I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 42 - Unlucky Internship

  "Young Gu, I'll go check it out right away."

  Chu Yue after seeing Gu Yu Chen's face change, he knew that the matter must be related to Muko, it seems that in the future, as long as there is a slight relationship with Muko, he paid great attention to it, this lady, now it is the heart of their family Gu Shao ah!


  After nodding his head, Gu Yu Chen signaled Chu Yue to drive.

  The Muko, who had already entered the company, naturally did not know about the conversation between Gu Yu Chen and Chu Yue after she left, and naturally did not know that Chu Yue would soon come to check on her side of the situation.

  Because as soon as she entered the company, she started to be surrounded by a huge workload.

  After the last meeting, Muko was told that she was assigned to a project team, which should have been a happy thing, but I don't know whether to say Muko was unlucky or what, but there were three other people in the same group with her.

  One is Li Tongtong, whom Muko is already familiar with, and is the person who treats her most kindly in the whole project team. The other is also Muko has not been a stranger to Zhou Minjun, has never given Muko what a good look to see.

  As for the last one, Muko still only know his name is He Gaoming, a man, yesterday, Muko has not seen him, but the first look this morning, the other side has left a deep impression on Muko.

  Muko just sat down in his seat, and already saw a few documents on the table, Muko knew in his heart that these should be the ones she needed to look at carefully, and was just about to organize them, when suddenly another document came crashing down from above.

  Together with the document, there is a body, that is, a person, directly in front of Muko on the table slanted down.

  Muko was a little taken aback by this sudden change, and even the stool under her backed up a little with her.

  "You are Muko?"

  Once this voice came out, Muko's fright went up another degree, this person, she just saw his looks, her heart still felt a little rough and big man feeling, but once these words came out of his mouth, Muko shuddered.

  This is too, too, too girly, right!

  Muko had heard before that some advertising agencies have a lot of pussies inside, she would not have met them so soon!

  But Muko was only surprised for a moment, and quickly returned to normal, even if people are sissies, it has nothing to do with her, after all, she does her job on the line!

  "Well, hello, I'm Muko."

  Muko stood up, politely greeted the other party, can come directly to her, know her name, think it will be more or less related to her work.

  "I am He Gaoming, the leader of our group, I was not here yesterday, I heard that Director Miao has placed you in our group, and I also heard that you are still just a trainee?"

  When he said the word "intern", He Gaoming's bite was extra heavy, and the look on his face was also contemptuous, obviously looking down on the identity of the intern.

  "Hello, team leader."

  In addition to this sentence, Muko did not say anything else, what can she say again, the identity of the intern she can not change, in addition, she never thought that a person's ability must be completely consistent with their identity.

  Who can be sure that she, the intern, can not write a good plan!

  To this reaction of Muko, He Gaoming was obviously also a bit unsatisfied, looked towards Muko a few times, and finally stood up from the table and patted the information on the table.

  "Take a good look at these, with your seniority, it's not even your turn to come to our group, and I don't know what kind of nerve Director Miao is having!"

  After saying that, He Gaoming turned around and left, leaving Muko only the table full of information to learn.

  Looking at the table is almost full of various documents, Muko sighed, look at it, look at it, more understanding of some good, who let her now is still a newcomer it is not!

  "Muko Muko, you just saw our team leader, right!"

  Muko turned her head and saw Li Tongtong come up to her side, to this enthusiastic colleague, Muko heart is still a little grateful, after all, her understanding of this department, and Li Tongtong compared to a far cry, and Li Tongtong these days also told her a lot of things.

  "Well, see."

  "Isn't it a bit intimidating? Hey, although our team leader looks a bit 'alien', but the ability is really quite strong, he wrote the plan, but won a lot of awards, but the person is a bit arrogant! And ah, he is more than Zhou Minjun look down on interns, you should beware of ah!"

  Hearing Li Tongtong's words, Muko only had one thought in her mind, what exactly did she offend as an intern, how come two people in a group hated interns?

  "And why does this one hate interns?"

  Zhou Minjun was an intern for a long time, so she was not accustomed to her as a special case Muko can understand, then this He Gaoming is why? It can't be the same as Zhou Minjun, right?

  "I whispered to you, you can not go outside to say ah, our team leader, ah, before the intern is not a problem, and even personally led the intern, but did not expect that the intern behind the back of team leader He, to seduce the team leader's team leader at the time, said a lot of bad things about team leader He, later found by team leader He, from then on, team leader He hates all intern, especially like you, the beauty is still good!"


  This, is not a little too dog blood ...... how to feel with the same drama ......

  The most important thing is that she, the intern who is somehow hated by two people, the next days, can be good?

  "Hey, you're okay, it's not really scared, right?"

  Li Tongtong looked at Muko did not speak for half a day, and thought she was scared by what she said. But it's not surprising, if it were her, I'm afraid she wouldn't be as strong as Muko! Fortunately, she came in, not a trainee!

  "It's okay, thank you Tong Tong, I'd better hurry up and read the information, I have a meeting later!"

  No matter what, Muko will not back down because of this, this is not her style, moreover, whether it is He Gaoming or Zhou Minjun, what they really hate is not her as a person, is there really no way for her to turn around the opinion in their minds, not necessarily!

  "Well, it's good that you can think like that, I'm looking at you!"

  After shaking her fist at Muko, Li Tongtong went back to her seat, she did not dare to chat too much, after all, Zhou Minjun was watching over the side!

  At this time, Muko, is buried in work, while the other side of Gu Yu Chen, after listening to Chu Yue's report, but the face.