I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 49: Her Luck

  Just as everyone was looking at Muko, a burst of applause was suddenly heard, and then, everyone's eyes immediately shifted to the person who was applauding.

  However, what everyone did not expect was that the person who was applauding was Gu Yuchen.

  "It seems that Zhu is right, Xin Chen's planning department is indeed hiding a crouching tiger, a new employee, but also able to produce such a quality report, I wonder, how long did this report take you?"

  Gu Yuchen was looking at Zhu Qifeng when he spoke, but when he came to the end, he turned to Muko.

  The report was made by a group of people who had been working on it for a long time. The report was slightly modified by Gu Yuchen's hand, although the three of them were present.

  The actual report was made by the three of them, but since Gu Yuchen came here today to give her a show, she couldn't waste Gu Yuchen's kindness.

  "The team leader needed it urgently, so he rushed it out last night."

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time, and they've been in the business for a long time.

  Hearing Muko say so, He Gaoming heart but do not know whether to be happy good or unhappy good. Muko is an employee of his group, to get the praise of the big boss, his face also has a light.

  However, a let him so despised, and even badmouthing the intern, but can make the big boss praise the report, in fact, he saw this report there is nothing to be critical of, this is not in his face!

  Before also looked down on people Muko, and now they make such a good thing to hit the face, he, and how to be happy!


  Gu Yuchen frowned as he spoke. Originally, after hearing Muko's words, the crowd thought that Gu Yuchen would praise him again, after all, to be able to produce such a report in one night, in their opinion, was indeed worth praising.

  However, it was unexpected that Gu Yuchen immediately changed his face, and even his praise just now seemed to have disappeared, a change that made all the people present a bit cautious.

  "Mr. Zhu, Chen Yu Group appreciates high-efficiency employees, but does not want its companies to advocate that employees work overnight to speed up the progress of work.

  Gu Yuchen did not look at Muko again, but turned his head to look at Zhu Qifeng. These words, although Gu Yuchen was looking at Zhu Qifeng, but heard into the hearts of everyone present.

  "Young Gu said yes, we will definitely pay attention in the future."

  Zhu Qifeng heart some slight bitterness, they are such a company, usually overtime is not normal, how do you know that the big boss came over, will say such words, it seems that in the future, even if there is any urgent work, can not just use the way overtime ah! Hey, he, the general manager, can start to worry.

  When the employees heard this, they were naturally a little excited, who likes to work overtime every day! I did not expect their big boss, Chen Yu Group's Gu Shao would say such words in their place, a time, Chen Yu Group's image, in their hearts, the status of a lot higher instantly.

  Originally for Xin Chen was acquired by the Chen Yu Group, in their opinion did not change much, but now, they all began to be glad that they became employees of Xin Chen, and Xin Chen became a member of the Chen Yu Group!

  It's so rare to see a group that thinks about its employees like this!

  The only person who thought differently about Gu Yuchen's words was Muko. As soon as Gu Yu Chen's words came out, Moke thought of what Gu Yu Chen had said to her last night. It seems that Gu Yuchen was just upset about her working overtime for several days in a row.

  But she didn't expect that Gu Yu Chen would say something like that here because she was working overtime! If you don't want her to work overtime, just say so, why do you have to be so ......

  The company's executives are going to have to start worrying.

  Advertising companies are not allowed to work overtime, it is really a special case ......

  The matter of Muko was only one of the episodes of Gu Yu Chen's inspection of Xin Chen, after which Gu Yu Chen did not stay here, but was greeted by Zhu Qifeng and other executives and went on to inspect other departments.

  As for Muko, she naturally did not follow him and stayed in her seat.

  Although Gu Yuchen and his group had already left, the employees of the company left behind, looking at Muko, as if they had already changed.

  One moment, Muko was a small intern that not many people in the company knew, and she was even made difficult by the seniors in her group every day.

  But the next minute, she became the big boss personally praised people, an instant in the whole Xin Chen no one knows no one, after, who will really take her as a trainee to look at it!

  The most obvious one is He Gaoming and Zhou Minjun who are standing beside Muko. Originally, the two of them came over early in the morning to ask about Muko's work situation, intending to make things difficult and taunt her.

  But the current situation, how can they still make things difficult, how to taunt! If they said anything bad about Muko now, wouldn't they be slapping that young man Gu's face? They wouldn't dare to give them a hundred guts!

  "Muko, come with me to the office for a moment."

  He Gao Ming had a black face, glanced at Muko, and left without looking back.

  Zhou Minjun seemed to have not expected He Gaoming to leave like this, but could not say anything, glanced in the direction He Gaoming left, then turned to Moke, wanted to say something, but did not seem to know what to say, and finally just "hummed" to Su Xiao, also left together behind He Gaoming.


  Muko, who was left behind, nodded in response and was ready to pack up her computer and go find He Gaoming again.

  "Muko, you're too good, you actually managed to make something so awesome in one night, and you were even praised by the big boss, I think, they should never dare to bully you again!"

  Li Tongtong took advantage of the fact that both He Gaoming and Zhou Minjun left, slipped to Muko's side, said the latter sentence, deliberately came close to Muko and lowered her voice a few notches.

  "Huh." The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

  "The first thing I thought was that you two knew each other when I saw the big boss coming towards you, but I didn't think it would end up like this, Muko, can I say that in addition to having a few brilliance, you are also very lucky!"

  Otherwise, how else could Gu Yu Chen have met her, and it was so good that Gu Yu Chen saw her report!

  "Yes, very lucky!"

  Perhaps the luckiest thing about her was that she met Gu Yuchen.