I'm flashing with the big guy - Chapter 38: Making Decisions on Her Behalf

  Muko's wrist hurt a little from Shen Feiyang's grip, but seeing Gu Yu Chen's worried gaze, Muko didn't want to make him worry more and shook her head.

  "Why are you here?"

  She had clearly told him that she didn't have to come to pick her up today, and he had agreed, so how could she appear here?

  "It just so happens that I also worked overtime today, so I came over to see if you were still here, but I didn't expect to see you here before I even entered."

  After saying that, Gu Yuchen also turned to look at Shen Feiyang, his eyes instantly became a little colder by a few points.

  "Mr. Shen why is this, moving your hands and feet is not what a man should do!"

  Gu Yuchen did not ask Shen Feiyang what he wanted to do here, taking is not important and he did not want to ask, all he cared about was what he did to Muko.

  The moment he saw Gu Yuchen appear, Shen Feiyang's heart began to ring alarm bells again, it was this Gu Yuchen again, how did he appear next to Muko again? It was not because of him that Muko was unwilling to agree to him?

  However, when he thought of how the Xia family treated Gu Yu Chen, Shen Fei Yang did not dare to be too reckless.

  "Young Gu misunderstood, I just want to invite Xiao Ke to my wedding with Manny." Shen Feiyang looked at Gu Yuchen and said, then, turned his head to look at Muko.

  "Xiao Ke, for my wedding, you will definitely come!"

  Shen Feiyang believed that Muko would definitely go to his wedding, because he was sure that Muko must still have him in her heart! Perhaps, at his wedding, Muko will really feel his importance, and at that time, will agree to the proposal he just made!

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

  "I'm not ......" Muko just wanted to say she might not have time to go, Shen Feiyang and Xia Manni's wedding, she went to what can she do, add to their own problems?

  "Since it is a wedding invitation, Xiao Ke will definitely go, is not it?"

  Muko didn't expect that before she finished her sentence, Gu Yuchen beside her took Shen Feiyang's invitation for him, and her words made her freeze.

  "Xiao Ke, I will wait for you to come over, and I hope to hear your blessing!"

  Shen Feiyang was a little dissatisfied with Gu Yu Chen answering instead of Muko, but as long as Muko agreed to go to his wedding, it was fine!

  "Since we've finished with things, then we'll leave first, goodbye!"

  After saying that, Gu Yu Chen swept up Muko and turned around to leave, no longer paying attention to Shen Feiyang behind him.

  "Hey, why did you promise for me, I obviously, didn't want to go!"

  After getting into the car, Muko didn't have to hold back and looked at Gu Yuchen and questioned loudly. Even if they were now a couple, he couldn't just make such a decision for her, and without even consulting her at all!

  "Do you want him to keep pestering you?"

  "Of course not."

  "I think it would be very impressive for him to recognize everything at the wedding, and it would also be the best opportunity for you to say goodbye to the past!"

  Even if Gu Yu Chen did not care that Muko had been with Shen Feiyang before, he did not want Muko's heart to keep remembering this matter, or to be subconsciously affected by this matter.

  The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of days to get a lot more than just a couple of days.

  The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on the actual thing. Her life should no longer be affected by Shen Feiyang.

  It's not like she's never been to a wedding before!

  When you see that Muko seems to have figured it out, Gu Yu Chen also nodded his head in satisfaction.

  "That, did you really come by way of overtime?"

  For the previous Gu Yu Chen's answer, Muko still had some doubts in her heart, after thinking about the question just now, Muko suddenly opened her mouth and asked.

  "What's wrong?"

  Gu Yu Chen looked at Muko's curious face, could it be that this girl had become smart and could see that he had gone to pick her up on purpose?

  "Uh, nothing, I was just asking, just asking."

  In case Gu Yu Chen said that he went to pick her up on purpose, she wouldn't know how to answer.

  The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

  The car was quiet for a while when Muko suddenly remembered the phone call she had planned to make in the morning, but she hadn't had the chance to make it so far, and she didn't know how Su Jiaxuan's side was doing. This thought, Muko immediately took out the phone, also regardless of Gu Yu Chen and Chu Yue in the car, directly dialed Su Jia Xuan's phone.

  The first time I heard Su Jiaxuan's voice on the phone, Muko didn't feel anything and couldn't even guess whether Su Jiaxuan had said anything to Zhuo Zichao last night.

  She did not open her mouth to ask, Su Jiaxuan on the other side of the phone was the first to speak.

  "Xiao Ke, I heard that Shen Feiyang and Xia Manni are getting married, this scum, the speed is quite fast, really impatient to marry into the rich family ah!

  After knowing that Moke and Gu Yuchen were getting married, Su Jiaxuan didn't have so many worries when Moke talked about Shen Feiyang's affairs.

  "Well, I know."

  "Ah, how do you know, I still just heard from those well-informed people in our school."

  "He just told me himself." Muko said, and told Su Jiaxuan about Shen Feiyang coming to her just now, and then also inviting her to his wedding.

  "I go, this scum also want to shame ah, Xiao Ke, you really have to go, and also dress up beautifully to go, to be angry with that pair of sluts! I will go with you then!"

  Muko did not expect Su Jiaxuan and Gu Yuchen to have the same opinion, listening to Su Jiaxuan's voice, she even looked back towards Gu Yuchen.

  "Okay, okay, I still have something to ask you, after we left yesterday, how did you and Zi Snap do, did you say?"

  The most important thing is that if Su Jiaxuan can really get what she wants and take that step, that's what makes her happiest!

  The two of them are quite compatible with each other, and after knowing Su Jiaxuan's feelings for Zhuo Zichao, she wants them to be together even more.

  The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.