yue looked at Gu Yu Chen's repeated gaze on himself and said after coughing lightly, after saying that, he directly got up and walked out of the box.

  After Chu Yue left, Muko had no one to talk to, only Gu Yu Chen. The chopsticks had been put down, and she couldn't pick them up and continue eating to ease the silent awkwardness inside the compartment.

  "The tea here is not bad, it's worth a drink."

  When Gu Yuchen spoke, Muko had just taken a sip of tea and almost didn't choke when she heard Gu Yuchen's voice. This Gu Yu Chen has been silent for so long, suddenly so speak, really some shock to Moke.

  "I'm sorry, did I scare you?"

  Muko immediately shook his head, "No, I'm just a little curious, you, why do you want to help me?"

  This question, has been in Muko's heart for a long time, but just Gu Yu Chen has not opened his mouth, she is not very good to mention.

  "Must there be any reason?"

  "Of course, I don't think, a person like you, would be any kind of nosy person."

  If Chu Yue was here, he would have applauded vigorously for what Muko said.

  "Oh? Then what kind of a person do you think, I am?"

  Muko didn't expect Gu Yu Chen to ask this rhetorical question, and her tightly locked brows had directly responded to what she was thinking inside.

  "Gu Shao is right, it seems that we are meeting for the first time today, right, such a question, how do you think I should answer it? I don't even know who you are yet hey!"

  The man in front of her, she knew nothing about him except that others would call him Gu Shao, and he was asking her what kind of person she thought he was.

  "Gu Yuchen."


  Muko didn't react to what Gu Yuchen was saying.

  "My name, don't you want to know it!"

  "That's not what I meant!"

  God knows, she was just trying to express that she couldn't answer his question, when did she say she wanted to know the other person's name again!

  Moke felt as if she had been trapped by Gu Yu Chen, she was asking him questions, but now he was asking her questions!

  The good thing is, when Muko's heart started to tangle, Chu Yue came back to the box.

  "Young Gu, the company called, there are some things you need to go back to deal with."

  Hearing Chu Yue's words, Muko's heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, to go, she can breathe a sigh of relief!

  "Well, let's go then!"

  The three of them quickly got up and walked out of the box, Muko also quickly thought that she had said that this meal was on her, so as soon as she left the box, she began to make plans to pay the bill, and even began to estimate in her heart that the money she had brought out was enough or not.

  "Miss, the bill for your compartment has already been bought."

  As Muko walked alone to the front desk, the front desk lady told her with a smile.

  Bought? Not that she bought the bill, then she also worried for so long worried about what! It is not possible that Chu Yue said before to go to the bathroom, is over to buy the bill?

  "Didn't we agree that this meal is on me, thank you for helping me out?"

  Back to the two, Muko some uncomfortable said. It felt a little strange to not do what was clearly promised.

  "After all, it was our choice of place, how can we let Miss Mu invite it, if Miss Mu is overwhelmed, then Miss Mu will choose a place next time and invite us again!"

  Chu Yue looked at Gu Yu Chen seems to have no intention of speaking, so he smiled and opened his mouth for him back, to know that he is well-intentioned ah, this is not another opportunity to Gu young to create a see Miss Mu!

  "But ......"

  But she did not intend to eat with Gu Yu Chen again ah! The two of them have no intention to have any chance to interact with each other afterwards! After all, the gap between them is so big!

  "Sorry, Miss Mu, Mr. Gu has to go back to the company to deal with something, originally should send Miss Mu back, now I'm afraid it's too late, why don't I call a car for you!"

  "No, since you have something to do, go ahead, I'll just take a taxi back directly."

  Since the other party has something to do, Muko naturally can not delay the other party, as for this meal, Muko also as Chu Yue is a casual remark, do not intend to put in mind.

  "Then Miss Mu, we will leave first. Gu young, let's go!"

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  "See you next time."

  After Chu Yue went out, Gu Yu Chen also got up to leave, and said these words when he passed by Moke.

  Muko nodded reflexively and said goodbye to Gu Yu Chen, but only after she saw that Gu Yu Chen had already left did she realize what he had just said.

  See you next time, he actually told her to see her next time! They should not have any chance to see each other again!

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