I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 4 Don't worry, our Gu Shao is a good man!

  "Sorry, I'm afraid Miss Mu can't accompany the two Miss Xia for lunch, because Miss Mu and I have already made an appointment in advance!"

  The voice came, not only Muko, almost everyone looked towards the source of the voice at the back.

  They are now at the entrance of the Xia Group after all, naturally there are more than just a few of them, but because there is Xia Manni in, there is not much people dare to come forward to disturb, at most will only be on the side of the spectator.

  Although the onlookers are not quite sure how the entanglement between the three Muko Xia Manni Shen Feiyang, but also be able to see that their Missy and this Miss Mu seems to be some bad.

  As for Xia Manni's proposed meal, it is certainly not that delicious. Some people are gloating, some people want to see a good show, some people sympathize, but suddenly found that things have turned around, someone for Miss Mu, how can not let them get in the spirit to continue to watch it!

  But, after actually seeing the person who came forward for Muko, most of the crowd present sucked in a breath of cold air.

  This man, so handsome ah! A fine suit, looks like an extraordinary temperament!

  They just thought in their hearts that their chairman's future son-in-law was already very outstanding in appearance, but compared to this man, he seemed to be a bit far from it!

  However, this man seems to come out of the Xia Group, but they don't seem to have seen this man in the past, where did such a superb man come from!

  The surroundings suddenly became somewhat lively, and even some people have begun to wonder about the identity of the person coming.

  When Muko saw the person, although not so much as to suck a breath of cold air, but the heart of the surprise is not shallow.

  She knew the person, she had met him not long ago, but, this person, why did he speak for her? She didn't even say a few words to this person, and even less likely to have a dinner date with the other party.

  "Gu Shao, how come you are here, you and Muk ......"

  After all, Xia Manni is the daughter of the chairman of the Xia Group, knowledge is naturally much stronger than those around, this sudden appearance of people, she also knows, just, how Muko and Gu Shao involved in what relationship! The two of them can't possibly know each other at all!

  Shen Feiyang looked at the sudden appearance of Gu Yuchen, his face was also frowning, this man, indeed, is very good, he thought he could not compare, but, when did Muko even know such a person! How come he didn't know at all!

  "Just now I was grateful to Miss Mu for helping me with a favor, so I made an appointment with Miss Mu for lunch as a thank you gift, so Miss Xia, your invitation, I'm afraid it's a little late oh!"

  Gu Yu Chen said, while approaching towards several people, when he finished this sentence, he had also walked to Muko's side, and Chu Yue, naturally, followed closely behind, but Chu Yue's face, now there is a wisp of intriguing smile.

  He said, just now he said to go get the car first, let Gu Yu Chen wait here, how to wait for the promise, Gu Yu Chen came out, it turned out to see that the lady is being bullied, deliberately come to help!

  But this young lady is really different, how could she make the young man, who never minded his own business, break his fast for the first time? Muko, this name, he has remembered!

  "Well, since Muko has already made an appointment with Gu, then we change the appointment! But is Gu coming to Xia's today to see my father?"

  Xia Manni just in front of Muko but arrogant, but now in front of this Gu Shao, but do not dare to arrogant, although she is not too clear about the identity of this Gu Shao, but she has seen her father are very respectful of this Gu Shao, and how she dare to offend it!

  Even before this, she had also thought about being Gu Shao's woman, but it is clear that even if it is even the Xia family's daughter, and also has her always proud of her looks, this Gu Shao never put her in the eye.

  It's just that I didn't expect that Muko would have such good luck to be able to help Gu Shao, it really pisses her off to think about it!

  However, once you think of Muko's family background, Xia Manni is relieved, even if Gu Xiao now help Muko so what can be, Muko such a family background, in addition to the appearance is only clean, and how can be this Gu Xiao look at it! After all, even their Xia family, that Gu young would not look at it!

  "It's just a small matter to come here, since Miss Xia has no opinion, then I'll take Miss Mu away."

  After Gu Yuchen finished speaking, he stopped looking at Xia Manni, the formulaic smile on his face was also put away, turned around and walked forward, but only after taking a step, he noticed that Muko was not following him, so he stopped and looked back at Muko.

  Muko also happened to look up at Gu Yu Chen and knew that he was signaling her to follow him. Although Muko didn't know why Gu Yu Chen was doing this, at least she could now get rid of Xia Mani and Shen Fei Yang, so she didn't struggle much in her heart and lifted her feet to follow Gu Yu Chen's pace.

  Seeing Muko follow, Gu Yuchen was satisfied and continued to walk forward.

  "Xiao Ke ......"

  Shen Feiyang did not want to watch Muko leave like this, especially watching Muko follow Gu Yuchen, a person who left, for some reason, he had a premonition in his heart, as if he would lose something very important if he let Muko leave like this.

  But, just as he opened his mouth, he was pulled by Xia Manni and did not let him go forward, so the words in his mouth, naturally, did not continue to say out.

  The three people who left in front did not stop because of Shen Feiyang's voice, but continued to walk towards the front at an unchanged pace, as if they had not heard Shen Feiyang's voice at all.

  After leaving the sight of people, Chu Yue naturally walked away first to get the car, Gu Yu Chen and Moke were standing at the intersection waiting for Chu Yue to drive over.

  "That, just thank you, I'll go first."

  Muko had felt that the identity of the person in front of her was definitely not ordinary, and seeing Xia Manni's attitude towards him just now, it confirmed her suspicions even more.

  Such a person, even just helped her, Muko does not really want to have too much entanglement with each other. After all, having just experienced what happened to Charmaine, Muko's heart will have more or less some opinion of such people within a short time.

  "So anxious to leave, where is the promised lunch!"

  When Gu Yu Chen heard Muko say he was leaving, his face changed slightly, this was the first time that someone would refuse his invitation to lunch!

  Of course, the women who can be invited to lunch by our young Gu, that is also very few and far between, almost never!

  "Where there is what said lunch, not you just made up to coax them!"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market.

  "But you just didn't refuse either didn't you?"


  This man, to say such words, Muko really did not expect.

  And just at this time, Chu Yue also drove the car in front of the two, got out and walked over.

  "Young Gu, Miss Mu, please get in!"

  Chu Yue said, while opening the car door towards the two people gestured.

  Of course, his words were basically for Muko to hear, as for Gu Yuchen, as long as he opened the car door, he naturally went in by himself.

  "But ......"

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  "Miss Mu, get in the car! Don't worry, our young Gu is a good man!"

  The moment Chu Yue said this, Gu Yuchen, who was just about to get into the car, his face instantly darkened.

  Seeing Gu Yu Chen's gaze, Chu Yue shrank and wailed in his heart, "Young Gu, I'm doing this for you!"

  The first time I saw the change in Gu Yu Chen's face, I was afraid that if she didn't agree, the young man would not think that she didn't agree because she thought he was a bad person!

  "Okay, then I'll take it as a thank you for helping me out, I'll treat you to this meal!"

  After saying that, Muko no longer squirmed and directly got into the car. She is not a person who does not return a favor, and the other party did help her, a lunch, it is not too much.

  When he saw Muko get into the car, Gu Yuchen's face eased up, and after waiting for Chu Yue to take a look, he also got into the car.

  The remaining Chu Yue, touched his neck, looked at the two people already sitting inside the car, smiled, and immediately walked back to the driver's seat.

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