Her soda-flavored boyfriend - 81 Chapter Eighteen.

  "Force majeure?" When the woman heard this, she seemed even more interested.

  She leaned back, picked up the coffee in front of her and took a sip, smiling, "Then I'm curious, just what force majeure can govern you?"

  Shen Wei sat down opposite her, helpless: "Ke Lan, can you not laugh at me as soon as we meet?"

  She looked up, greeted the waiter over and ordered a cup of black tea, and then said, "Originally wearing a skirt, Xiao Di had to say that set of wearing unsafe, afraid that I came out to be bullied, I see his face full of worry, can only be changed."

  The woman who was called Ke Lan, heard her say here, slightly surprised, "Xiao Di? Is that you used to tell me about the neighborhood boy?"

  Shen Wei nodded, "Yes, that's him."

  Ke Lan used to be in the same class as her, and the two of them were at the same table, Shen Wei and her were close, and many things were mentioned to her.

  "Ah." Ke Lan puzzled, thought back for a moment and said, "But didn't you say before that that brat ignored you?"

  She remembered that Shen Wei was quite angry at that time, and scolded that brat all day long for having no conscience.

  "Yes, but this time back to our a class, and then make up, right." Shen Wei opened her mouth back.

  Speaking of which, she also came back in a few days, but there is a feeling that she and Di Ge have not been separated for long and are still familiar.

  Shen Wei thought about it.

  And opposite Ke Lan that spoon stirring coffee, thinking up: "a class ah ......"

  "In that case, then this kid should be almost adult now, right?"

  The waiter brought up the black tea at this time.

  Shen Wei lowered her head and blew, nodded, and casually replied, "Yes, adult."

  She finished answering.

  Ke Lan didn't know what came to mind and looked at Shen Wei's eyes, suddenly ambiguous.

  The end of her eyes were raised, her eyes were brimming, and she smiled with deep meaning, "Raising a boyfriend, sounds good eh."

  Shen Wei at this time just put the cup up, sip two mouthfuls, once heard her words, the cup "clang" was put down, fiercely don't face cough up.


  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

  "It can't be that I guessed right, right?"

  "After all, you've said it, he even cares what you wear."

  Shen Wei choked and blushed, raising her eyes to glare at her without good grace, "Do you not want to get well?"

  "Dare to say anything to the outside." She took out a tissue and wiped her mouth, but there was no reason for the spine to burn.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. I've never seen you this excited before."

  Shen Wei slowed down and breathed a sigh of relief, "He doesn't understand this yet. I always feel like he's still young, and when you say that, I feel guilty when I think about it a little."

  Ke Lan raised her eyebrows, put her coffee cup down and rested her arm on the table, "Doesn't understand? Are you sure?"

  "He can be eighteen."

  Obviously is the age of young and vigorous hormones bursting.

  But Shen Wei listened but did not think.

  The whole thing is that she is talking nonsense.

  A pair of curved and long eyes, quietly look at her, filled with certainty, "I'm very sure."

  When Ke Lan met her eyes, it was nothing, but I don't know if I thought of something, suddenly faintly froze.

  The expression stalled and looked straight.

  Shen Wei felt it and touched her face, wondering, "What are you looking at?" Her scalp tingled from the look.

  Ke Lan was still staring at her thoughtfully.

  Shen Wei got alert, "Although I'm singleist, I like males."

  "......" Ke Lan was speechless for a while before she withdrew her gaze and hummed, "Saying it as if I don't like males."

  "Then what did you just stare at me so?"

  Ke Lan paused, frowned, his expression was incoherent, "Think of an ...... old man ......"

  Shen Wei: "...... Do you want to fight?"

  Look at her, said thought of an old man?

  Old even if it is, or a man?

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  I'm surprised that you all think Xiao Di poor are pretending. (Xiao Di online aggravation)

  He is eighteen years old, for Wei Wei's like far more than this age should have.

  So he is very concerned about Weiwei's various reactions.

  Wei Wei rejects him, he will be sad, Wei Wei ignores him, he will reflect on whether what is wrong, Wei Wei does not give him water to drink, will think Wei Wei is not disgusted with him ......

  Others who have these emotions will disguise them, but Diego is amplifying these emotions for Vivi to see, wanting Vivi to understand him and know what he wants.

  Vivi is not obedient to him because of heartache, intolerance, can't see him sad, is a very special kind of care.

  The way the two people get along, is a little bit of a shift, from not equal, to equal, and then to each other deep ......