I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 48: Finding a scene for her

  "This one, is it the report submitted by this new colleague? How about, let's start with this one!"

  Chu Yue pointed to the document that was already open on Muko's computer and said.

  And Chu Yue's words just finished, the faces of most of the people present, all instantly changed greatly.

  Muko's heart was nervous because this report, she did not finish, looking at Chu Yue, she wanted to curse, what is his bad idea ah! But such words, in this occasion, how can she say it!

  As for He Gaoming and Zhou Minjun, they had no confidence in what Muko had made, and their instant change of expression was due to the fear that Gu Yuchen would not be satisfied with what Muko had made, and by extension, Gu Yuchen would not be satisfied with them either.

  "This ......"

  He Gaoming opened his mouth to stop this proposal of Chu Yue, but before he could say his words, he watched Gu Yuchen suddenly get up, walk a few steps forward and sit down on the stool beside Muko.

  "Let's begin!"

  After Gu Yuchen sat down, he said indifferently, obviously agreeing with what Chu Yue had just said, even if he really intended to be here and start inspecting their work.

  Starting with a report that an intern made in one night that was completely beyond her ability in terms of difficulty.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. The way Gu Yu Chen has always treated her has never caused her any discomfort in her heart.

  But at this time, Moke was a bit confused about Gu Yu Chen's purpose.

  The company's main reason is to humiliate her. Moke shook her head in her heart, she believed Gu Yu Chen would not do that.

  But if that wasn't the case, then what was Gu Yu Chen planning to do now? She hadn't even finished her report, so if she were to be inspected by Gu Yuchen in front of everyone, it would only make her lose face.

  Would Gu Yuchen make her lose face?

  Or did Gu Yuchen have some other intention in this matter? This report ......

  The report is a very good one. Could it be that there is something wrong with that document?

  "Miss Mu, please!"

  Chu Yue saw that Muko had not responded, could only open his mouth and urged, but her address to Muko, again became the initial Miss Muko, obviously because he knew in his heart that Muko did not want to reveal the identity of the idea.

  Nodding towards Chu Yue, Muko sat back in her seat. The worst that can happen is that the report will be scolded for not finishing.

  Besides, Muko was confident in herself, even if it was a half-finished product, she was confident that it wouldn't be any worse.

  However, Muko hand holding the mouse just a few clicks, the eyebrows trembled.

  This report, there really is a problem!

  The report is indeed her report, but it is obvious that some places have been fine-tuned. But this report was clearly her own, it could not have been altered by others, the only possible thing is ......

  The only thing that was possible was that it had been altered at home, and that person would only be Gu Yuchen in front of her.

  Gu Yu Chen helped her to improve this report, and now he came to their company, deliberately came to their department, and deliberately paid attention to them, and in the end focused everyone's attention on this report that had been improved by his hands ......

  What does he want? He has done so much, not ......

  The idea that Gu Yu Chen had done so much was not just to help her get back on her feet, right?

  This is the real intention of Gu Yu Chen, isn't it?

  Muko took another look at Gu Yu Chen and suddenly felt a little happy, this person ...... is really! What can she say?

  The original Muko heart should be angry because Gu Yu Chen concealed his identity from her, but now, Muko heart is not angry at all, and even some strong warmth.

  Since Gu Yu Chen is the big boss of Chen Yu Group, for her who works in Xin Chen, it can't be too easy to know her situation. Perhaps the things she encountered inside the company these days did not hide from Gu Yu Chen's eyes at all!

  The first thing that came to mind was that Gu Yu Chen had asked her if she had encountered any problems at work, and I'm afraid that at that time, Gu Yu Chen had already known about her situation at the company.

  The corners of Muko's mouth turned up slightly. Since Gu Yuchen had gone to such great lengths to achieve this, she naturally couldn't waste his kindness, so she began to explain the report in her hands after she had gathered her emotions.

  Even though the report was embellished by Gu Yu Chen's hand, it was after all collated from Muko's hand, so she was naturally very familiar with the report and explained it in a reasonable manner.

  Even in the part that Muko did not finish, Gu Yu Chen made enough marks to enable Muko to understand it within the shortest time, and did not affect Muko's report.

  He Gaoming and Zhou Minjun, who were originally worried that Muko would displease Gu Yuchen, put their hearts down a little after seeing Muko's smooth report. But soon, their emotions also changed.

  In particular, Zhou Minjun's face became more and more unpleasant.

  This report information, she personally handed to Muko, so she is also the most clear, with the part of the information she handed to Muko, to achieve the extent of the report Muko is reporting, not to mention for Muko the intern who has not yet graduated, even if she is allowed to, may not be able to do so well!

  However, Muko did it! Not only did she make such a report, but she even made a perfect report in front of so many people, including the big boss!

  The original intention was to deliberately make things difficult for Muko, to make a fool of her, and even to drive Muko out of their group, but now, but let Muko show her ability in front of everyone, Zhou Minjun's face, gradually grew cynical.

  That's right, cynicism, no longer the previous contempt! Looking at this kind of Muko, Zhou Minjun's heart even produced a few scruples! She had been in the workplace for a long time before she was able to reach her current ability, but this Muko, who was only an intern, was able to be so amazing!

  Although He Gaoming's face was also a bit unsightly, but it was not as good as Zhou Minjun's, only looking at Muko's eyes, a few more scrutiny, and even the previous contempt, seems to have faded a lot because of this scrutiny.

  And Muko's performance, in Zhu Qifeng and Miao Ning's view, is a surprise. As leaders, they really did not expect that Muko would give such a good performance!

  Although I do not know what this report is actually experienced, but at least, Muko's performance for a newcomer, is already very good!

  And Muko, after the report, but looked at Gu Yuchen. Today, she also felt that she was in a very good state, although there were so many leaders present, but she was not half timid in her heart, and even organized, not a bit unnatural.

  Because her heart, very stable, as if she knows that around her, there is a pillar, no matter what, she does not have to worry about general! And this pillar, at this time is sitting not far from her side.